DIY Jellyfish Bead Long Necklace!!!!

diy jellyfish bead necklace

Spring is here and I am already thinking of Summer! You know…the sea, the beach, the ice creams, the fun! So, what about a cute full of color Jellyfish Pendant Necklace just for you? Let’s create it together…

materials and tools for jewelry diy

Materials for Jelly fish Bead Necklace:

Crackle Glass beads (I have used 9 beads)

– White Volcanic Lava bead in rodelle schema

– Gold Plated Chain

– Jump Rings

– Gold Plated Lobster

– Eyepins

– Plier Set

small colored glass bead

Step 1: Start by creating the “tentacles” of the jelly fish. Pass the crackle glass bead in a head pin,

free jewelry making idea


ckrackled colored glass bead

cut the pin to make it shorter and with the round nose plier, create a loop.

tutorial making a bead pendant

Use another head pin, pass one single bead on it

glass beaded pendant diy

and then pass the rest beads from their loops.

glass bead pendant necklace craft

Put the last single bead on the top

bead free project idea

and again close the loop with the round noise plier tool.

Step 2: Let’s now connect the head of the jellyfish with the tentacles.

white volcanic lava bead stone

For the “head” we are going to use the white volcanic stone bead which its rodelle schema is just perfect! Use a head pin and create a loop in each side.

diy making a jellyfish pendant

Using a jump ring, connect the two parts.

dainty long gold chain necklace diy

Use a jump ring to create a pendant and pass it to the gold plated chain. Use the last jump rings and the lobster at the two ends of the chain.

tutorial jelly fish bead necklace

The necklace is ready!!!! Isn’t it the cutest jelly fish you ever met?

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Pandahall New Arrival – Delicate Glass Beads You Will Need for Jewelry Making

Hi, dear Pandahall readers! How is your weekend? I just have a trip with my friends, and it is quite a happy time. Then, I wanna share some delicate glass beads with you, and you can collect them then you may need them while you are making jewelry crafts. Then, follow me to have a look~
Faceted Drop Glass Pendants
Faceted Drop Glass Pendants
Wow, how pretty these colorful and sparkling glass pendants are! I love them so much, and you? All these beads are crystal and shining, so wherever you use them, I think the jewelry will be great!
Faceted Cube Glass Beads
Faceted Cube Glass Beads
Hey, this kind of glass beads is so cute in shape, yes? Though the color is dyed on the beads, they are still fresh and stunning. So, will you use them to make some personalized jewelry crafts?
Faceted Round Glass Pendants
Faceted Round Glass Pendants
See these faceted round glass pendants, they are like the diamonds a little, do you think so? For me, I will pick up some and link to my necklace as pendants, I can imagine how beautiful the jewelry will be! Wanna have a try?
Imitation Jade Glass Bead
Imitation Jade Glass Bead
Did you have seen beads like these? I have not. The shape of this kind of beads is so unique, and I hardly imagine how they will be used in making jewelry. If you have any thought about these imitation jade glass beads, you can share with me.
Well, I can share limited jewelry making beads with you, for time is limited. But I will bring more new arrivals from Pandahall, and you can keep pace with my next sharing. Anyway, have a wonderful day!

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Pandahall New Arrival-Collection of Glass Beads You Cannot Miss

Hello, dear readers. Have a nice day! It is time for our Pandahall new arrival! Are you guys searching for glass beads to make jewelry? Then this article will bring you any surprise. Because today I am going to show you a collection of glass beads, hope you will love them!
AB-Color Plated Flower Transparent Glass Beads
AB-Color Plated Flower Transparent Glass Beads
Look at these faceted glass beads, they are all shinning, right? What kind of jewelry do you want to make after you see them? For me, it sounds great that making a simple bracelet with the flower transparent glass beads in different colors. How do you think of this idea?
Cube Cat Eye Bead Strands
Cube Cat Eye Bead Strands
Cube glass beads, fantastic! I always love these cube things. Actually, glass beads like cube cat eye beads not only can be used in jewelry making, but also in home decoration, such as doorbell, cup coaster. So you just need to develop your creativity to apply them well, then you can obtain much.
Faceted Rice Imitation Jade Glass Beads Strands
Faceted Rice Imitation Jade Glass Beads Strands
Hey, are you guys familiar to them? We can see that much jewelry is made by jade glass beads if you notice them. Imagine that add different colored jade beads and other kinds of beads to make a necklace, beautiful, yes? Please just carry out your plan if you have, then you are closer to become a great jewelry maker.
Mixed Flower Picture Printed Glass Round Beads
Mixed Flower Picture Printed Glass Round Beads
Interesting beads with flower inside, unbelievable, right? Why not add these printed glass round beads if you want to show more mysterious? But you have to know that the combination of different kinds of beads will look beautiful.
Now, we have enjoyed four kinds of beads, have you found your favorite one? If yes, then collect them to show your crafts for us. You can click here to see more our Pandahall new products, hope you will have a nice shopping!

