How to Make an Emoji necklace

Hello guys! Happy Saturday! Today I’d like to share you a tutorial on how to make an eye-catching emoji necklace. In recent years, emoji has become an inseparable part of our daily life, and I bet there is no doubt that all the young people are quite familiar with those cute little expressions. So when I found our friend Allison has made an emoji necklace, I decided to share the detailed tutorial with you guys here.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 1

It looks so cool right? Let’s see how to make it!

Jewelry making supplies for the emoji necklace:
Rhinestone beads
Polymer clay
Emoji stickers
Tissue blade
Clear gloss glaze

How to Make an Emoji necklace 2

How to make the emoji charm necklace:
Step 1: Choose the emoji stickers you want as your charms. Take a piece of polymer clay and gently roll it out, make sure the clay is about 3mm thick and evenly rolled out.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 3

Step 2: Carefully peel off the sticker and stick it on the clay. Press it down and burnish it gently. Then cut off the excess clay.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 4

Step 3: Continue trimming the clay, and use your blade to get right up against the sticker. Then use your finger to smooth out the edges.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 5

Step 4: Make a vertical hole in the clay with a needle, make sure the hole goes through the clay. Repeat all the steps above to make all your clay charms, and then put them in a toaster oven at about 125 degree, bake them about 20 minutes. Remember don’t use high temp, or the stickers will be burned.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 6

Step 5: Polish all the charms with clear gloss glaze and let them air dry.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 7

Step 6: Connect the charms with headpins and add them to the necklace chain.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 8

Step 7: Make rhinestone bead charms and add them to the chain. Then finish the cool charm necklace by adding a clasp.

How to Make an Emoji necklace 9

Now, here goes the finished emoji necklace:

How to Make an Emoji necklace 10

It’s so cute and definitely on trend! If you wanna be a trendsetter, this charm necklace is absolutely a good try!

How to Make an Emoji necklace 11

This tutorial comes from, more tutorials see Or if you have any funny jewelry making ideas, welcome to share with us!

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7 Popular Women Necklaces You Need Know

It is believed that every girl wants to have a customizable necklace. Wearing proper necklace helps people stand out from the crowd. In fact, a lot of girls cannot classify necklaces correctly. So in order to help you have a better understanding of women necklaces, today I will share you some popular necklaces, common but stylish.
Charm necklace
charm necklace

Charm necklace is one of the most common and easiest DIY necklaces by attaching some cute or personalized cheap charms on necklace chains. And it’s pretty popular to make charm necklaces dangling with unique metal stamping name tags. How wonderful would it be to have a special necklace with beloved one’s name! They could be super cool gifts, I bet!
Statement necklace
statement necklace

Statement necklaces are large necklaces with an excessive amount of dangle, beads, or intricate details and are made from a variety of materials and infinite number of color combinations. Statement necklaces are flashy and bold that we should be aware of matching right colors and styles before wearing.
Multi strand necklace
multi strand necklace
Multi strand necklaces are layered necklaces with several strands with beads or charms put together. They are popular necklaces designs because of their complicated yet trendy look.
Pendant necklace
pendant necklace

Pendant necklace is a traditional accessory with a pendant hanging down.  And the pendant is very important to pendant necklaces. It seems like that a proper pendant will definitely change a necklace from dull into vivacious with its nameless magic.
Bib necklace
bib necklace

Bib necklace is a type of large, dramatic necklace, circular or triangular in shape, consisting of a web-like mesh of metal. Sweep your hair to let your bib necklace take center stage, its chunky round, oval shape will keep you glowing through the holiday season.
Fringe necklace
fringe necklace
Fringe necklace is really a kind of ubiquitous necklace that adored by lots of girls, including me. We could classify fringe necklaces according to their names. Like pendant necklaces, fringe necklaces swinging around our neck will help us win attention in public.
Rosary necklace
rosary necklace

We have come to the last but not the least part, rosary necklaces. Coming in a variety of styles and materials, rosary necklaces have some connection with god according to catholic. So you need to make clear when and where you wear.
So after appreciating all these seven types of popular necklaces, do you have a better understanding of necklaces? Which one do you like best? Maybe you have a crush to buy one right now. Well you don’t need to do so, all above women necklaces can be made at home. What you need to do is to get the jewelry making supplies and find tutorials online. I’m sure you will have much joy in creating your own customizable necklace.

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