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Hello, everyone, exciting Halloween is coming, did you prepare anything? Except for the jewelry stuff or the various of costumes, there are also house decorations of different types,  and some are very exquisite, so,  have you ever consider selecting something special to decorate you house,  and have you ever thought of making some Halloween jewelries by yourself. Just think about it,  i am sure you will have fun in doing that , or you can make it a gift and seed it to your friends, So, here, we have listed some accessories that may be useful for you, let’s have a look.

The following is one kind accessory for wine glasses, which is the best choice for decorating the wine glass, have you ever seen this thing before? It’s trendy Halloween alloy wine glass charms, mixed color, with brass hoop and glass beads, and there are several different types, the pendants are different from each other, some are pumpkins, some are skulls. They match well, don’t you think that they are cute and interesting? at the same time, they add lots of charm to the wine glass.  

Here are some antique bronze glass pendant necklace, Halloween theme, the pictures are different, and some pictures are lively and special, if you wear this, it’s gonna be so cool, no matter it’s in Halloween, or the daily life, you can wear it all the time, do you like this the style?

Here are some skull beads, which we will see a lot at the Halloween party, there are also plenty of skull beads or pendants or something else with skull on it in our website, assuming you have a skull pendant, then ,the easiest way is to make a necklace, and taking the various of skull beads of mixed color and different materials as one example, we can directly string the beads of different color together to make a simple bracelet or necklace. Of course, You can make the most of your imagination to create something special for your Halloween. Now, let’s see some DIY jewelry with skulls, some are our lovely customers’ works. Hope you can get inspired to a degree.

Except for the common skull beads of kinds of type, there are some special Halloween resin cabochons too, the shape has castle, ghost, lollipop, boots, candy, owl, bat , spider and so on. Correspondingly, you need the cabochon settings to place the cabochons, then you get a jewelry pendant, don’t you think that these cabochons are extremely funny and cute? This type may suit your kids, have a try.

Of course, there are many other related products in our website. Simply give a few examples, you will definitely come across what you like. Corresponding sku of the product, for reference. (BJEW-BB14751 , AJEW-E031-G02 , SRIB-E004-25mm-04A , PHAR-R165-07, X-PALLOY-3782-AS-FF)

After the show of jewelry and beads, do you get inspired from any of the above accessories? Hope you do, in addition, if you are interested in any item or idea in the above, you can consider browsing our website, and from there you can also learn how to diy jewelries. Besides, you can catch the last few days of our app coupons and buy what you want. Good luck!

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Inspirations for DIY Halloween Accessories

Hello guys, happy Wednesday! Customers’ beadwork show as usual. Since Halloween is coming, I’d like to share you some Halloween accessories made by our lovely customers, hope you guys can get inspired for your own Halloween DIYs.

Wire wrapped skull beaded Halloween tree

Colorful Skull Beads Halloween Tree

Designer: Sunny Smith
Materials needed: skull beads, cat eye beads, jewelry wire, and jewelry making plier sets.
This colorful skull family tree is cute rather than creepy. But there is no doubt this lovely pendant is great for Halloween. If you wanna make it, be patient with those wire things.

Earrings and necklace for Halloween night

Earrings and neclace HALLOWEEN NIGHT

Designer: Ihor Leskiv
Materials needed: earring hooks, bat charms, moon charms, moon night charm, chain, clasps, yellow cord, and black cord.
It’s not difficult to make this adorable Halloween night jewelry set, and they are great for young girls and kids.

Evil eye pendant necklace

evil eye pendent necklace

Designer: Marginean Liana Georgeta
Materials needed: evil eye cabochon, glass beads, seed beads, jewelry wire, jump rings, and clasps.
When I saw this evil eye at first sight, it reminded me of the eye of Sauron. It must be very cool to wear a Sauron eye at Halloween night!

Pumpkin charm bracelet

Pumpkin Charm Bracelet

Designer: Marina Akinina
Materials needed: pumpkin charms, green glass beads, transparent acrylic beads, chain, jump rings, and toggle clasps.
When it refers to Halloween, how can we forget pumpkins? Besides the pumpkin pies, we also need some pumpkin accessories! And this pumpkin bracelet could definitely be a great example!

Spider and web earrings

Spider and Web Earrings

Designer: Susan Gammons
Materials needed: earrings hooks, jump rings, web links, headpins, crystal beads, and spider charms.
Wow! I love the combination of cold color and warm color. The web and spider links are cool and kinda creepy, they are great for Halloween. And the bright colored crystal beads will absolutely make the person wearing the earrings eye-catching!

So, that’s all we get today, do you like them? Any new ideas, welcome to share!

