DIY Handmade Woven Charms Bracelet

Hey, guys! Happy Thursday~ Wanna try to make some personalized jewelry yourself? Today, I will show you a jewelry video about DIY handmade woven charms bracelet. Hope you can get some useful ideas from the braid bracelets. Then let’s start!
DIY Handmade Woven Charms Bracelet
See this DIY charms bracelet, it looks so easy to make yet so graceful, yes? And do you wanna know how this easy woven bracelet is made? Just follow me to see, and hope you can make the braid bracelet easily. Jewelry making supplies you will need:
8 lengths of cord of 1m each
4 spacer beads
Jump rings
Cord ends
Jewelry Findings
Now, just let’s enjoy this video tutorial together!

Wow, making such coven bracelet is so easy, do you think so? Of course, you can add other cute beads to this woven bracelet, just you like. If you are green hand, then I should say “congratulations”, for you can start your DIY journey from this. And do you have any good thoughts? If yes, hope you can share with me really. Anyway, have a nice day~


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Adorable Rings Designed by Customers

Hello there! Customers’ beadwork show as usual! We’ve shared you various of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets designed by our customers. But it seems we’ve never shared you rings made by our customers. So today I’d like to share you some simple yet cute rings. Hope you like them and get inspired.

Easy DIY rings

easy DIY ring

Designer: Nancy Baquet
Materials: silver cooper wire, gold jewelry wire, mixed color seed beads
This is one of the easiest types of DIY rings, all you need to do is thread the beads onto the wire and fix the wire.

Pink pearl ring

pink pearl ring

Designer: Eileen McRory
Materials: pink pearl bead, pink seed beads, pink glass beads, jewelry wire
This pearl ring is very elegant. And it’s not so difficult to make. If you wanna make one, just go find an online tutorial and try it.

Spike ring

spike ring

Designer: Hajnalka Tot Kanjo
Materials: ring base finding, black seed beads, black glass beads, jewelry wire
It looks really cool! If you wanna make something punk, try this cool spike ring!

Vintage ring

vintage ring

Designer: Ginalicious Trouve
Materials: vintage ring base finding, resin cabochon
What a graceful ring! And it’s easy to make either! Just go get a vintage ring base and a resin flower cabochon, and glue them together, then you get a lovely ring. Sounds really great right?

Wire wrapped ring

wire wrapped ring

Designer: Minh Hang
Materials: natural labradorite bead, jewelry wire
If you don’t like dark colored beads, you can replace the labradorite bead with glass bead, crystal bead, jade bead, or any other gemstones you like. If you are going to make one for your friend, I think birthstone could be a great choice.

So, after viewing all these lovely rings, do you want to make one by yourself? If you want to, but you don’t know how to, just search a tutorial online! Once get started, you’ll enjoy your crafting!

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Product Review – Trendy Affordable Jewelry

If you guys are familiar with Pandahall, you may know that we are not just doing wholesale for jewelry findings and beads. There’re far more interesting trendy jewelry products that you can purchase directly, like the bracelets,necklaces, rings, watches, brooches and so on. So today, I’d like to show you a customer review about trendy affordable jewelry she got from us.

More details of what she got:

trendy jewelry -rhinestone earringsBrass Ball Stud Earrings, with Polymer Clay and Grade A Rhinestone, Round, Crystal, 10mm, Pin: 1mm
US $0.98 for 2 pairs per package
Shinning rhinestone earrings to be worn in spring or summer time! Quite elegant to go with any outfit!

trendy jewelry -pearl earringsABS Pearl Ball Ear Studs, with Alloy Rhinestone and Steel Pin, PapayaWhip, 24x16mm; Pin: 0.5mm
US $1.65 for 1 pair per package
It’s kind of pull back pearl earrings, which has diamond all around it and are you excited to wear these?

trendy jewelry -necklace~Trendy Alloy Branch and Leaves Bib Statement Necklaces, with Iron Chains and Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps, Antique Golden, 19.6″
US $2.40 for 1 strand per package
It has gold on the surface, leave links all the way, can be great accessories to wear with black dress with the adjustable necklace chain.

trendy jewelry -watchHigh Quality Stainless Steel Men Dress Rhinestone Diamond-studded Quartz Watches, Rose Gold, 63mm; Watch Head: 45x50x12mm; Watch-face: 35x35mm
US $5.53 for 1 watch per package
Rose gold colored with cute detailing inside it, great watch to wear daily!

trendy jewelry -gift bagsOrganza Bags, Mixed Color, about 7x9cm
US $1.54 for 20pcs per package
They are really cute for putting small gifts inside for your family member or friends. And if you are running a jewelry shop, they can be useful for packaging!

Apart from those below trendy jewelry Pucca received, she also got some beads supplies below. These are all quite easy ones can be quickly arranged into trendy jewelry as well.

trendy jewelry -jewelry supplies

trendy jewelry -jewelry supplies 1

trendy jewelry -jewelry supply

trendy jewelry -jewelry supply

trendy jewelry - European bracelet

If you love the above products, just head to our site and choose what you need!

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Video Tutorial: Quick Easy DIY Jewelry

Happy Friday, guys! Sometimes we may feel like making some easy DIY jewelry without so many annoying steps and complicated fancy materials. And here, in today’s post, I’m sharing with you an easy DIY jewelry making video about 3 almost instant jewelry ideas: a quick snap button bangle bracelet, an easy pretty earrings with flower snap buttons on, and a European style bracelet with big hole beads & homemade water colored paper beads. The 3 types of easy jewelry can be quickly finished in less than 3 minutes. You could even make them with your kids. It will be so much of fun. And after viewing this tutorial video, I bet you will surely be surprised at how creative and simple an amazing jewelry piece could be! Never miss the video details below!

Quick Easy DIY Jewelry

Materials you’ll need:
Snap buttons
Brass cuff bangle
Alloy enamel flower snap buttons
Iron earring hook with brass snaps
European beads
Leather European style bracelet
Blue watercolor painting beads

So easy and funny to make the snap button earrings and bangle, right? I was most impressed by the blue paper beads, so cute. So if you want to know how to make those paper beads, check the video description below, there’s another tutorial to teach you how to make them.  Happy crafting!

Jewelry making supplies sponsored by Pandahall; designed by Lindsay Weirich from thefrugalcrafter

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