DIY Glitter Hair Pins for Girls!!!!

diy stardust on hair accessories

How many hair accessories do you have for your princess or for yourself? I have sooo many! My princess adores to wear every day something different, so have decorated a few of them with different schema and colors in order to use them with different cloths. But of course, they all have glitter dust on them!

diy materials for girly hair pins

Materials for Glitter Hair Pins for little girls:

– plastic alligator hair clips

– glitter dust in many colors

– no colored nail polish

– wash tape

– tiny flower paper patcher (or any schema you would like to use)

tutorial gliter hair girly accessories

First Procedure: Actually this one is really easy. Just add nail polish on the alligator clip and throw glitter dust on it.

diy pink hair pins for girl

Let is dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish to make the dust more stable. Let it dry well. Your clips are ready!

diy floral glitter hair pin

Second Procedure: Now let’s try to make a few tiny flowers on your hair clips. First cut a piece of your tape and use your paper pancher to make a couple of tiny flowers on it. Glow it on the hair clip.

tutorial tiny flower stardust on hair accessories

Add the nail polish on the empty from tape spaces and then throw the glitter dust. Allow to dry for a while and remove the tape carefully. Add again nail polish to make it more stable and let it dry well.


how to decorate hair pins with glitter

Your alligator hair clips are ready! Full of colors, with glitter and so unique! Your princess or your friends are going to love them!

diy stardust on hair accessories

Happy Crafting!!!

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DIY Beaded Glass Charm Tutorial for Christmas

diy Christmas dinner table decor

Christmas is near and I am already thinking gifts for friends and decor ideas for dinner table. Well, little cute wine glass charms for Christmas, yeah!! You are going to love them… so let’s make the DIY glass charms together in less than 5 minutes!

diy wine glass charm materials

What are we going to need for beaded wine glass charms:
– Small silver charms
Aluminium wire
– Crackle glass beads
– Jump Rings
– Plier set
free tutorial dinner table decor

This is a really easy to make craft. First cut a small piece of the wire.

diy silver star beaded wine glass charm

Pass the silver charm and the glass beads in the wire according to your taste. Make a close loop with the plier in each and and we are done!

diy Christmas dinner table decor

The loops will work like two small lobsters and will make stable the charm on the wine glass.

how to decorate wine glass for dinner tablecrackle beaded wine glass charm decor

Aren’t the DIY wine glass charm sooooooo cute? Your guests will be surprised and your Christmas dinner table decor will be unique! Happy Crafting!

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Double Chain Beaded Bracelet!!!!

chain beaded bracelet tutorial

If you love chains and beads, then double chain beaded bracelet is just perfect for you. Let’s see how to create it!

diy chain beaded bracelet materials

Jewelry making supplies  for double chain beaded bracelet:

– Agate Beads (7 beads of 8mm)
– Gold Plated Stardust Beads (2 beads of 4mm)
– Gold Plated Chain
– Gold Plated Clasp
Jump Rings ( two different sizes because the  chain has small rings)
– Gold Plated Crimps
– Jewelry wire in gold tones
– Plier Set

diy free jewelry making tutorial agate bracelet

tutorial double layer gold chain bracelet

Step 1: Let’s start now building the bracelet and specifically with the beaded part. First cut a piece of jewelry wire and use a crimp on the end to create a loop.

pink agate chain bracelet craft

Start with the stardust bead and then add the agate beads and end it again with the second stardust bead. Use the second crimp and make a loop.

free jewelry bracelet tutorial

The beaded part is ready.

diy beaded bracelet jewelry craft

Step 2: Proceed now making the chain part. Measure your wrist and then try to cut a piece of the gold plated chain that the half of it combined with the beaded part will be almost equal to your wrist’s length.

double gols plated chain bracelet tutorial

Pleat the chain in the middle and pass the small jump ring. Connect the first jump ring with the second larger one. Repeat the same step on the second end of the chain.

diy gem stone beaded bracelet

Connect the first end of the chain with the beaded part.

tutorial how to add lobster on bracelet

and add on the free end of the beaded part the lobster. In order to do this, just use a jump ring.

diy double gold chain and agate beaded bracelet

The bracelet actually is ready! Just have in mind to choose a lobster that will feet perfectly with the rest of the jewel and it will look as a really beautiful detail of the bracelet.

how to create a gold chain beaded chic bracelet

Enjoy it wearing alone or with more beautiful chain or beaded bracelets. I love the combination of yellow gold with hot pink…what about you? And you know what is the best part of this bracelet? That looks different from every side… same bracelet, different styles!

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Long Tassel Necklace with Agate Connector

A beautiful long tassel necklace is the ideal summer jewelry! This time I’m showing you how to make this long golden tassel necklace with an agate connector!

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

Jewelry making supplies you’ll need :

-A tassel

-2 jumprings

-A big agate connector

-Dainty golden aluminium chain (length will determine on the length of your necklace)

-Rosary chain (or you can make your own)

Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers.

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

If you don’t have a ready-made rosary chain you can make one with headpins and small beads.

With the help of your round-nose pliers connect the rosary chain with the chain. Determine the length you want.

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

Now with the help of one jumpring connect your agate with the long tassel on one side.

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

Finally, attach it to the chain at the rosary part with the second jumpring

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

And your beautiful long tassel necklace is finished. Easy peasy, hah?! Just try to make one for yourself!

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

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Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY tutorial to share with you guys!

What I adore is to create jewels with common and uncommon materials. For example, have you ever thought that buttons can be combined beautifully with gemstone beads creating a dainty bar necklace? Let’s see how to create this horizontal bar necklace and I bet it’s perfect to wear it alone or stack it with more gorgeous necklaces.

materials for Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Materials needed for Button Beaded Bar Necklace:
Craft Buttons
Gemstone beads ( I have used a large bead from white volcanic lava and two beads from lilac agate)
Gold Plated Chain
Gold Plated jump Rings
Gold Plated Round Lobster
Plier Set
Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Step 1: Let’s prepare the beaded part of the jewel. In case you do not have an eyepin (like I did) just cut the ends of the pin you have and create with the round nose plier two rings.

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Pass the beads and the buttons in the pin ( I have passed the lilac agate, then two wooden buttons, then the lava bead and then the two buttons and and the lilac agate bead again) and your bar is ready!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


Step 2: Cut a piece of the chain in a length smaller than the desired final length (just do not forget that lobster and jump rings and the beaded bar will add more length in your jewel). Use a jump ring and connect the beaded bar with the gold plated chain. Repeat this for both ends.

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


Step 3: Check where is the middle of the chain and cut it. Use again two jump rings to connect the chain with round lobster (or any lobster).

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


The pretty horizontal bar necklace is ready!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

What do you think? I think that buttons were combined so beautiful with the gems! And when you wear it…none will realize that you have buttons on your beaded bar necklace!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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