PandaHall Idea on Christmas Snowflake Necklace

Hi everyone, long time no see. Today we got the first snow in winter here. I don’t know who everyone watched the first snow with this year. The New Year is coming soon. Regarding the past year, no matter what happened, sad things or happy times. You have to turn the page. Let us welcome the new year with full expectation.

Today I want to bring you this Christmas snowflake necklace. I believe everyone will like it.

First, let us prepare the following materials.

Glass Bugle Beads                                 golden

Handmade Glass Beads                             green

Glass Beads                                       red

Thread Nylon Wire                                 Clear

Glass Pearl Round Beads                            White

Iron Cable Chains                                  Golden

Iron Jump Rings                                   Golden

Glass Seed Beads                                  Golden

Lobster Claw Clasps                                Golden

I believe everyone is ready, let’s get started.


  1. String three golden seed beads, two red glass beads and one pearl bead on the needle.
  2. Tie them together with thread nylon wire.
  3. On the needle, there is a red glass bead , a pearl round bead, and three golden seed beads, then Go through a red glass bead.
  4. Place it in the shape shown in the picture.


  1. Repeat the above steps until two are done. And use thread nylon wire to connect them together.On the needle there are two golden seed beads, one pearl bead, and then go through a red glass bead.
  2. String 6 golden seed beads on the line.
  3. On the basis of two golden seed beads on the needle, string a golden seed bead.


  1. Adjust the golden seed beads to the shape shown in the picture.
  2. Follow the steps above to string together six sides.
  3. String beads on the needle, golden seed beads and green beads. Make it into the shape shown in the picture.


  1. Repeat the above steps until six sides are completed.
  2. Use round nose pliers to string together our open ring, lobster clasp, and gold chain together.

How is it, does it feel very simple? Hurry up and try it out. If you want to know more, remember to follow us.

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PandaHall Idea on Seed Beads Snowman Earrings

Hello everyone, it’s starting to snow in most areas now. Have you seen the snow? Whenever it snows or not, I always like to call my best friends to make a snowman or go snowball fights. Today I want to teach you how to make a simple seed beads snowman earrings.

Now not much to say, let’s get started! First we need the following materials.

Japanese Seed Beads                        Matte White

Japanese Seed Beads                        Matte Black  

Japanese Seed Beads                        Galvanized Champagne

Japanese Seed Beads                        Light Squash

Japanese Seed Beads                        Shanghai Red

Nylon Wire                                   Clear

Iron Jump Rings                              Golden

Brass Earring Hooks                          Golden 

Flat nose pliers




  1. Use a needle to string together two black seed beads.
  2. On the basis of a black seed bead on the needle, string into a black seed bead just made.
  3. String them together.
  4. Repeat the action just now until you have four seed beads. On the basis of a black seed bead on the needle, pass through a black seed bead as shown in the picture.


  1. Now you have five beads.
  2. Repeat the action just now, and then string two black seed beads.
  3. On the basis of the needle with two black seed beads, pass through one black seed bead.
  4. Use a needle to string back the black seed beads in the second row.


  1. String a black seed bead on the needle.
  2. Continue to string black seed beads.
  3. String the second row of black seed beads.
  4. Continue to skewer until the hat is skewered.


  1. Following the method just now, string five golden seed beads and one red seed bead on the fourth row.
  2. Repeat the steps just now until we string a snowman.
  3. Next take out our iron jump rings and brass earring hooks.
  4. Use flat nose pliers to join them together.

Our snowman is ready, is it very simple? Hurry up and try it. Soon you can also have a unique little snowman.

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Pandahall New Arrival-Funny Pendants You Will Need for Jewelry Making

Hello, friends. Happy to see you again. Thanks for your support all the time. We know that we often use different kinds of charms or pendants to make necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. So it is necessary to collect more beautiful pendants. And today I am going to share you some funny pendants, hope you will like them.
Stainless Steel Pendant, with Rhinestone
Golden Angel Pendants with Rhinestone
Look at these interesting angel pendants, they make me think of cartoon characters I saw in my childhood. They always represent for the justice, brave and other good implied meanings. So I pick up some of them to show you. You can try to add them to you necklace and bracelet making to protect you from terrible things.
Stainless Steel Pendants
Golden Lovely Charms
You may be bothered for choosing the gifts for your girlfriend recently as the Valentine’s Day is coming. I have an idea that you can try to make any accessories she like. It may be great that you can add some heart beads in your jewelry making. You can see this heart charm, cute, right? So just take an action.
Brass Prayer Box Pendants
Brass Prayer Box Pendants
I know that the boxes are rarely used in your jewelry making. But look at the two box pendants, interesting, right? It should be a great design that a chain necklace is made with adding this box as a pendant. Cool, I just cannot wait to make one. Do you want to see my craft then?
Iron Glass Pendants
Golden Iron Pendants in Different shapes
Are you surprised by these beautiful pendant designs? The second one is wrapped by wire, just collect this wire pendant if you are a wire jewelry lovers. And the other three ones are all glass pendants, you can see the glass beads are inserted in wires. Nice making, yes?
OK, it is done. Have you found your favorite pendant? Just collect all of them if it is hard for you to select any of them. Have fun~ See you next time!

