Nice Bracelets Designed by Pandahall Customer Ana Maria Botero Lopez

Hi, friends. Happy Monday! Time to weekend, so do you have any plans? How do you think of trying any pretty jewelry making? You can pay more attention on today’s Pandahall post if you have any interest. Next, I am going to show you four kinds of bracelets made by our Pandahall customer Ana, hope you will love them.
Leaf charm bracelet
Leaf charm bracelet
Obviously, we need to slide the pearl beads one by one and add several golden leaf charms. You can try to make a simple bracelet like this one if you are a green hand. Other colored beads are also choice to try.
Cool beaded bracelet
Cool beaded bracelet
We have to prepare different kinds of glass beads in shape and some cool Tibetan style pendants. We can see the materials clearly from the picture. I think it is suitable for both girls and boys, so do you want to make couple bracelets for your girlfriend or boyfriend?
Multi strands bracelet
Multi strands bracelet
You can wear this bracelet to attend any casual occasion, try it? Fresh color beads attract us most, do you also like it? Great designs are always from our life, so share us your pretty crafts.
Colorful beads bracelet
Colorful beads bracelet
Different colored beads are added in this bracelet making, then we can also add any funny charms in the craft making. Simple craft, and good choice to start your jewelry making steps. Are you planning to try it?
Thanks for Ana’s sharing with us, all look great, right? Then do you also want to own them? You can pick up one you like best and make it as a gift for you. Wow, it sounds a great idea! So what are you waiting for?

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Collection of Charm Bracelet from Pandahall Customers

Hi, dear readers. Happy to see you again. Hope you can spend a wonderful weekend. You know that it is time for our Pandahall customer show time. So are you expecting that? Now let’s start soon.
multi strand bracelet
Multi strands bracelet
Designer: Ana Maria Botero Lopez
Materials: Tibetan style pendants, seed beads, iron cross chain, jump rings
Special bracelet, you can see that it is made by three seed beads strands and cross chain, then we have to add the pendants to it. It is a great combination, do you also think so? Cool style can bring you another kind of feeling, so just have a nice try!
Layerred Beaded Bracelet
Layered beaded bracelet
Designer: carmen delacruz
Materials: lampwork beads, cabochons, howlite beads, Tibetan style pendants, Tibetan style toggle clasp, link chains
Just as the name shows, this bracelet is layered. Different kinds of beads and pendants are used in this bracelet, so the bracelet looks very gorgeous. Have you also seen the heart beads? It is also a great project to try for your girlfriend.
Colorful Bracelet
Colorful bracelet
Designer: Madsy Ocampo
Materials: nylon thread, Tibetan style pendants, rhinestone heart pendants, jump rings
Colorful bracelet is made by different colored threads, and you can change the color if you like. We can see that Eiffel tower pendant, star pendant, and heart pendant are added in this bracelet making.
Cool charm bracelet
Cool charm bracelet
Designer: Tiphanie D’Agostino
Many beaded dangles are needed to finish this bracelet making. Then they will be added to the chains one by one. Like this causal style? It will be fantastic that match it with your skirt, cool!
Now I have shown you four kinds of bracelet, which one do you like best? Charm bracelets are always hot among the public, so why not make one for yourself? Then do not forget to share your works with us. See you next time!

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New Arrivals – Stainless Steel Bracelets for You

Hello lovely readers! Happy Monday! Wish you guys have a nice week! As usual, Monday is time for our new arrivals. Today I’d like to introduce you some stainless steel bracelets. If you have browsed our website, you must have already found there are so many choices for stainless steel bracelets! They can be different in materials, metal colors, styles, usages, and even themes. Now I’ll share you some cute stainless steel bracelets in different styles. If you wanna take a break from DIY bracelets, you shall never miss these fashionable finished bracelets.

Chain bracelets

chain bracelets

Four different types of chain bracelets, the first one is for girls, the second could be couple bracelets or bracelets for BFFs, the last two are for men as well as cool punk girls. If you are going to buy one of these bracelets, which one will you choose? I’d prefer the first one, LOL~

Link bracelets

link bracelets

Three link bracelets with three different themes: the first one, link hearts, for you beloved ones; the second one, creepy skulls, definitely great for the coming Halloween; the third one, stainless steel link with rhinestones, don’t you think it looks like starry sky?

ID bracelets

ID bracelets

As you can see in the picture, this kind of bracelets has a metal link, on which you can carve your name. They could be very personalized.

Mesh bracelets

mesh bracelets

The chain of mesh bracelet is much tinier and more closely arranged than other stainless steel bracelets, and that may be why its name is “mesh” bracelet.

Watch band bracelets

watch band bracelet 1                        watch band bracelet 2

If you don’t like watches, but you like some of those lovely watch bands, you can come to Panda Hall. We’ve got a large number and various styles of watch bands, you can find your favorite one here.

