DIY Jellyfish Bead Long Necklace!!!!

diy jellyfish bead necklace

Spring is here and I am already thinking of Summer! You know…the sea, the beach, the ice creams, the fun! So, what about a cute full of color Jellyfish Pendant Necklace just for you? Let’s create it together…

materials and tools for jewelry diy

Materials for Jelly fish Bead Necklace:

Crackle Glass beads (I have used 9 beads)

– White Volcanic Lava bead in rodelle schema

– Gold Plated Chain

– Jump Rings

– Gold Plated Lobster

– Eyepins

– Plier Set

small colored glass bead

Step 1: Start by creating the “tentacles” of the jelly fish. Pass the crackle glass bead in a head pin,

free jewelry making idea


ckrackled colored glass bead

cut the pin to make it shorter and with the round nose plier, create a loop.

tutorial making a bead pendant

Use another head pin, pass one single bead on it

glass beaded pendant diy

and then pass the rest beads from their loops.

glass bead pendant necklace craft

Put the last single bead on the top

bead free project idea

and again close the loop with the round noise plier tool.

Step 2: Let’s now connect the head of the jellyfish with the tentacles.

white volcanic lava bead stone

For the “head” we are going to use the white volcanic stone bead which its rodelle schema is just perfect! Use a head pin and create a loop in each side.

diy making a jellyfish pendant

Using a jump ring, connect the two parts.

dainty long gold chain necklace diy

Use a jump ring to create a pendant and pass it to the gold plated chain. Use the last jump rings and the lobster at the two ends of the chain.

tutorial jelly fish bead necklace

The necklace is ready!!!! Isn’t it the cutest jelly fish you ever met?

Happy Crafting!!!!

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DIY Dainty Gold Infinity Necklace!!!

dainty gold infinity necklace

There are days that I adore to wear many dainty gold necklaces… there are days that I want to express my love… there are days that I just want to feel protected and lucky! My Dainty Gold Infinity necklace with the tiny evil eye is just perfect for these days!!! Let’s make it together…

materials and tools for free jewelry making

Materials for Dainty Gold Infinity Necklace:

Gold Plate Chain

– Gold Plated Jump Rings

– Head Pin

Gold Plated Infinity charm

– Tiny evil eye bead

– Gold Plated Clasp

– Gold Plated Chain Tag For the Clasp

– Plier Set

tiny blue evil eye

Step 1: Let’s start by making the evil eye charm. Just pass the evil eye bead in the head pin and close it with a plier, creating a loop.

tiny gold infinity charm

Step 2: Connect the infinity charm with the gold chain with a jump ring.

tutorial infinity necklace

Measure the chain and cut a piece of it according to your requirements. Connect the second edge of the charm with the remaining end of the chain.

infinity necklace free tutorial

Cut the chain in the middle and use two jump rings to connect the clasp and the chain tag at each end. Your main necklace is ready!

how to create infinity and eveil eye charm

Step 3: Let’s make it a little more unique… just connect the evil eye to one of the jump rings that connect the infinity charm with the chain.

dainty gold infinity necklace

Your necklace is ready! And believe me…you are going to love it wearing it alone or with more dainty necklaces!

Happy Crafting!!!

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How to Make a Boho Chic Pom Pom and Tassels Necklace

Tassels and pom poms are everywhere right now and the boho vibe is still strong. Here’s how you can make a cute boho chic pendant necklace using pom poms and tassels.


Jewelry making supplies needed:
-leather suede cord
-yarn pom pom
-2 small tassels
-1 flat round Chandelier Component
-3 teardrop beads
-3 small beads
-3 headpins and 1 eyepin
-3 jumprings


First off, take the eyepin and slide it through the pom pom. Make sure to find the center of the pom pom. Make a loop with your pliers to the other side of the eyepin to secure.

κολιε βοηο

Open one side of the eyepin and connect the pom pom at the top of the chandelier component.


Next slide in each one of the headpins the small beads first and the drop beads next and make a loop at the end to secure.


Attach all three teardrops at the bottom of the connector leaving two spaces between.


Now use jumprings to attach the tassels in the remaining spaces.  Finally, attach your new pendant to the suede cord and your boho chic pom pom and tassels necklace is ready to wear!


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DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

I’ve had some amazing beads and wanted to make a cute everyday necklace out of them for a while now! So here’s what I came up with – a cute chain necklace!

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

-metallic beads
-drop beads
-jewelry wire
-crimp beads
-lobster clasp
DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

First, take a piece of the jewelry wire and thread a crimp bead and then slide the wire at one end of your chain

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

Now bring the wire back forming a loop that will connect the chain with the wire. Make the loop as small as possible (meaning you have to pull the wire) but be carefull not to pull it too tight, the loop has to be visible.

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

With your flat-nose pliers press the crimp bead in place to secure and cut any excess wire.

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

Start threading the beads creating this pattern.

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

When you are satisfied with the pattern, close the other end of the wire  and connect it with another piece of  chain as you did the first time (using crimp beads)

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

Measure it on you to determine how long you want it. Attach a lobster clasp and a jumpring and you’re done!

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

How cute is my new chain necklace?

DIY Cute Chain Necklace with Drop Beads

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DIY Choker Necklace with Pearl beads and Seed beads

Hello lovely readers! It’s been a while since we share you video tutorials last time, really sorry to let you wait for so many days. Today I’ll share you a new video tutorial on how to make a beautiful choker necklace, hope you like it.

DIY Choker Necklace with Pearl beads and Seed beads

You know, choker necklaces have been on trend for centuries, and they were only accessible to noble ladies and rich women in the past. But now, they are not so unreachable as before, any girl can have one if she wants. And we can even make one at home! If you want to make your own choker necklace, here is a video tutorial for your reference, enjoy it!

To make this elegant choker necklace, you’ll need:
2.0~3.0mm Honeydew Seed Beads
8mm Lavender Blush Pearl Beads
3~4mm Pink Pearl Beads
3mm Pink Seed Beads
2mm White Seed Beads
Tibetan Style Toggles
0.3mm Tiger Tail

Choker necklaces are popular not only because they are graceful, but also because they can well match girls’ daily outfits and make them eye-catching. If you want to be more charming, try a choker necklace!

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