DIY Yarn Tassel Long Necklace!


Do you have yarn scraps? Do not through them away… let’s make a beautiful and easy Tassel Necklace!!!


What are we going to need for Yarn Tassel Necklace:
– Colored Bead
Metal Large Chain Connector
Silver Plated Chain
– Yarn Scraps
– Jump Rings
– Headpin
– Plier Set


Step 1: Let’s start by creating our pendant. Use a pin and a jump ring to connect the colored bead with the large normal link.


Step 2: Cut a large piece of the silver chain. Use a second jump ring to connect the pendant with the chain.


Step 3: Since the necklace is long, there is no need to use a lobster, but close the two edges with jump ring. The main necklace is ready. Let’s use the yarn scraps now.


Step 4: Use a large piece of the yarn. pass it from a jump ring which is connected to the free side of the link and make a simple knot. Cut the remaining yarn pieces and your tassel is ready!


Step 5: I love to have small details on my jewelry, so a tiny turquoise sparkle on the chain will make it even more cute. Just use a small scrap from the yarn and make a simple knot on the chain! Your necklace is ready! Full of minimal but full of colors and just great to enjoy it with monochrome style or a more Summer one!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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Beach themed charm bracelet DIY

I love how the charms move when you wear a charm bracelet but for this one I wanted to incorporate beads too. 


Here’s what I’m using :

-Aluminium chain
-A few glass beads
-A lobster clasp
-2 metallic beads
-Jewelry stringing wire
-crimp beads
-Various beach themed charms and beads _DSC0398First choose the charms you want to use and add jumprings to them. If you use any beads add headpins and jumpring._DSC0399Measure your wrist and add a couple of cm to it. Cut a piece of chain approximately half that size and add the lobster clasp._DSC0400edited

Now using crimp beads, attach the chain to a piece of stringing wire.


String the beads and secure using another crimp bead.


Finally attach all the charms on the chain.


So what do you think of my new beach-themed charm bracelet? Would you try to make your own?



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Sea Shell Custom Made Pendant DIY

Summer time is so inspiring for jewelry making! This time I made an one-of-a-kind, easily customised pendant using a beautiful sea shell.

sea shell pendant2edited

Materials :
– A big sea shell drilled with a hole
-1 earring hook
-Glass beads
-Semi-precious chips
-Dainty chain
-A lobster clasp
-Eyepin or headpin


First take the eyepin and connect the sea shell with a couple of the chips.


Now thread your beads like this into the earring hook and secure the hoop using your flat nose pliers.


Next, connect the sea shell to the earring hoop you just made.


Your one-of-a-kind sea shell pendant is ready and you can now attach it to the chain with a jumpring.


Finally, attach the clasp.


Wear it and enjoy summer!

sea shell pendant 1edited

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Pretty Jewelry Making with Rhinestone Spacer Beads

Hi, friends. Have a nice day! How is everything going with you guys? Are you searching for any beautiful jewelry? If yes, then why do not you check this Pandahall post. Trust me, you will be surprised by today’s jewelry. Today I am going to show you a collection of jewelry made by rhinestone spacer beads. I know you cannot wait to start it, then let’s enjoy them together.


Shinning rhinestone spacer beads, like them?

Black and white beaded jewelry set

Black and white beaded jewelry set

Designer: Evgeniy

The jewelry set are mainly made by white and black glass beads, then we have to add the rhinestone beads to make them more beautiful. You can see that they are simply to finish, do you agree me? So you should have a nice try if you like them.

Simple beads bracelet

Simple beads bracelet

Designer: Ralitza

Slide different colors of gemstone beads onto the wire, then remember to add the rhinestone spacer beads. Finally, add a special Tibetan style pendant on the bracelet. Actually, we can notice that much jewelry are made with spacer beads even if just several beads are added into the crafts making, but they can make the jewelry more cooler.

Beaded dangle earrings

Beaded dangle earrings

Designer: Rachel

Dangles earrings with special pendant, do you like the cool style? We have to make two beaded dangles with two pearl beads and a spacer bead, then connect the beaded dangle with the pendant. You can try to add other pendant you like and it should be also great.

Cool beads necklace

Cool beads necklace

Designer: Katrina

Interesting design, the perfect collection of beads and spacer beads, do you think so? You will understand how to make it from this picture. Have you made similar necklace before? Just share us your crafts and we can communicate the skills each other.

Which one piece of jewelry do you like best? So you can also make one for yourself. Hope the jewelry can bring you any inspiration and create nicer crafts. Then share us your works. Anyway, thanks for our Pandahall customers to bring us so much pretty jewelry. See you next time!

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Summer chic chain and pearl necklace

You can add a pop of colour with this beautiful and classy chain and pearl necklace! Let’s see how you can make it!

chain necklace diyedited

Materials :
– dainty chain
– headpins or eyepins
– a glass connector in mint colour
– 8 small pearl beads
– a lobster clasp
– teardrop glass bead

chain necklace diy5edited

First take a headpin and cut the head. Make a loop using round-nose pliers and thread 4 pearls. Secure with another loop. Make another one like this.

_chain necklacediyedited

Now open one side of each eyepin and connect them both with the connector.

chain necklace diy 3edited

Measure a piece of chain to your neck, cut it and connect it with the central piece you’ve just made.

chain necklace diy 4edited

Finally connect the lobster clasp.

chain necklacediy 5edited

The necklace is not done yet! You can add a nice surprise to it so it can be seen from your back too! Thread a headpin to the tear-drop bead and form a loop.

chain necklace diy 6edited

Connect the tear-drop bead to a small piece of chain.

chain necklace diy 7edited

Finally attach the chain to the back of the necklace. This way your necklace will be cute from the back side too! Ideal for all those backless summer dresses right?

chain necklace diy 8edited

I hope you like it and give this necklace a try!

chain necklace diy4edited

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