Charm bracelets

charm bracelet                      charm bracelets

No more words, as a basic type of bracelets, I think charm bracelets are familiar to everybody. If you like these pretty bracelets, just search them on our website, you can find lots of them.

So, after viewing all those lovely stainless steel bracelets, do you find your favorite one? Of course, all those listed above are just a small part of our products. If you do like this kind of bracelets, just visit and search for them, you’ll find much more items there!

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How to Make Lovely Green Chain Charm Bracelet in 15 Minutes

Charm bracelets are a very fashionable piece of jewelry which are popular among young girls. Charm bracelets mixed with chain and beads are always stunning and attract people’s attention. Today I’d like to share a lovely chain charm bracelet tutorial with you, just keep reading.
Green Chain Charm Bracelet
Jewelry making supplies in DIY the green chain charm bracelet:
 Green Chain Charm Bracelet Step
4mm Golden Round Beads
10mm Green Round Glass Beads
2mm Green Seed Beads
10mm Black Round Beads
Golden Jump Rings
Golden Twisted Chain
Golden Headpins
0.3mm Tiger Tail
Tibetan Style Toggle
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
How to make the green chain charm bracelet:
Step 1: trim off a piece of 0.3mm tiger tail and slide a 10mm black round bead to the middle of the tiger tail. Then slide 8 2mm green seed beads to the right tiger tail and cross the tiger tail through the 10mm black round bead as the picture shows. Next slide 8 2mm green seed beads to the left tiger tail and cross the tiger tail through the 10mm black round the two 2mm green beads beside it;
 Green Chain Charm Bracelet
Step 2: slide a 4mm golden round bead to the right tiger tail. Then slide another 4mm golden bead to the tiger tail after crossing the tiger tail through the third green seed bead. Then repeat the above step to add 5 more 4mm golden round beads and refer the above step to make 3 more such bead flowers;
Green Chain Charm Bracelet
Step 3: trim off a piece of golden twisted chain and combine the two ends with a Tibetan style toggle. Then combine the four bead flowers with the golden twisted chain through jump rings.
 Green Chain Charm Bracelet
Step 4: slide a 2mm green seed bead and a 10mm green round bead in order to a golden headpin. Repeat the step to make 4 more such patterns. Then combine the five bead patterns with golden twisted chain.
 Green Chain Charm Bracelet
Green Chain Charm Bracelet
Wow, a lovely beaded charm bracelet is instantly finished, what do you think of it? This green charm bracelet is so lovely that can keep you entertained when you are stuck in traffic or in a waiting room. Just collect some wholesale beads and DIY your personalized beaded charm bracelet.

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New Arrivals of Link and Charm Bracelets for Sale

Hi dear fellow readers, here goes the new arrival for this new fresh week! I believe jewelry makers like you may be not only fond of making different sorts of jewelry by hands, but also love beautiful ready-to-wear jewelry. So today I’m not going to introduce you beads and jewelry findings we listed lately as usual, instead I’d rather share with you all some pretty stunning link & charm bracelets that can be purchased and worn directly. In this new section, you’ll see a variety of gorgeous bracelets combined with alloy, brass, with rhinestones, crystals, semi precious stones, etc. With a simple brass or alloy chain and a bit amazing colored bead elements or just a single cute cheap charms, they can surely add your wrist with a little contemporary flair and glamor. Why not take a look at each of them?



Link and Charm Bracelets -glass1

Link and Charm Bracelets -glass2

Link and Charm Bracelets -glass3

Semi precious stones

Link and Charm Bracelets -Semi precious stones1


Link and Charm Bracelets -Semi precious stones2

Link and Charm Bracelets -Semi precious stones3

Brass + Austrian Crystal

Link and Charm Bracelets -crystal1

Link and Charm Bracelets -crystal2

Link and Charm Bracelets -crystal3

Link and Charm Bracelets -crystal4

Brass + Rhinestone

Link and Charm Bracelets -rhinestone1

Link and Charm Bracelets -rhinestone2

Link and Charm Bracelets -rhinestone3

Link and Charm Bracelets -rhinestone4

Link and Charm Bracelets -rhinestone5

Alloy +Austrian Crystal

Link and Charm Bracelets -brass1

Link and Charm Bracelets -brass2

Link and Charm Bracelets -brass3

Link and Charm Bracelets -brass4

Alloy Rhinestone

Link and Charm Bracelets -alloy1

Link and Charm Bracelets -alloy2

Link and Charm Bracelets -alloy3

Brass + Cubic Zirconia

Link and Charm Bracelets -CZ1

Link and Charm Bracelets -CZ2

Link and Charm Bracelets -CZ3

Link and Charm Bracelets -CZ4

Link and Charm Bracelets -CZ5

Well, after viewing these above stunning link and charm bracelets, do you have an urge to buy one? It’s just OK to get yourself stopped for a while with such cuties, either for yourself, or for best friends. They are the highlights to every important occasion, don’t you think so! Besides, never miss other new products we have launched lately. Happy shopping!

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