PandaHall Tutorial on How to Make a Summer Beaded Bracelet with Glass Beads

Here is a simple beaded bracelet. Wearing a beaded bracelet on your wrist will make you feel cool on the hot summer. There are many beaded bracelets making tutorials on our website, and you can find them at Inspiration Projects. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this bracelet. Hope you like it. In the hot summer, what is better for you than a beaded bracelet? Or if you prefer anklets, you can also diy a simple beaded anklet. In addition, during jewelry making, you can really have much fun.

Materials needed: green glass beads, round silver seed beads, transparent fishing wire, silver jump rings and claw clasps, and the jewelry pliers.

Step 1: string four glass beads and seed beads, separate glass beads and seed beads.
Step 2: thread through the last glass bead to form a circle.
Step 3: as the picture shows, firstly add three seed beads, then thread through the seed bead to form a new circle.

Step 4: string four glass beads and three seed beads onto the wire. Thread through the seed bead. We made two bead circle.
Step 5: string three seed beads, we start adding seed beads to the side part.

Step 6: we finished the basic pattern of this bracelet, then we repeat the beading steps. At last, add a claw clasp and a jump ring to the bracelet.

How do you like beaded bracelets? Do you want to own one? It’s an easy making idea and I’m sure you can finish making in a short time. And there are more crafts ideas in, if you are interested, welcome to visit.

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New Arrival of Surprising Glass Beads You Will Love

Hello, guys. Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. It is time to show our Pandahall new arrival. Today I am going to share several kinds of glass beads with you. We know that glass beads are always popular among jewelry makers for their amazing beauty. So I believe you will definitely love them! Let’s enjoy!
Palm Cat Eye Beads ok
Palm Cat Eye Beads
I just displayed a part of them, so beautiful, right? This kind of palm glass bead is suitable for necklace making. You can match different colored palm cat eye beads according to your suits. The red cat eye bead can stand for passion, and blue is for calmness. So what kind of mood do you want to express today?
Undyed Flat Round Glass Beads ok
Undyed Flat Round Glass Beads
These glass beads are all undyed, so they all look clear and special. I think you may be thinking how to use them, but it is really not a question. Because they can be matched with any wire, cord or material well. So undyed round glass beads is a kind of great jewelry making supplies. Do you also love them?
Oval Faceted Dyed Glass Beads ok
Oval Faceted Dyed Glass Beads
This kind of glass beads is different from the last one, because they are dyed. But they show different feelings to us. The faceted appearance is good in design. I have seen that it is used in many pendant necklaces or bracelets. It is a nice choice if you want to make a bib necklace. Try it and you will be surprised!
Drop Cat Eye Beads ok
Drop Cat Eye Beads
It is just as its name because its shape looks like water. I have an idea that I want to make a pair of earrings after seeing them. I bet it is simple to finish and I am planning to make earrings with the earring making supplies. Do you want to see my finished earrings with drop cat eye beads next time?
Wow, they are all so pretty, do you think so? Christmas is coming, you can plan to make some Christmas jewelry with these beads. I believe it is also a great idea to make some accessories made by glass beads as your friend’s Christmas gifts. So try it! Click here if you want to see more new glass beads of our Pandahall.

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