Leather Evil Eye Ring DIY!

Do you want an eye-catching ring but really easy to make? If you do, this lovely pink evil eye ring is just for you! It combines sparkle, leather and pink! That’s my favorite combination!


Jewelry making supplies I’ve used for this evil eye ring :
-an amazing rhinestone evil-eye bead
-a small piece of leather cord (mine is 6mm, a good size I think, don’t use thicker)
-a big-hole metallic bead that fits the cord
-a jumpring
-strong glue
-a headpin
-round-nose pliers


First cut the cord to fit your finger and slide the big-hole bead through.


Glue the ends.


Now take your rhinestone bead, slide it through the headpin and make a loop with your round-nose pliers.


To make the bead more secure, continue wrapping the headpin like this


At the end it will look like this (just make sure to tuck the end nicely)


Finally take your jumpring and use it to attach the bead to the ring.


That’s it! Wear cute evil eye ring and sparkle! PS: pink is one of the biggest trends this fall! (yes, it is!)  Never miss more jewelry making tutorials ~ Enjoy crafting!

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