Pandahall Video on How to Make Chic Beaded Bracelet

Hello, guys. Happy Thursday! Summer is coming, do you need any fresh beaded bracelet? Please pay much attention on today’s Pandahall post if you are looking for suitable jewelry for summer. Next, I am going to show you a tutorial video on how to make a chic bracelet with glass beads and seed beads. Hope it is helpful for you.
How to Make Delicate Beading Bracelet with Glass Beads and Pearl Beads
Supplies needed for this beaded bracelet making:
Lobster Clasp
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
0.3mm Tiger Wire
4mm Brass Round Beads
Iron Jump rings
6mm Light Green Faceted Glass Beads
2mm Red Seed Beads
2mm Yellow Seed Beads
Chain-Nose Pliers
Have you also prepared the supplies? Now, let’s see the details together.

We have to understand how to make the flower beads pattern firstly, and you can follow the video and do it. It is simpler than you thought if you are willing to try it. I can imagine that you girls will become more beautiful if they wear the dress and match with this bracelet. It just sounds amazing, so have a nice try!

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Flower Accessories Made by Our Customers

Hello lovely readers! Do you like beautiful flower accessories? If you answer is yes, then you shall never miss this post, because today I’ll share you some lovely flower accessories made by our customers! Let’s take a look at those creative accessories and hope you can get inspired!

flower accessories

Beaded flower necklace designed by Evgeniy Slomintsev

beaded flower necklace

Wow! It’s so stunning! This elegant beaded necklace is mainly made by cat eye beads, different colored glass seed beads, and of course a shining glass cabochon. It must take time and require for beading skills to make such a beautiful beaded flower. Evgeniy is really talented!

Summer flower bracelet designed by Alice Sellers-Hudson

summer flower bracelet

Like the beaded flower necklace above, this pretty flower bracelet is also made by beads, mainly transparent glass beads. Its bright colors are really cute right?

Turquoise flower bangle designed by Nancy Baquet

turquoise flower bangle

If you are a fun of turquoise jewelry, you should try this delicate flower bangle. Materials you need are turquoise beads, jewelry wire, and a red jade bead for decoration. The only thing for you notice is you should know how to wrap beads and wire into flower.

If you think all those three beaded flower accessories are too difficult to make, then let’s see some flower accessories made with ready-made flowers.

Flower cluster watch bracelet designed by Наташа Гринь

flower cluster watch bracelet

All these flowers are polymer clay flowers, they are gorgeous, right? I love the light colors, bright light colors can always make me calm.

Flower necklaces designed by Janneke Beukeboom

flower necklaces

As you can see from the image, these flower sister necklaces are made by many different kind of beads, and the flowers are synthetical coral beads. When I first saw them, I thought of my dear sister, I miss her so much. Do you guys love these flower sister necklaces?

Handmade polymer flower ring designed by sarosh shamsi

handmade polymer flower ring

Another polymer clay flower accessory. The flower is really cute!

Resin flower hair accessory

resin flower hair accessory

The most common resin beads are resin flower cabochons, they are widely used in jewelry making. You can see them in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and also many other flower accessories. They are beautiful indeed!

So, after seeing all these 7 flower accessories, do you have any DIY ideas in your mind now? If yes, welcome to share!

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5 Fashionable Flower Bracelets Ideas Cannot Miss

It is believed that every beautiful girl wants to have a fashionable flower bracelet. Today I will share you some flower bracelets crafts ideas with you. Read on to appreciate five trendy flower bracelets, namely, polymer clay bracelet, flower bangle bracelet, pearl flower bracelet, crystal flower bracelet and seed bead flower bracelet. Hope you’ll get inspired to make your own!
Polymer clay flower bracelet
5 Fashionable Flower Bracelets Ideas Cannot Miss2

This fantastic purple polymer clay bracelet is an excellent embellishment to our attire. The superb braiding techniques and the dainty purple polymer clay flower beads together make it a noble and graceful match to your wholeness. It is no wonder that so many schoolgirls wearing it to the evening party. I myself love it so much!!!
Flower bangle bracelet
5 Fashionable Flower Bracelets Ideas Cannot Miss3
This flower bangle bracelet is quite lovely and especially popular among young girls. The pink ribbon flowers are really appealing and eye-catching. Several wires and several pearl beads are the only materials needed to make this flower wristband bracelet. You will look more adorable and dashing among your friends with this flower bangle bracelet in this summer. Just brainstorm for a while with this DIY flower bangle bracelet and you can come up with other unique designs. .
Pearl flower bracelet

5 Fashionable Flower Bracelets Ideas Cannot Miss345
This pearl flower bracelet features in its colorful pearl beads. The flower is the light spot of the whole craft. The petals are made of the blue pearl beads, the heart the red pearl beads. With easy right angle weave stitch beading technique, there appears a lovely and alive pearl flower bracelet. The easy craft makes it adored by kids. Now, can you resist the temptation of making one?
Crystal flower bracelet
5 Fashionable Flower Bracelets Ideas Cannot Miss1
The crystal flower bracelet is of course my favorite. The combination of the light violet glass beads, golden faceted beads, azure glass beads and silver seed beads makes this crystal flower bracelet so classic and elegant that they are obviously the perfect embellishment for debutantes and fair ladies to go to an evening party.
Seed bead flower bracelet
5 Fashionable Flower Bracelets Ideas Cannot Miss45
This lovely seed bead flower bracelet stands out with the pink flowers. This simple attractive daisy chain is well made with fuchsia seed beads as stamen and the pink seed beads the petals. They may not as graceful as the crystal flower bracelet but such a seed bead flower bracelet reminds you of the real flower blossoming in the booming garden. Isn’t it cool?
If you love these flower bracelets and enjoy our jewelry ideas, don’t hesitate to click flower bracelet tutorial.
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