PandaHall DIY Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

International Children’s Day is coming soon, have you prepared any gifts? Let’s celebrate this day together and imagine how happy kids will be if they receive your gifts?  Here are some gift ideas you may like, and they may like these handmade stuff. Let’s take a look.

Colorful Acrylic Beads

These diy jewelry kits are very convenient for you to use and they are very practical too. As for these kits, most contain complete jewelry accessories and tools for you, so it can save your time on searching other accessories. In the box, there are beads of different colors, shapes, and sizes, according to your needs, you choose the right beads. And, another amazing part about these jewelry kits is the boxes, they are easy for you to carry, and a great storage place for beads. Not matter it’s the transparent beads or other beads, they all look beautiful. Wow, look at those pink beads, they must be girls’ favorite,  and pink is also very suitable for girls compared with other colors. But, vibrant colors make kids more lively, as a result, it’s better to combine different colors. With these jewelry kits, you can mix beads to DIY a simple jewelry, like bracelet, necklace, or display decorations. Even you are new in this field, it’s no need to worry about how to DIY,  you can DIY some simple crafts, like beaded bracelets, necklaces or hair bands. At first, choose some beads, then string them one by one onto the elastic cord, making knots, it’s easy, right? Instead of these easy crafts, there are some beading skills and other jewelry making skills you can use, if you are interested, welcome to visit Inspiration Projects at You can make some pretty jewelry for yourself. Look at the little girl in the picture,  she looks beautiful wearing those handmade crafts, right? And you can also make some toys for kids. Or you can also give them these jewelry kits as gifts, let kids DIY something, which is good for their growth. And they will surprise you. Let them try, they may get to know some basic beading skills, then take this as a hobby.

Colorful Wood Beads

Making a bracelet or necklace for kids with colorful wooden beads is a great idea. The beads of animal and flower shapes look so cute, and learn to make bracelets or necklaces for kids is also an easy fun family activity.

Cute Panda Accessories

These pandas look very cute! And kids love cute animals,  use these pendants to make a simple pendant necklace, or beads to make bracelets, they will be unique gifts. And there are lots of other animal-shaped beads or accessories at, or if you want to buy some kids jewelry, welcome to visit! And hope you can find the DIY design ideas for kids!

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Colorful Acrylic Beads for Handmade Accessories

Hello dear friends! Are you ready for this week’s new arrivals? Today I would like to share you some colorful acrylic beads!
acrylic beadsThey are so cute right?
Actually, acrylic beads are new material beads. From the beads’ name, you can easily figure out that this kind of beads is made by acryl, which is a kind of chemical material. These beads are very light in weight, and they are called “plastic crystal” because of their high luminousness. Even though the history of acrylic beads launched on the market is not so long as glass beads, they are just as popular as glass beads for jewelry making because of their reasonable price and high quality. Here let’s some handmade acrylic bead accessories together!

Acrylic alphabet bead bracelet
alphabet beads braceletThis multi strand alphabet bead bracelet could be a very great present for a whole family. And if you change the acrylic alphabet beads into different letters, it will turns into a totally different bracelet. The meaning of alphabet beads in jewelry making is to make your accessories unique and personalized. You can combine those letters freely and make something significant for yourself and your beloved ones.

Acrylic beaded necklace
acrylic beaded necklaceIf you want to make something cute to your kids, you can try this adorable acrylic beaded necklace. It is made by many different types of acrylic beads and an Elsa cabochon pendant. It will be very nice to make this together with your kid; after all, a kid is much more creative than an adult. She can surprise you!

Vintage necklace with acrylic beads
vintage necklace with acrylic beadsWow! How elegant this necklace is! It’s made with glossy acrylic pearl beads and a lovely acrylic flower cabochon. I am not a fun of vintage jewelry, but I do love this stunning necklace!

Acrylic cabochon rings
acrylic bead ringsRings made with flower shaped acrylic cabochons. These bright colors make the rings lively and the flowers look so alive!

You see, there are so many adorable accessories made with acrylic beads that I cannot list all of them here one by one. If you want to learn more about acrylic beads, welcome to visit our website We’ve got a large range of acrylic beads, they are various in shapes, colors, styles, and usages. And of course you can find many other findings, there must be something that can suit your taste!

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