Make Jewelry with Handmade Glass Beads

Handmade Glass Beads

Faceted abacus glass beads – one of our best sellers. They look pretty, right? Just like Austrian crystals.

As one of the most essential materials for jewelry making, glass beads are always popular among jewelry makers. Then, what can we do with these handmade faceted glass beads? Let’s see some designs from our customer Надежда, I bet her designs will inspire you for your own DIYs.

Beaded bangle
beaded bangle made by Надежда

A beaded bangle made with memory wire, abacus glass beads, and various kinds of other beads, looks really cool and kind of bohemian! If you only used faceted glass beads, the bangle will be dull, but once combined with other beads, it becomes fabulous.

Beaded bracelet
beaded bracelet made by Надежда

To be honest, this beaded bracelet is quite simple in design. However, I still have to admit it’s cute. The arrangement of beads is very impressive and this bracelet is great for jewelry making beginners.

Cluster bracelet
cluster bracelet made by Надежда

To make a cluster bracelet, you must acquire some basic jewelry making skills. You need to know how to make bead links with beads and pins, and how to add those links to a chain. It may take your time, but I think the crafting procedure will make you happy.

Charm bracelet and dangle earrings jewelry set
jewelry set made by Надежда

Wow! I think nobody can say this jewelry set is not beautiful. They are so chic! The arrangement of flat round beads is very delicate, and the abacus glass beads make the whole jewelry set more unique and impressive.

As you can see from the previous jewelry, I think the best way to make accessories with abacus glass beads is to use them together with other beads. After all, diversification can make things more interesting. Do you agree with me?



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