Boho Chic Cute Pony Holders DIY!

Why wear boring pony holders when you can spice them up and make them look boho chic and so trendy? Let’s see how!


Materials for 2 pony holders:
-plain elastic pony holders
-various beads in different sizes
-a tassel
Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers
First take each bead one by one and thread each headpin. Form a tight loop with your round-nose pliers to secure the headpin.

When you are done with your beads, add jumprings to the tassel and gather all of them.


Now open a bigger jumpring and attach it to the elastic pony holder. Don’t close it yet, thread the beads and the charm and then close it with your pliers.


Make another pony holder with the evil-eye charm to complete the set and that’s it!

Your boho chic pony holders are ready to wear! And they are so cute!


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Hair Ornaments Made by Our Customers

Hello there! Customer beadwork show time again! Today I’d like to share you some lovely hair ornaments made by our customers. As everybody knows, our customers are very talented, their DIY accessories are really stunning. We’ve shared you necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings made by them, but it seems that we seldom show you their handmade hair ornaments. So now, let’s take a look together!

handmade hair ornaments

Wire Wrap Hair Comb for Wedding – designed by Lydie Touiyar

Wire Wrap Hair Comb for Wedding

Apart from the basic iron hair comb, the decorations are made by two different sizes of glass beads, two different sizes of pearl beads, cooper jewelry wire, and fabric flowers. The materials are easy to get, but it will take time to make them into such beautiful decorations.

Vintage Flower Hair Clip – designed by Silver Flower

Vintage Flower Hair Clip

Actually the original hair clip is bronze colored, but our customer painted it with red nail polish, and added a resin flower cabochon to it, then it finally turned into a totally different look! It’s simple to make this pretty hair clip, but the design is really creative right?

Easy Wire Wrap Hair Clip – designed by Rose Labbate

Easy Wire Wrap Hair Clip

If you want to make this hair clip, all you need are glass beads, pearl beads, jewelry wire, and of course the basic hair barrette finding. The materials are easy to get, but the arrangement of the beads is a little bit difficult. So the first you need to do is learn to arrange the beads and wrap them with wires.

Then here comes my favorite one! The delicate pearl bead hair comb designed by Rose Labbate

pearl bead hair comb

Just look at the shimmering pearl beads, so elegant and so charming, and the rhinestone spacer beads are so eye-catching! This fabulous hair comb could definitely make a girl looks like a princess! I do love it!

Beaded Halloween Hair Band – designed by Pauline Lee

Halloween hair band

Wow! This one is really cute right? It’s quite suitable for the coming Halloween! The kids must love it very much!

Donald Duck Hair Band – also designed by Pauline Lee

Donald Duck hair band

Kids always love Disney animated movies, it must be very hard for little girls to say no to this lovely Donald Duck hair band.

More hair ornaments:

daisy hair clip

Daisy Hair Clip designed by Nadya Lunkina

seed bead decorated hair band

Seed Bead Decorated Hair Band designed by Christine Cavanagh

ribbon flower hair clip

Ribbon Flower Hair clip designed by Анастасия Попова

vintage hair clips

Vintage Hair Clips designed by Katja Meier

After seeing so many wonderful hair ornaments made by our customers, do you wanna make one for yourself? If you wanna see more of our customers work, check this board: Customers Beadwork Show.

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