How to Make Elegant Wavy Necklaces

For beading lovers, DIY beaded works at home is an enjoyable hobbit, and DIY beaded necklace is a fairly commom thing. Today, I will share a beaded necklace video to teach you how to make elegant wavy necklace with seed beads at home! If you often use seed beads in your beadwork, then I suggest you to try this project. :)


Do you love this seed bead necklace and wanta have a try? Let’s watch the video the learn how to DIY this wavy necklace!

Some beaders asked me about the details of the beading materials, and here I will share the material information as well. This handmade beaded necklace is mainly made out of seed beads and Czech glass beads and we use tiger wire to string the beads.

Here are the supplies you need to prepare:

3MM Round Seed Beads

4MM Czech Glass Beads

0.38mm Tiger Tail Wire; itemcode: TWIR-S001-0.38mm-02


Jump Rings; itemcode: STER-A018-42


Lobster Claw Clasps; itemcode: E103-P-NF


Now, get your beading supplies and follow the video to DIY your own beaded necklace. Also, if you love this wavy necklace, please give a thumb up to our pandahall craft team members and leave a comment below.

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