Pandahall New Arrivals – Various Exquisite Pendants You Can Collect

Hi, my dear readers, new week begins! Let’s take courage and strength to move on. Today I will show you a variety of exquisite pendants, which are good for making kinds of pendant necklaces and bracelets. Hope you can enjoy, let’s appreciate them one by one.

Unique Alloy Pendants
Unique Alloy Pendants
Do you like this group of alloy pendants? For me, they are really special and chic. The two big pendants are good materials for Tibetan style pendant necklace, such style of necklace must be very noble and gorgeous. The other two are good for making leather cord bracelets. Matching with some seed beads, turquoise beads, jade beads or other materials, we can make a personalized leather bracelet both for girls and boys. If you are just lack of such a necklace or bracelet, pick up some of these alloy pendants and have a try.

Agate, Turquoise and Gemstone Pendants
Agate, Turquoise and Gemstone Pendants
I really like these colored vintage style pendants. Their craftsmanship are very sophisticated, each of them can be taken out to make a marvelous pendant necklace. For women, almost everyone wants to own such a romantic pendant necklace. Look at the last one, this purple agate pendant is full of mysterious and romantic feeling, which let me think of the film “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. If you also like them, collect them for necessary.

Brass Locket Pendants
Brass Locket Pendants
WOW, I really surprised by these locket pendants. The first and second one are really shaped well, we can make both of them to make ball dangling earrings or sweet style pendant necklaces. The last two really like pocket watches. With English style molding, they naturally integrate romance into fashion. I think it must be good for matching suits if we use this kind of style pendants to make a stylish necklace. Do you think so?

Stainless Steel Pendants
Stainless Steel Pendants
Special, right? All of them are unique in shape, such as vehicle wheel, cross, key, musical symbols and etc. Their biggest advantage is all-match. That is to say, you can add them in your necklaces, bracelets or earrings making, all depend on yourself. As for me, I really want to match the charm pendants of the first picture with some turquoise beads to make a leather cord bracelet, which must be very cool. If you like this kind of style pendants, collect some of them for necessary, I believe you will love your choice!

Today’s share will be over here. Do you find your favorite one? If you want to know more other style pendants or craftsmanship materials, please leave me a comment. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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Pandahall New Arrivals – Characteristic Glass Pendants You Will Like

Happy Monday, dear Pandahall friends! Do you love our Pandahall findings and beads? Here I will show you 4 kinds of glass pendants that you will like very much. Differ from other normal pendants, these pendants are really creative and exquisite, and I hope there will be pendants that you can collect for your jewelry making. Follow me to see now~
Alloy Glass Floating Pendants
Alloy Glass Floating Pendants
Wow~ You see, these alloy glass floating pendants are so beautiful!! I love them so much, what about you? Just with a golden cross chain, then you will DIY a nice and unique pendant necklace, yes? Wanna have a try?
Round Transparent Glass Pendants
Round Transparent Glass Pendants
See these transparent glass pendants, I had to say, they are really creative and characteristic, yes? There are resin rhinestone beads and dyed flower in the pendants, how do you think the design?
Pendulum Transparent Glass Pendants
Pendulum Transparent Glass Pendants
These transparent glass pendants are similar with the last pendants. They are also transparent while there are glass beads inside. You can attach one or some such pendulum glass pendants to you bracelet chain, I think it will be pretty.
Arrow Gemstone Pendants
Arrow Gemstone Pendants
These are gemstone pendants, a little different from above 3 pendants. Maybe it will be more suitable to link them as earrings’ or necklace pendants. There are more other colors you can choose, and you can collect them then it will be convenient while you need some exquisite pendant in making jewelry.
Among today’s jewelry pendants, which one do you like most? As for me, I love the first kind a little more, for they are more colorful and shinning, what about you?

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New Collection of Gemstone Pendants for Your Designs!

Here’s a sneak peek of our newest product line: gemstone pedants! Nowadays, necklace pendants with agate slice, trapezoid drop, oval dangle, and other shapes have been popping up online, in boutiques and at craft shows. Many jewelry fashion designers are quite obsessed in using raw gemstone pendants as necklace charms to personalize their looks. And some craft makers who heart for polymer clay even use such special materials to make the natural stone pendants and the result turns out to be good! If you are interested in such a transformative & creative idea, go google it for a try!

New Collection of Gemstone Pedants for Your Designs!

Personally, I do love the natural beauty of stone pieces; however I’d never go on Etsy to pay for $30-$50 of a simple stone attached on a single chain. I believe that we can source some perfect less expensive stones and chains and other jewelry findings, to make our own version with lower cost. It will be much more fun and we will be proud to show them off. So back to what I said about our new arrivals here today! We have launched various shapes of gemstone pendants for you guys, like the classic round, oval, drop, and other whimsical shapes like cross, trapezoid and so on. Most of the new gem pendants are semi precious stones and some are agate+crystal, some non-magnetic hematite.

gemstone pendant- Natural Agate Crystal Electroplate Flat Round Pendants

G-F168-05 Oval

G-E248-05 disc

G-F168-07 drop

G-F168-09 trapezoid

G-F168-11 cross

ALRI-L031-02 plants

G-F168-14 Animal

G-F164-M other


Don’t you feel these gem pieces so stunning? Just add the gemstone on any bling bling jewelry chains and you’ll have a breathtaking chic pendant necklace!

Be sure to check out our new gemstone pendants page frequently to find out new lovelies you’d like to use in your designs! And we actually have more other wholesale gemstone pendants available. You may take look if you want.

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