Pretty Bracelets You Will Love from Pandahall Customers

Hello, friends. Happy Wednesday! Are you searching for any great project to try? How do you think of making a pretty bracelet for yourself? Today, I am going to show you a collection of bracelet designed by our Pandahall customers, hope you will love them.
pearl cluster bracelet
Pearl cluster bracelet
Designer: Tairyn Ayala
Materials: glass pearl beads, rhinestone beads, aluminum wire twisted chain, headpins
This bracelet is mainly by pearl beads, so we have to make many pearl beads dangles with headpins. Then add them onto the aluminum wire twisted chain one by one. It is the same with the rhinestone beads. Simple project but beautiful, do you like it?
Rose Flower Bracelet
Rose flower bracelet
Designer: Alona Skrypnyk
Materials: pearl beads, glass beads, flower resin cabochons, iron twist chain, headpin
Look at this rose flower charm bracelet, fresh color is suitable for this summer. Then why do not you make one for yourself? Flower jewelry can been seen easily among public and they might be hot all the time. So just collect this picture and make a schedule to design one.
Stunning Crackle Crystal Bead bracelet
Stunning crackle crystal bead bracelet
Designer: ahn younju
Materials: crackle crystal beads, rhinestone beads, rhinestone spacer beads, brass jump rings, finishing wire, golden brass pendants
Crystal crackle beads, so beautiful! Have you ever used this kind of beads before? If not, you can try to make a simple bracelet with them. You can see this beads and charms bracelet, like it? You can select some interesting pendants to add on the pattern.  vintage style bracelet
Vintage style bracelet
Designer: Anita Kuczik
Materials: Tibetan style pendant cabochon, shell pearl beads, jump rings, eyepins, iron cross chain, Tibetan style link
This is the last one piece of bracelet I show you today, vintage style bracelet, hope you will like this type. It is simple to finish and we just need to connect all parts together. I think vintage cabochons or pendants can make the bracelet more mysterious. Do you agree me?
Please remember to check our blog if you want to try any special projects. Hope this post can bring you any inspiration. See you next time!

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Cute Bowknot Jewelry Made by Acrylic Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hi, dear Pandahall friends~ Happy Friday! It is time for me to show you some stunning jewelry crafts with you guys. Are you expecting them? And here I wanna bring some cute bowknot jewelry to you, and I think you will like them after seeing the great works. Then, just let’s go~
Acrylic Beads

See these colorful bowknot acrylic beads, so cute, right? How can we use these beads in jewelry making? Just follow me!

Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet
Designer: Elizabeth
Wow, such a beaded charm bracelet is quite lovely, do you agree with me? You see, these are so many jewelry making beads in this bracelet, and the silver charm is really cute. I love it so much, and you?
Easy Red Earrings
Easy Red Earrings
Designer: Marek
This pair of red earrings is so easy in appearance, but it is also quite eye-catching. I can bet you’ll be attractive in the crowd while you wear on the earrings, just for the passionate red maybe.
Candy Color Beaded Bracelet
Candy Color Beaded Bracelet
Designer: simone
Love those candy color jewelry crafts? Just like this one – a beaded bracelet, it is simple in making, but you have to say it is so pretty as well.  While you are enjoy your free holidays on beach, then this candy color beaded bracelet is so great for that time. Do you think so?
Beading Necklace
Beading Necklace
Designer: simone
Like the last one, this beading necklace is also designed by simone. I think she is really good at colors matching. You see, this one is also fresh and cute in colors, and it is suitable for little girl. Wanna own it?
OK, today’s jewelry crafts are all shown here. Which one do you like best? And all of them are easy to make, so you can try to make your own jewelry crafts at home. Anyway, have a good day~

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A Collect of Bracelets Made by Rhinestone European Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. Nice to see you. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Have you used European beads for jewelry making? How do you think of this kind of beads? Rhinestone European beads can be seen easily in much jewelry. And today I am going to show you a collection of rhinestone European beaded bracelets. Hope you will like them!
Rhinestone European Beads
Look at these beads, they are so pretty, right? Now let’s see the jewelry together!
beaded bracelet
Charm bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
We can see that this bracelet is made by European beads, bead spacers, Tibetan style pendants and other beads. So it is great to combine different kinds of beads in a bracelet, just like this one. Then you can start to consider what do you want to add in it?
charm bracelet
Beaded bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
It is definitely a great choice to start your crafts step if you are a green hand and a jewelry lover. Slide the beads in order according to your desire and then it is almost finished! It is simpler than you imagine, right?
lovely bracelet
Lovely bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
Have you found that the three bracelets are all designed by a same designer Evgeniy who is good at jewelry making and has published so many great works in our customer show. If you like her or his crafts, I am very happy to share more with you guys.

European beads bracelet
European beads bracelet
Designer: Katalin
Simple pattern, simple tutorial, but pretty finished jewelry. Do you agree me? This kind of simple bracelet can match skirts, dress and other formal clothes. Do you wanna it? Then make one for yourself.
And now, I have shown you four bracelets, which one do you prefer? Please just let me know what kind of jewelry do you love, then I will share them with you next time! See you~

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DIY Handmade Woven Charms Bracelet

Hey, guys! Happy Thursday~ Wanna try to make some personalized jewelry yourself? Today, I will show you a jewelry video about DIY handmade woven charms bracelet. Hope you can get some useful ideas from the braid bracelets. Then let’s start!
DIY Handmade Woven Charms Bracelet
See this DIY charms bracelet, it looks so easy to make yet so graceful, yes? And do you wanna know how this easy woven bracelet is made? Just follow me to see, and hope you can make the braid bracelet easily. Jewelry making supplies you will need:
8 lengths of cord of 1m each
4 spacer beads
Jump rings
Cord ends
Jewelry Findings
Now, just let’s enjoy this video tutorial together!

Wow, making such coven bracelet is so easy, do you think so? Of course, you can add other cute beads to this woven bracelet, just you like. If you are green hand, then I should say “congratulations”, for you can start your DIY journey from this. And do you have any good thoughts? If yes, hope you can share with me really. Anyway, have a nice day~


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Halloween Jewelry – DIY Spider Macrame Bracelet

Halloween Jewelry - DIY spider macrame bracelet

Hi Halloween suckers! I’m so excited to show you how to make a spider bracelet using antique bronze spider charms and dark olive wax cord. I guess this will be a wonderful craft for anyone who love the upcoming Halloween holiday. By wearing this cool spider macrame bracelet, you’ll have lots of more fun! Do you agree with me? And actually it’s not easy at all to make this spider bracelet. Before starting it, thank you, Yin from Pretty Quirky Pants for creating this great project for us using our sponsored jewelry making supplies. 🙂
So items needed to this spider bracelet:
Waxed cord, dark olive
Spider charms (or other cute Halloween beads and charms)
Small beads for finishing (optional spacer beads)
Part 1 – Starting the macrame pattern (it used the easiest knotting skills – square knots for main pattern. )
DIY Spider Macrame Bracelet
Part 2: Attaching charms using macrame knots
DIY Spider Macrame Bracelet -
Well, I guess the pictures can well illustrate the process of making this cute Halloween spider bracelet, right? Move now to create you own unique pieces! And if you wanna read more Halloween jewelry, never miss posts: 6 Jewelry Making Ideas for HalloweenVideo Tutorial: DIY Lovely Halloween KeychainHalloween Themed Skull Jewelry – from Customers Stay tuned for more posts with us! Happy making!
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