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Pandahall New Arrival – Glass Beads You Will Need for Jewelry Making

Hey dear friends~ Happy Monday! How is your weekend? Today, I will show you some Pandahall new arrivals, and you may need them in making jewelry. Hope you love and collect them. Then, follow me to have a look~
Transparent Glass Bead Strands
Transparent Glass Bead Strands
See these drop transparent glass beads, can you imagine what jewelry can the beads be used for? In my opinion, the drop glass beads can be add as pendant in necklace, also, you can just make a necklace with the colorful beads.
Pearl Luster Plated Glass Bead Strands
Pearl Luster Plated Glass Bead Strands
Hey, how nice the faceted drop glass beads are! And they look so shining, just like pearl beads, yes? I know, each of them is so big that you may be bothered where they can be used, and then I will tell you that you can make some exaggerate jewelry, like earrings, just with one bead that you can DIY a personalized craft. Just have a try!
Cube Cat Eye Bead Strands
Cube Cat Eye Bead Strands
Do you love vintage style ornaments? Many girls have a passion on vintage style jewelry for those crafts can show their characteristics easily. Then, these cube cat eye beads are nice materials for you to make some unique jewelry. The design will be amazing!
Flower Transparent Glass Beads
Flower Transparent Glass Beads
Wow, how beautiful and cute the flower glass beads are! You must love them, right? They are crystal faceted, for me, I will take some to make a flower bracelet with these transparent beads. Can you make other wonderful jewelry with them?
Now, have you got some basic knowledge about these 4 glass beads with different types and shapes? You can DIY ornaments with the glass beads that you like. I think the final designs will be great! Anyway, just have fun~

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New Arrival of Surprising Glass Beads You Will Love

Hello, guys. Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. It is time to show our Pandahall new arrival. Today I am going to share several kinds of glass beads with you. We know that glass beads are always popular among jewelry makers for their amazing beauty. So I believe you will definitely love them! Let’s enjoy!
Palm Cat Eye Beads ok
Palm Cat Eye Beads
I just displayed a part of them, so beautiful, right? This kind of palm glass bead is suitable for necklace making. You can match different colored palm cat eye beads according to your suits. The red cat eye bead can stand for passion, and blue is for calmness. So what kind of mood do you want to express today?
Undyed Flat Round Glass Beads ok
Undyed Flat Round Glass Beads
These glass beads are all undyed, so they all look clear and special. I think you may be thinking how to use them, but it is really not a question. Because they can be matched with any wire, cord or material well. So undyed round glass beads is a kind of great jewelry making supplies. Do you also love them?
Oval Faceted Dyed Glass Beads ok
Oval Faceted Dyed Glass Beads
This kind of glass beads is different from the last one, because they are dyed. But they show different feelings to us. The faceted appearance is good in design. I have seen that it is used in many pendant necklaces or bracelets. It is a nice choice if you want to make a bib necklace. Try it and you will be surprised!
Drop Cat Eye Beads ok
Drop Cat Eye Beads
It is just as its name because its shape looks like water. I have an idea that I want to make a pair of earrings after seeing them. I bet it is simple to finish and I am planning to make earrings with the earring making supplies. Do you want to see my finished earrings with drop cat eye beads next time?
Wow, they are all so pretty, do you think so? Christmas is coming, you can plan to make some Christmas jewelry with these beads. I believe it is also a great idea to make some accessories made by glass beads as your friend’s Christmas gifts. So try it! Click here if you want to see more new glass beads of our Pandahall.

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