Elegant and Colorful Pearl Necklace

Today we are making an elegant necklace with pearls and beautiful colors that reminds us summer is near! If you want a necklace you can wear everyday and add a touch of color to any outfit, this colorful classy necklace is for you!



-dainty sterling silver chain

-sterling silver lobster clasp

pearl beads

turquoise beads

-jewelry making wire

-crimp beads

-semi-precious tear-drop beads


First using a crimp bead, attach one end of the chain to a piece of jewelry wire like this.


Now start threading your beads to the jewelry wire creating this pattern.


Secure the wire but don’t forget to attach it to the other end of the chain using another crimp bead.


Measure the necklace and cut off any excess chain. Finally attach the lobster clasp.


Enjoy your new necklace and be happy!


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How to Make a Boho Chic Pom Pom and Tassels Necklace

Tassels and pom poms are everywhere right now and the boho vibe is still strong. Here’s how you can make a cute boho chic pendant necklace using pom poms and tassels.


Jewelry making supplies needed:
-leather suede cord
-yarn pom pom
-2 small tassels
-1 flat round Chandelier Component
-3 teardrop beads
-3 small beads
-3 headpins and 1 eyepin
-3 jumprings


First off, take the eyepin and slide it through the pom pom. Make sure to find the center of the pom pom. Make a loop with your pliers to the other side of the eyepin to secure.

κολιε βοηο

Open one side of the eyepin and connect the pom pom at the top of the chandelier component.


Next slide in each one of the headpins the small beads first and the drop beads next and make a loop at the end to secure.


Attach all three teardrops at the bottom of the connector leaving two spaces between.


Now use jumprings to attach the tassels in the remaining spaces.  Finally, attach your new pendant to the suede cord and your boho chic pom pom and tassels necklace is ready to wear!


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DIY New year’s eve sparkling necklace!

Sparkle and shine are usually the key elements of our looks in New year’s eve! This necklace is easy to make and has the right amount of sparkle for your New Year’s eve parties!


Let’s see the materials :
-15 x 4 or 6mm beads
-dainty chain (amount depends on the length you want your neklace to have)
-3 large eyepins or headpins that you’ll cut the head
-lobster clasp
-2 jumprings
Also you’ll need round-nose pliers.


First make a loop at a headpin and start threading 5 beads


Make another loop to close it.


Make 3 of these beaded headpins.


Now open those loops and connect the headpins together to form a triangle like this


Connect your triangle with 2 pieces of chain.


Finally, connect the lobster clasp  with a jumpring.


Wear your new sparkly necklace on New Year’s eve and have a happy new Year!


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DIY Festive snowflake earrings

Would you like a special piece of jewelry for the Holidays but you can’t spend much? No worries, you can make a beautiful festive pair of earrings with just some basic supplies.


Here’s what you’ll need :

jewelry wire

-some beads in 2 different colors and sizes

-snowflake charms

-crimp beads

-earring hooks



First connect a jumpring on each charm


Then cut a small piece of wire and thread beads and charms like this


Now take both edges of wire, bring them together and thread them into one crimp bead both


Make sure both sides are equal. Now take both edges and bring them back into the crimp bead forming a loop like you see in the picture


Secure the crimp bead with your pliers and cut any excess wire. Attach the hook and the earring is ready.


Repeat for the other earring and wear your new festive snowflake earrings to all Christmas parties!


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DIY Simple Bar Pendant Necklace within 10 Minutes

Recently, bar pendant necklace is increasingly popular among the jewelry fans. And most of them tend to make something they like by themselves. I believe you will understand how to diy a simple beaded bar necklace after seeing this tutorial.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner680330
Things needed to diy simple bar pendant necklace:

  1. 2mm seed beads
  2. Silver lobster clasps
  3. Silver jump rings
  4. Silver eyepins
  5. Silver twisted chain
  6. Round nose plier
  7. Needle nose plier
  8. Diagonal plier

Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner600400
Step1: Make the bar seed bead pendant
Firstly, slide 2mm seed beads onto the sliver eyepin, and you can choose all kinds of colors you like, red, blue, pink, green and so on.
Secondly, make a loop at the other end of the eyepin.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner1600400
Thirdly, attach the two jump rings to the two ends of the loops.
Fourthly, repeat the first and second steps for several times to get the seed bar pendant you want. Then connect all the seed bar pendant you did with the two jump rings we referred in third step.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner2600800
Step2: Make the necklace chain
Firstly, trim off the two silver twisted chains, and combine them with the jump rings at two ends respectively.
Secondly, using a silver lobster clasp to connect the two twisted chain.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner3600400
Then it is done, a colorful simple bar pendant necklace!
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner6004001
I believe you will never doubt any more it is so easy to diy a beaded bar pendant necklace. Try by yourself and it will not let you down.

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