Easy Tutorial on Tibetan Style Pendant Necklace Making

Hey, friends. Happy Tuesday! You must know that it is time to share you a nice project today. It is right then I will show you an easy tutorial on how to make Tibetan style pendant necklace. As I know, many jewelry fans like Tibetan style jewelry, and hope you will also like this post. The making details are listed as below, let’s see together.
Easy Tutorial on Tibetan Style Pendant Necklace Making1
Supplies needed for pendant necklace making:
Tibetan style flower toggle clasp
Jump rings
Step 1: cut off a piece of chain with suitable length and you can measure it according to your neck. Then add the flower Tibetan style toggle clasp on the two ends of the chain with jump rings.
Step 2: cut off three pieces of chain with different length, and you can see the below picture. Then slide three beads onto three eyepins respectively, and make a simple loop at the end. Finally, hang on the beaded dangles onto three chains.
Step 3: connect three pieces of chains with one jump ring, then add it on the toggle clasp.
Easy Tutorial on Tibetan Style Pendant Necklace Making2
Then this pendant necklace has been finished. Do you like it?
Easy Tutorial on Tibetan Style Pendant Necklace Making3
Easy project, it just can be finished within several minutes. So you can get a beautiful beaded pendant necklace for yourself with following this tutorial to make it step by step. Please share this project with your friends if you like it. See you!
Tutorial source: http://www.adventuresofadiymom.com/2015/11/flower-clasp-necklace.html

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