Gorgeous Glass Beads Jewelry Designs from Pandahall Customers

Hello, dear Pandahall readers! I’m so happy to share some gorgeous jewelry crafts made by glass beads from our Pandahall customers here. Glass beads are widely used in making jewelry, and they are always nice and exquisite. I hope you can get some inspirations from today’s customer show. Let’s see together now~
glass beads
Colorful and shining glass beads!
Pink Beaded Bracelet
Pink Beaded Bracelet
Designer: Dusana
Do you love pink? Pink jewelry is always sweet and pretty, just like this pink beaded bracelet, yes? You see, there are so many different pink beads in this bracelet, including pearl beads, glass beads, jade beads and so on, and it is great for the warm spring.
DIY Ring
DIY Ring
Designer: Dusana
Do you wanna DIY ring yourself? If yes, then I hope this one can give you some information in making handmade rings. All the materials are easy to find and it is also so easy to make this one. Just try to make one yourself!
Fresh Beads Bracelet
Fresh Beads Bracelet
Designer: Dusana
Like the first 2 jewelry crafts, this beaded bracelet is also made by Dusana, and I love her works so much. There are many different beads in this fresh beads bracelet as well, yet the beads are more fresh and clear, and I think it is fit for hot summer more. How do you think of it?
Colorful Beaded Earrings
Colorful Beaded Earrings
Designer: Low
These colorful beaded earrings are easy to make, but they are cute, right? With so many colors, you can change a pair of earrings every day, and then you may change your mood each day. I think it will be a funny thing; do you wanna have a try?
Today’s jewelry crafts are beading works mainly, and there are many other styles on our web. You can search on Pandahall to find more customer show, and you can show your own works on it. Hope to see your great works earlier!

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DIY Really Easy Glitter and Bead Rings!!!!

gliter and bead rings diy

I have a passion about recycling projects and for easy diy! Crafts and creations that everybody can do, even the kids! And if I use materials that are really common in any house, I love them more! Are you ready to create the most easy rings that you have ever done?

diy easy and fast glitter ring

Materials for Glitter Rings:

Ring Base

– Nail Polish (one without color and one with glitter)

Seed Beads

how to use nail polish for rings

Ring 1: Let’s start with the first ring! All you have to do is to add your nail polish with glitter in your ring base. Just have in mind to cover it well. Let it dry and your ring is ready!

tutorial easy ring with tiny beads

Ring 2: For the second ring we are going to use a nail polish that has not color and the tiny seed beads we have in your favorite colors. Cover the base ring with the nail polish and add the beads in order to cover the whole tray. Let it dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish in order to make it more stable and shiny!

diy nail polish bead ring

The second ring is also ready! Aren’t they really easy to make and so adorable????

diy rings with nail polish

I have actually made a few of them as gifts to my daughter’s friends and they loved them!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Funky Blue Pom Pom Ring Tutorial

free jewelry making ring diy pom pom ring

Sometimes I just want to try to create something a little bit unusual and different from the jewels I usually do. And this time I just wanted to try something with a pastel blue pom pom I had. What I did? A funky blue pom pom ring that you are going to love it for sure! You only need 5 mins from your time and three materials!

diy fluffy pom pom ring

What are we going to need for the funky pom pom ring

Ring Blanks
– Pom Pom Bead
– Glass Painted Bead (or any beads you like)
– Jewelry Glue
– Needle
– Sewing Thread
– Scissor
blue pastel pom pom ring tutorial

Step 1: Let’s start with the pom pom bead. First cut it with the scissor on the one side just to make it more flat.

embroidery beaded pom pom ring diy

free ring tutorial

Step 2: Use the needle and the thread and sew the glass bead on the pom pom. Make a simple knot on the back in order to make the bead more stable.

free diy stackable funky ring

Step 3: Add glue on the ring base and put the pom pom on it. Let it dry for a few hours.

tutorial how to create a fluffy funky cute ring

Your pom pom ring is ready!!! What do you think? Is this something that you could wear??? Well for me…yes! Because sometimes it is really great to use uncommon accessories and jewels that are funky or so cute! My fluffy ring is one of this kind!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Leather Evil Eye Ring DIY!

Do you want an eye-catching ring but really easy to make? If you do, this lovely pink evil eye ring is just for you! It combines sparkle, leather and pink! That’s my favorite combination!


Jewelry making supplies I’ve used for this evil eye ring :
-an amazing rhinestone evil-eye bead
-a small piece of leather cord (mine is 6mm, a good size I think, don’t use thicker)
-a big-hole metallic bead that fits the cord
-a jumpring
-strong glue
-a headpin
-round-nose pliers


First cut the cord to fit your finger and slide the big-hole bead through.


Glue the ends.


Now take your rhinestone bead, slide it through the headpin and make a loop with your round-nose pliers.


To make the bead more secure, continue wrapping the headpin like this


At the end it will look like this (just make sure to tuck the end nicely)


Finally take your jumpring and use it to attach the bead to the ring.


That’s it! Wear cute evil eye ring and sparkle! PS: pink is one of the biggest trends this fall! (yes, it is!)  Never miss more jewelry making tutorials ~ Enjoy crafting!

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