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Wholesale Charms Are Made in Different Materials and Used with Different Jewelry

Because of the widespread wholesale charms and beads, there are many people who are looking to make the jewelry in their homes. They are now familiar with the notions of how to make the jewelry. However, you have to know that it is hard to decide on the type of the jewelry to use for each project you have at hand.

The wholesale charms are made in ceramic, enamel, wooden and metal. They are used to add the extra touch on the jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Some charms are made in novelty items, holiday items and everyday objects. Many shoppers have a great deal of the choices to make if they decide to shop online.

charms, pendants

304 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Charm Pendants

Many people decide on the type of the wholesale charms to buy depending on the materials that are used to make the charm.  There are crafters who decide to use the beads depending on the type of the materials that they are using to make other areas of jewelry.

Charms can be made in pewter and they have a distressed and antique look. They may be heavy and they can be used for bracelets or necklaces. There are many types of charms made in silver.  The commonest types of silver used are Tibetan silver and sterling silver.  However, Tibetan silver is the alloy that has only small level of silver in it. The charms made in silver can be used in many applications. Wood charms are curved and they may add shabby or rustic touch on the available jewelry. The charms are lightweight and they can be used with many pieces. The enamel wholesale charms use a metal as a base and they are covered by the patterned and solid enamel. Most of enamel charm has been styled as the classic jewelry piece. The enamel piece is durable and it is suitable for most uses.  The material used to make the enamel charms may affect the general weight of the charm.

pandant , charms , jewelry findings

Alloy Rhinestone Pendants

Most of the wholesale charms are made in the ceramic charm since they are mass produced by using the molds or they can be made using the hands.  The overall charm weight depends if it is hollow or solid. Handmade charms are expensive compared to the charms that are made by the use of the molds.  Sometime the glass beads can be used with the bronze charms. Such charms are heavyweight and they are suited for the bracelet and necklaces. All the charms are made using a special mold.  Gold are some of the expensive wholesale charms that you can find at the market. However, you can get quality charms which are gold plated at low price. The charms are not too heavy and they may be used for many applications.

If you do not want to buy the wholesale charms, you can get your charm personalized. There are some charms that are the ideal for the special occasion and they can be engraved with the special message that the owner wants. However, the sellers of personalized charms do not agree to exchange or the returns of these charms.

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Guide To Buy the Wholesale Charms

Charms can define the personality of a person along with his or her likes and interests. If you have interest in music, you can wear a charm that has some musical instrument attached or musical symbols. Charms are available in many themes. They are an integral part of jewelry making. Charms can be included in all types of jewelries. They are mostly used in bracelets. It is all up to you what you wish to choose and what type of charms you wish to include in the jewelry you are making.

One can buy wholesale charms too. They are available in the sets of 20 and 150. For those who make handmade jewelry, it is important to separate a budget for what you wish to buy. Some of the sets might be fixed and some may come in single sets. When you are buying wholesale charms, here are some important things that you must keep in mind:


Appearance of the charm will matter a lot as it defines what sort of person you are. There are several things you have to consider while choosing the charms. The first one is shape. Charms are available in plenty of shapes from medical, sports, stars to animal figures. Such charms are there too that reflect the hobbies of people like book (for reading books), purse (for shopping), player (listening to music) and more. Another important thing that needs to be considered is the dimension. Two and three dimensional charms are available. They can be found in plenty of different colors. The choice of the color depends on the taste of the buyer.  Charms are available in different sizes. Jewelry makers prefer the ones that are small in size because they are more comfortable while wearing. Larger ones are available too and they are meant to give a bolder statement.

Agate Crystal Pendants, pendants, gemstone pendants , charms

Agate Crystal Pendants


The material of the wholesale charms matters a lot as it will affect the durability of the product. Some materials in which charms are available include wood, plastic, glass, metal and stone. The type of material you choose will influence the price of the beads. The charm made out of precious metal will be more expensive than the one made from plastic.

Pendants, gemstone pendants, pencil pendants, charms

Natural Crystal Pencil Pendants


The way a charm is worn is also important in making the decision to purchase them. Comfort will decide which type of charms you are willing to purchase. Charms are available in different latches. With the help of these latches, you can position the charm to its desired place. Before purchasing the charm, it is best that you know how it’s attached. Material of the latch should be considered too. You would want the one that is durable. The wholesale charms you buy must have durable latch material like metal.

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