Boho Chic Cute Pony Holders DIY!

Why wear boring pony holders when you can spice them up and make them look boho chic and so trendy? Let’s see how!


Materials for 2 pony holders:
-plain elastic pony holders
-various beads in different sizes
-a tassel
Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers
First take each bead one by one and thread each headpin. Form a tight loop with your round-nose pliers to secure the headpin.

When you are done with your beads, add jumprings to the tassel and gather all of them.


Now open a bigger jumpring and attach it to the elastic pony holder. Don’t close it yet, thread the beads and the charm and then close it with your pliers.


Make another pony holder with the evil-eye charm to complete the set and that’s it!

Your boho chic pony holders are ready to wear! And they are so cute!


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How to Make a Cool Multi-strand Leather Bracelet

It’s fun to wear a lot of bracelets together but when you are in a hurry it’s great to have a bracelet that you can wear in a minute and looks like 3 bracelets together! Here’s a way to make a leather multi-strand bracelet.


Materials :
-Flat leather cord
-2 x endings that fit the flat leather
-Black cord
-2 x endings that fit the black cord
-1 x metallic bead with big hole
-Approx. 40 x 4 mm pearl beads
-Jewelry stringing wire
-Crimping beads
-2 jumprings
-1 x magnetic clasp


First take the flat leather cord, measure it to your wrist and cut a piece. Using your flat-nose pliers, press the endings on each side of the leather.


Now take the black cord, measure it too and slide the metallic bead in the middle.


Finish this part of the bracelet by pressing the endings for this cord on both sides.


Next, take a piece of stringing wire, slide a crimping bead and bring back the wire into the crimping bead forming a loop. Secure the crimp by pressing it tight.


Now thread the pearls and secure them by using another crimp bead.


Now you have three separate parts of the bracelet. Using 2 jumprings attach them all to the magnetic clasp.


That’s it! Wear it and be happy!


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Simple yet Adorable Accessories Made by Emilie Brink Larsen

Hello everyone! The day before yesterday I’ve shared you some gorgeous DIY accessories made by Susan Gammons, do you like them? Today I’m going to share you five simple yet beautiful accessories designed by Emilie Brink Larsen, hope you like them!

Simple yet Adorable Accessories Made by Emilie Brink Larsen

Labradorite Bead Drop Earrings

Labradorite Bead Drop Earrings

Main materials: earring hooks, Tibetan style flower links, natural labradorite beads, headpins.
Simple and small drop earrings are great for matching any kinds of outfits. They can make you more charming while keep themselves low-key. And that may be the reason why Princess Kate loves such kind of earrings.

Simple beaded pendant necklaces

simple beaded pendant necklaces

Main materials: brass ball chains, black and dark purple polymer clay rhinestone beads, clear faceted glass beads, jump rings.
Obviously, these beaded pendant necklaces could be one of the simplest DIY necklaces. However, they are still beautiful. Those polymer clay rhinestone beads are really amazing.

Black glass bead bracelet

black glass bead bracelet

Main materials: black glass beads, silver tube beads.
Glass bead bracelets are quite normal, and I believe every jewelry maker has made such kind of bracelets before. However, this one is a creative one. An ordinary beaded bracelet decorated with a beautiful silver tube bead, then it becomes outstanding. It could be a good inspiration for our own DIYs.

Pyrite bead bracelet

Pyrite Bead Bracelet

Main materials: natural pyrite beads, silver seed beads, black thread.
This bracelet is similar to the previous one in design. The main difference lies between the materials used. And obviously, the highlight of this bracelet is the cool geometric bead.

Simple DIY ring

simple DIY ring

Main materials: adjustable ring base, cabochon.
A simple ring, composed of silver ring base and resin cabochon. Even a green hand can finish it with two minutes. If you like it, just make one!

As you can see, all Emilie’s designs are very simple, but they are very cute as well. When I opened Emilie’s page, wow, it’s really a feast to my eyes! There are so many lovely DIY accessories, and the page looks so nice. If you wanna have a visit, click here.

