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Hello, how are you guys doing today? As usual, we will share something with you guys, that’s DIY jewelry kits. When you are searching some accessories to DIY jewelry at a website, some of you may prefer this type of products, sets of mixed accessories. These jewelry kits are very convenient for us to use, and they are practical too. On the other hand, if you are new in DIY jewelry, these are your best choices, very suitable for you! Let’ s take a look.

This is a kit for DIY earrings, the accessories in the plastic box are very complete, there are baking painted glass beads, plastic ear nuts, earring hooks, jump rings, acrylic leaf pendants and iron head pins. Since we have glass beads of different colors, you can choose the one you prefer to create earrings. Whether it is stud earrings or ordinary dangle earrings, you are free to choose. Like the samples, with this kit, you can follow your own heart to make both simple earrings and complicated earrings.

As for this kit, there are Tibetan style bead spacers, natural/synthetic gemstone beads, scissors and strong stretchy beading elastic wire. We have beads of different colors and types, like lava beads, tiger eye beads and so on. And the spacer beads are different in size and shapes too, so that you can choose according to your own preferences. In this kit, you got enough things to DIY a simple beaded bracelet or necklace. Have a look at the examples, simple bracelets made with these beads are also extremely charming, you just need to string the bead to the right position. It’s easy to use and master DIY jewelry kits, right?

Let’s look at these two characteristic jewelry kits, they are for necklace making, and we got golden and silver two colors. In this kit, there are stainless steel letter links, charms, cable chains, jump rings and clasps. With this kit, you can create simple but unique necklace, just like our example. The necklace made with letter L, O, V and E looks so romantic, i will go crazy about this type necklaces, what about you guys? So, we end here for today, hope you like the DIY jewelry kits at the above. If you are interest in these products, please visit, and welcome to comment, see you!

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Lucky Lantern Earrings DIY

A commom jewlery piece would be very special and unique when people insert cultural elements in the design. Today, we will share you how to DIY lucky lantern earrings! This pair of earrings are of typical Chinese Style. If you are interested in Chinese culture, you will love them very much!

When I saw them at the first time, I was vey impressed by these unique earrings. These lucky golden earrings are well designed and they would add chinness to any outfit. The designer ALLISON COOLING is so smart and talent as she know how to make the earrings special. And I am so thankful that Allison shared her tutorial with us. Now, Lets take a look at the whole making process.

Materials needed to make lucky golden earrings:

golden hematite beads: 18 pieces

4mm faceted turquoise beads: 14 pieces

2 golden earring hooks

6mm bicone beads: 2 pieces

some golden jumprings

golden cross chains

golden headpins

eye pins

jewelry pliers (round nose and wire cutters)

Steps to DIY lucky golden earrings:

Now, here is the finished earrings DIY. Follow the tutorials and you will make your own earrings easily;

If you need more details about how to make the lucky lantern earrings, please visit ALLISON COOLING’s blog at quietlioncreations.

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