Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain Scraps

Do you like dangle earrings? Especially with gemstones and chain in gold tones? If yes, then this is a way how to create a pair of chic and modern dangle earrings really fast and easy!

diy jade bead dangle earrings

Do not worry if you have never created a jewel before, these earrings are the greatest way to start crafting jewelry.

materials for dangle earrings jewelry making

Materials Needed for Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain:

Gemstone beads ( I have used a Yellow Jade 8mm and two White Jade 4mm)


Gold Chain

Earring Hooks 

Jump Rings

Plier Set

jewelry making gems on eyepins

Steps of making Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain

Step 1: First we are going to create the gemstone part of the earrings. We will use the Jade beads and the eyepins. Just pass the white bead in the eyepin first, then the yellow one and then the last white bead. Loop the end with a round nore plier.

diy gold plated chain scrpas earrings

Step 2 : Prepare the chain scraps. Cut your gold chain in small pieces. I have used 8 chain scraps. It is not necessary to have identical length between them. If they are different they will create a small chain tassel.

diy jump ring connection with chain

Step 3: Pass the chain scraps at the loop end of the eyepin and close it.

dangle beaded earrings with gold chain

Step 4: Connect the Earring Hook with the second end of the eyepin.

tutorial gemstone dangle earrings with gold chain scraps

Your earrings are ready! Wasn’t that an easy jewel to make? And full of color!

Enjoy them!

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