Cute Deer Antler Ring DIY

I love the fall and all the characteristic elements of this season, one of them are the antlers. That’s the reason why I’m going to show you how to make this deer antler ring DIY. You only need wire, pliers and a bit of patience. Follow to see how to make the antler ring jewelry with me!
Supplies needed for antler ring:
Jewerly Wire
Fold the jewelry wire in  half;
Twist it with the help of pliers;
make an inverted “U” shape;
and twist it;
Twist the two wires;
and repeat the last step, make an inverted “U” shape;
And twist it;
Twist the wire, this measure must be the diameter of your finger;
Make the other antler shape, similar to the first one;
Twist all the wire and cut the excess of the wire;
Make the form of a ring, using the cylindrical object.
Maybe you need 2 or 3 attempts, don’t worry, I know this deer antler ring DIY is a bit difficult, but I think that the result is amazing and your time and patience will be rewarded!!

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Adorable Rings Designed by Customers

Hello there! Customers’ beadwork show as usual! We’ve shared you various of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets designed by our customers. But it seems we’ve never shared you rings made by our customers. So today I’d like to share you some simple yet cute rings. Hope you like them and get inspired.

Easy DIY rings

easy DIY ring

Designer: Nancy Baquet
Materials: silver cooper wire, gold jewelry wire, mixed color seed beads
This is one of the easiest types of DIY rings, all you need to do is thread the beads onto the wire and fix the wire.

Pink pearl ring

pink pearl ring

Designer: Eileen McRory
Materials: pink pearl bead, pink seed beads, pink glass beads, jewelry wire
This pearl ring is very elegant. And it’s not so difficult to make. If you wanna make one, just go find an online tutorial and try it.

Spike ring

spike ring

Designer: Hajnalka Tot Kanjo
Materials: ring base finding, black seed beads, black glass beads, jewelry wire
It looks really cool! If you wanna make something punk, try this cool spike ring!

Vintage ring

vintage ring

Designer: Ginalicious Trouve
Materials: vintage ring base finding, resin cabochon
What a graceful ring! And it’s easy to make either! Just go get a vintage ring base and a resin flower cabochon, and glue them together, then you get a lovely ring. Sounds really great right?

Wire wrapped ring

wire wrapped ring

Designer: Minh Hang
Materials: natural labradorite bead, jewelry wire
If you don’t like dark colored beads, you can replace the labradorite bead with glass bead, crystal bead, jade bead, or any other gemstones you like. If you are going to make one for your friend, I think birthstone could be a great choice.

So, after viewing all these lovely rings, do you want to make one by yourself? If you want to, but you don’t know how to, just search a tutorial online! Once get started, you’ll enjoy your crafting!

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Make a DIY Simple Wire Ring

The DIY simple wire rings are very fashionable at this moment, you only need some wire, pliers and a bit of practice to finish this cute wire ring tutorial. You can make 2 types, one simple and other with 2 loops.


You will need:


-Jewelry Wire (1-1.5 mm diameter)


-Marker or something round to bend (the diameter must be the same as your finger)


Step 1: Cut  16 cm of wire and fold in a half


Step2: Bend the wire in the marker (like in the picture)


Step 3: with the pliers, cut the excess and fold like in the picture

(the extreme must be in contact with the wire, to avoid scratches )


Step 4: you can make more loops and then cut the excess (like in the last step)


And this is the finished golden wire ring! Simple and cute rings!

result 4

result 3

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DIY Pearl Rings with Jewelry Wire

Last week I posted a tutorial to turn nylon thread, jewelry wire and beads into a friendship braided bead bracelet. Afterward had a few requests for how to make rings with jewelry wire. Honestly speaking, I love to turn jewelry wire and beads to delicate wire wrapping jewelry, such as wire wrapped rings, necklaces, bracelets and wire wrapping earrings. This is a simple and quick way to make your own ring with beads and jewelry wire. Find a little time and you can make as much wire wrapped rings as you could ever need!
DIY Pearl Rings
What you’ll need:
0.8mm/0.5mm golden copper wire / 6mm ivory/purple glass pearl beads / 6mm bicone glass beads / round/flat nose pliers / wire cutter / maker( a pen or a lipsticks or else)
DIY Pearl Rings
Step 1
Wrap 0.8mm copper wire around a maker 4 or 5 times to make a coiling, cut off the left wire and remove the coiling from the maker. Then string 2 ivory pearl beads, 1 clear bicone bead and 1 purgple glass pearl bead to the center coil.
DIY Pearl Rings
Step 2
Cut a 36cm length of 0.5mm brass wire, coil it to secure the beads to stay where they are as the below picture shows.
DIY Pearl Rings
To see more fashion DIY’s check out the “Jewelry Making Tutorial

DIY Pearl Rings

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How to Make a Wire Wrapped Flower Ring with Green Seed Beads and Red Rose Bead

Summary: Today we want to make a wire wrapped flower ring for girls to welcome the approaching spring season.

jewelry making, jewelry making tutorial , diy rings , diy

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Flower Ring

The flowers are at their best in spring. So it inspired me to make a wire wrapped flower ring for myself. Here I use green aluminum wire, green copper wire, green seed beads and red rose bead to create this flower ring. So if you like wire wrapped works, just follow me to learn how to make a wire ring with beads.

Materials on how to make a wire ring with beads

Green aluminum wire
0.3mm green copper wire
0.5mm green copper wire
3mm green seed beads
Red rose bead
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

Tutorial on making wire wrapped rings

Step1: Make basic wire wrapped flower ring

1st, cut down a 25cm aluminum wire, wrap a petal shape from one end, the length of the petal is about 6cm, start from the other end of the wire, continue to wrap tw0 same sized petals, you can see clearly on the picture, cut down extra wire, adjust the petals gently;

2nd, do the same the make one more, use 0.3mm copper wire and green seed beads to fill up every petal in rows; it is not difficult, but you need to be more patient in this step, because it maybe a little time-consuming;

Step2: Finish making wire wrapped rings

Place the six petals together, make them staggered, fasten the red rose bead to the middle of the petals by 0.5mm copper wire, twist the copper wires together, wrap a circle as ring, the ring size is up to your finger size, then fix the circle by wrapping some loops, cut down extra wires;

Wow, so beautiful wire wrapped flower ring, right? Now the tutorial on how to make a wire ring with beads is over. It is really easy and everyone can take a try. You can also change the color of aluminum wire, copper wire and beads as you like. Do not hesitate, making wire wrapped rings for yourself now.

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