PandaHall Tutorial on Green Leaf Hairpin

As the saying went that: “There are no two identical leaves in the world”. You could also make an unique leaf by yourself!!! This tutorial is going to teach you to make a green leaf hairpin.

The necessities for the green leaf hairpin: 

3mm White Seed Beads

3mm Green Seed Beads

Glue gun



Green cloth



Step1: Cut up the green cloth into a leaf shape;

Step2: Sew white seed beads along the leaf edge and leaf vein.  .

Step3: Sew green seed beads in the blank;

Step4: Stick the shining leaf in the hairpin by glue gun.

Once the glue dries, the hairpin is done!  You must be careful when you are sewing beads, or your fingers may be pricked by needle.

It is very easy and you just need to follow the tutorial then you get a pretty hairpin. Welcome share your ideas with us any time.

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Boho Chic Cute Pony Holders DIY!

Why wear boring pony holders when you can spice them up and make them look boho chic and so trendy? Let’s see how!


Materials for 2 pony holders:
-plain elastic pony holders
-various beads in different sizes
-a tassel
Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers
First take each bead one by one and thread each headpin. Form a tight loop with your round-nose pliers to secure the headpin.

When you are done with your beads, add jumprings to the tassel and gather all of them.


Now open a bigger jumpring and attach it to the elastic pony holder. Don’t close it yet, thread the beads and the charm and then close it with your pliers.


Make another pony holder with the evil-eye charm to complete the set and that’s it!

Your boho chic pony holders are ready to wear! And they are so cute!


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DIY Glitter Hair Pins for Girls!!!!

diy stardust on hair accessories

How many hair accessories do you have for your princess or for yourself? I have sooo many! My princess adores to wear every day something different, so have decorated a few of them with different schema and colors in order to use them with different cloths. But of course, they all have glitter dust on them!

diy materials for girly hair pins

Materials for Glitter Hair Pins for little girls:

– plastic alligator hair clips

– glitter dust in many colors

– no colored nail polish

– wash tape

– tiny flower paper patcher (or any schema you would like to use)

tutorial gliter hair girly accessories

First Procedure: Actually this one is really easy. Just add nail polish on the alligator clip and throw glitter dust on it.

diy pink hair pins for girl

Let is dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish to make the dust more stable. Let it dry well. Your clips are ready!

diy floral glitter hair pin

Second Procedure: Now let’s try to make a few tiny flowers on your hair clips. First cut a piece of your tape and use your paper pancher to make a couple of tiny flowers on it. Glow it on the hair clip.

tutorial tiny flower stardust on hair accessories

Add the nail polish on the empty from tape spaces and then throw the glitter dust. Allow to dry for a while and remove the tape carefully. Add again nail polish to make it more stable and let it dry well.


how to decorate hair pins with glitter

Your alligator hair clips are ready! Full of colors, with glitter and so unique! Your princess or your friends are going to love them!

diy stardust on hair accessories

Happy Crafting!!!

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Customer Work Of The Week – Наташа Гринь

From now on, we’ll feature our customers’ work every week. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by Pandahall customers’ striking jewelry ideas and also get to know what beads and findings they specially choose for their unique designs. And here in today’s post, I’m featuring Наташа Гринь’s beautiful projects. Наташа Гринь makes fantastic beaded watches and as well as some delicate vintage necklaces, and the floral girly style headbands are just delighted pieces! Let’s go and have a look!

I absolutely love these gorgeous beaded watches since they are really ideal way of refashioning my old watches, which are now useless accessories with broken watch bands, left at home. The one with fancy beads of royal blue, turquoise, sky blue, light green colors is my favorite! Don’t you think the color combination turns out to be so breathtaking?! So once you get a watch head, silver one, vintage one, or even plastic one, threading whatever beads you love on a string or jewelry wire and hanging little cute bead dangles on, you’ll change the old watch with a new look!

Flowers accessories are always favored by girls, no matter you’re a little girl or already an adult. Наташа made these two lovely headbands with polymer clay flower beads and plastic hair band finding. Little tip is to wrap some comfortable fabric on the hair finding before gluing the flower beads on, in case that the finding will hurt your head.

Aren’t these great pieces of vintage jewelry? Vintage style is something that never goes out of the trend. Every jewelry maker would try them again and again. It’s an eternal fashion to express themselves the way they want to. So integrate your design with some antique metal, or bronze elements of jewelry findings or charms, you’ll end up with unexpected results!

Handmade jewelry is a great and affordable activity that can make a person see beauty and no matter you are rich or poor, sourcing beautiful cheap beads and designing what you want, you’ll be surprised by yourself. Hope you like these great jewelry pieces and welcome to share with your unique designs!

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