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Halloween Jewelry – DIY Spider Macrame Bracelet

Halloween Jewelry - DIY spider macrame bracelet

Hi Halloween suckers! I’m so excited to show you how to make a spider bracelet using antique bronze spider charms and dark olive wax cord. I guess this will be a wonderful craft for anyone who love the upcoming Halloween holiday. By wearing this cool spider macrame bracelet, you’ll have lots of more fun! Do you agree with me? And actually it’s not easy at all to make this spider bracelet. Before starting it, thank you, Yin from Pretty Quirky Pants for creating this great project for us using our sponsored jewelry making supplies. 🙂
So items needed to this spider bracelet:
Waxed cord, dark olive
Spider charms (or other cute Halloween beads and charms)
Small beads for finishing (optional spacer beads)
Part 1 – Starting the macrame pattern (it used the easiest knotting skills – square knots for main pattern. )
DIY Spider Macrame Bracelet
Part 2: Attaching charms using macrame knots
DIY Spider Macrame Bracelet -
Well, I guess the pictures can well illustrate the process of making this cute Halloween spider bracelet, right? Move now to create you own unique pieces! And if you wanna read more Halloween jewelry, never miss posts: 6 Jewelry Making Ideas for HalloweenVideo Tutorial: DIY Lovely Halloween KeychainHalloween Themed Skull Jewelry – from Customers Stay tuned for more posts with us! Happy making!
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Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry – from Customers

Hello guys, are you a lover of skull jewelry designs? Most of Halloween fans would always use either cute skull beads or creepy ones to decorate their costumes, accessories, gifts to others, and so on. With the funny holiday approaching, may I have your attention please? Yes, I’m sharing some customer designs of lovely skull bead jewelry with you. Now scroll down below amazing skull jewelry ideas and time to whip up some by your own hands!

Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers Awesome project made by skull beads, electroplated glass beads, and watch head. So creative!
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 1 Skull beads and black thread combined adjustable macramé bracelet. We normally call it Shamballa bracelet too! Love it?
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 2 Wow, this skull bracelet is pretty easy to make, isn’t it? You’ll only need to get bunch of red skull beads or any colored beads you love and string it through elastic nylon thread, then dangle a small charm on. Perfect one for new jewelry makers.
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 3 Orange colored skull beads are so autumn-themed! Being well matched with antique bronze jewelry findings, the whole designs look just fabulous.
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 4 Well, this pair of skull earrings is a little funny and ridiculous. How skull and wings can be incorporated together?! But it’s indeed shown so beautiful, right?
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 5 And here goes the skull pendant necklace; you’ll need to do just the dangling!

Have any of the above skull bead jewelry inspired you? Get skull beads and start your own project at once!

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6 Jewelry Making Ideas for Halloween

Hello everyone! Halloween is coming, do you have any plan for it? Do you wanna make something special this year? Today I’d like to share you six adorable Halloween jewelry, hope you guys like them, and wish they can give you inspirations for your own Halloween DIYs.

Halloween jewelry

When we are talking about Halloween, apart from treat or trick, there are many other traditional items, like the pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, skeletons, witches, and of course other countless scary things. Now I’ll share you some stunning Halloween accessories made with those traditional factors, they could do you a favor to make your Halloween more exciting!

A set of sugar skull accessories

a set of sugar skull accessories

Skulls and black roses, not so creepy, but these earrings, bracelet, and necklace are definitely great for Halloween. And they are not difficult to make. If you like them, just go get those Halloween beads, you can make them within an hour!

Bottle necklace – jar of eyes

bottle necklace - jar of eyes

Wow! This one is creepy! If you are looking for something horrible, you can take this bottle necklace into consideration!

Halloween necklaces made with hot glue

Halloween necklaces made with hot glue

Have you ever thought of glue can make jewelry? I’ve used hot glue while I was making jewelry, but I’ve never thought the glue itself can be made into accessories! That’s really amazing!

Kawaii ghost earrings

kawaii ghost earrings

If you think all ghosts are creepy, then you’ll know you are wrong when you see these kawaii ghost earrings. They are made by two different kinds of glass beads, easy, but so cute!

Super cute swinging necklace

super cute swinging necklace

Here comes another kawaii ghost, a super cute ghost swinging necklace! You can decide the materials by yourself, both polymer clay and wood could be made into such a cute necklace. But I think it will be easier with polymer clay.

Pumpkin earrings

pumpkin earrings

Last but not the least one, pumpkin earrings! It is Halloween, how could we celebrate Halloween without pumpkins? Just gather the beads and make a pumpkin accessory for yourself!

Well, I know you may say we still have almost two months to prepare for Halloween, but you have to admit our minds are changeable! So, since we have enough time, we could gather more ideas and then we’ll have more choices! Any new ideas, welcome to share!

Images from Pinterest.

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