DIY Handmade Pearl Beads Pendant Necklace with Cord

Happy Thursday, dear friends! Different with other beading necklace, today I will show you a pearl beads necklace with black cord. This DIY cord necklace is quite simple in appearance, but it is so unique that I like it so much, and I will try to make one later. If you also like this pearl beads necklace, just follow me to make one at home~
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making this handmade pendant necklace:
10x5mm Golden Cord Ends
3×1.5mm Black Faux Suede Cord
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
Glue Gun
With these easy materials and tools, then you can try to make your own beading necklace with me. Are you ready? Let’s go~

How pretty and elegant this beading necklace is! You see, this handmade pendant necklace is so easy to make, and all the supplies are easy to found on Pandahall. Without any professional skills, you can DIY such a delicate pearl beads necklace as well, why not try to make one now? Anyway, hope you have a nice day~

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