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Cool Accessories Made with Tibetan Style Pendants

Hello guys! Today I’m going to share you some Tibetan style accessories designed by our customers. I know many of you may be crazy fans of Tibetan style jewelry, but we all know it’s difficult to make a delicate Tibetan accessory. So, how about let’s get start with the simple ones? What I’m gonna show you are very simple accessories, even a green hand can make one quickly. Let’s take a look!

Cool Tibetan Owl Pendant Brooch

Cool Tibetan Owl Pendant Brooch

Designer: Марина Кириченко
Main materials: green glass beads, Tibetan style owl pendant, antique sliver leaf pendants, flower shaped bead caps, glass pointed back rhinestones (eyes of the owl), iron brooch finding.

Hippie Leaf Earrings with Flowers

Hippie Leaf Earrings with Flowers

Designer: Susan Gammons
Main materials: Tibetan silver leaf pendants, flower beads, earring hooks

Tibetan Anchor Love Earrings

Tibetan Anchor Love Earrings

Designer: Stavria Pan
Main materials: Tibetan style anchor carved word love pendants, earring hooks

Tibetan Instagram Pendant Earrings

Tibetan Instagram Pendant Earrings

Designer: Radka Bílková
Main materials: vintage Tibetan style camera pendants, glass pointed back rhinestones, earring hooks

Tibetan Pirate Pendant Necklace

Tibetan Pirate Pendant Necklace

Designer: Susan Gammons
Main materials: Tibetan style alloy anchor with skull pendant, grade A glass pointed back chaton rhinestones, Czech glass beads, chain, jump rings

As I’ve said before, all those five accessories are very easy to make, now you must be agree with me right? If you like any one of them, all you need to do is to gather the materials and link them together. And if you ask which one is my favorite, I’d like to choose the last one, because it’s great for the coming Halloween.

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A Special Customers’ Beadwork Show

Hello guys! Customers’ beadwork show again! Recently, we’ve shared you many of our customers’ beadworks, but why this time is special? Wanna know the difference? Well, let’s see the beadworks first, and I’ll tell you the difference later. LOL~

Amethyst crystal pendant necklaces & Drusy crystal gold pendant necklace

Amethyst Pendant Necklace and Drusy Crystal Pendant Necklace

Designer: Natalie Shaw from Doodlecraft Blog
Main materials: amethyst pendants, silver chains, barrel clasps and jump rings; drusy crystal pendant, gold chain, lobster clasps and jump rings.
It’s pretty easy to make those cute pendant necklaces, all you need is to gather the materials and link them together. What I want to say is those pendants are sooo beautiful!

Multi strand beaded chain necklaceBeaded Chain Necklace

Designer: Rachel Nielsen from Adventure of a DIY Mom
Main materials: beaded chain, chain, lobster clasp, and jump rings
This necklace is very simple in design, but it’s pretty indeed. If you wanna make one, just pay attention to the combination of bead links and chains.

Beaded wrap bracelet

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Designer: Yin from Pretty Quirky Pants
Main materials: pearls, bronze spacers, skull bead, waxed cord, and tiger tail
Wrapped bracelets always function as friendship bracelets, this cool pearl bead wrap bracelet could be a great gift for your BFF.

Cluster drop necklaceCluster Drop Necklace

Designer: Julie from Sum of Their Stories
Main materials: red drop acrylic beads, chain, jump rings, and lobster clasp
It’s gorgeous! I love the arrangement of those shiny drop beads!

Prehnite necklace and bracelet

Prehnite Bead Necklace and Bracelet

Designer: Mei Tan from Wire Bliss Design
Main materials: natural prehnite nuggets, box link stainless steel chain, and lobster claw clasp
I love the color of those prehnite nuggets, they remind me of spring lake water, clean and fresh.

Okay, today’s customers’ beadwork show is over, do you like their designs? And if you still remember, now I’m gonna answer the question we’ve mentioned at the very beginning. The difference is between the materials. What we’ve showed you before are beadworks provided by our customers who brought our products and submitted their works to our website. But the works I list here are made with free pandahall products!

If you read this post carefully, you’ll find there are blogs after the designers’ names. Yes, currently we are looking for jewelry making bloggers to try our free samples, if you are a jewelry/craft maker or bead lover, don’t miss this chance! More details please contact us at [email protected].

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