Effortless chain beaded earrings

This beautiful pair of earrings will become your favourite! You can add a touch of glam on any outfit and yet they are so simple!

chain earrings diyedited

Materials :
-4 small pieces of dainty chain
-2 earring hooks
-4 teardrop glass beads
-8 small beads (4mm)
-4 headpins
-2 eyepins
-Round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers

chain earrings suppliesedited

First make sure you have 4 pieces of chain in total, each pair of chains should not be the same size but assymetrical.

chain earrings diy4edited

Slide each teardrop bead to each headpin and make a loop at the end of each one.

chain earrings diy3edited

Now take each headpin with the beads and attach them to each one of the chain pieces. Every earring needs to have two chain pieces.

chain earrings diy 5edited

Take four beads and slide them to an eyepin and secure with another loop. Make two pairs of four beads each.

chain earrings diy6edited

Attach those eyepins to the chains. A pair of chains to one eyepin with beads.

chain earrings diy 7edited

Finally attach the earring hooks!

chain earrings diy8edited

Your beautiful new chain beaded earrings are ready to wear!

chain earrings diy2edited

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A Collection of Chandelier Earrings from Our Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. Happy Monday! Do you like chandelier earrings? Have you ever made chandelier earrings for yourself? If no, you can have a try after seeing today’s Pandahall post. I am going to share you four pairs of chandelier earrings made by our Pandahall customers. Hope you will like them. Let’s just start!
Black Earrings
Black earrings
Designer: Jill McFee
Materials: alloy cabochon settings, glass beads
Black is perfectly suitable for the alloy setting, do you agree with me? We need to make some glass beads dangles, then we can add them to the cabochon and you can choose the positions according to your desire.
Retro Chandelier Earrings
Retro chandelier earrings
Designer: Radka Bílková
Materials: chandelier components, Tibetan style pendants, gemstone beads, earring hooks, jump rings
I believe that many guys will love this kind of vintage chandelier earrings. It looks so beautiful, but we also can finish making it with simple steps. We just need to attach the dangles to the components. Do you want to make one pair for yourself?
Tibetan Style earrings
Tibetan style earrings
Designer: Olga Evgenievna Lebed
Materials: gemstone beads, Tibetan style links, Tibetan style beads
It just made me think of some bugs that have wings. The earrings design is really special and fantastic, and hope it can bring you any inspiration. They can make us show cooler in public, so have you any interest in making them?
White Pearl Earrings
White pearl earrings
Designer: Linda Laubach
Materials: pearl beads, jewelry wire, aluminum wire, earring hooks
Pearl wire wrapped earrings, so pretty! Are you confident to make a pair of wire earrings like them? You can just do it with following this picture or create your own jewelry.
Now, we have enjoyed four pairs of earrings, which one do you prefer? Do not hesitate if you like them, so just prepare jewelry findings and do it. Waiting for your great works~

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DIY Tassel and Beads Earrings


 Make your own designer earrings is very easy and cheap, follow the steps!


You will need:


Acrylic Beads


Earring hooks




Make the tassels.


Insert the tassels and the beads into the wire.


In one side, attach a piece of wire.


Insert one big bead and attach the wire in the other side.


Attach the earring hook with the wire.


Cut the excess of thread.

And that’s all!



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DIY Festive snowflake earrings

Would you like a special piece of jewelry for the Holidays but you can’t spend much? No worries, you can make a beautiful festive pair of earrings with just some basic supplies.


Here’s what you’ll need :

jewelry wire

-some beads in 2 different colors and sizes

-snowflake charms

-crimp beads

-earring hooks



First connect a jumpring on each charm


Then cut a small piece of wire and thread beads and charms like this


Now take both edges of wire, bring them together and thread them into one crimp bead both


Make sure both sides are equal. Now take both edges and bring them back into the crimp bead forming a loop like you see in the picture


Secure the crimp bead with your pliers and cut any excess wire. Attach the hook and the earring is ready.


Repeat for the other earring and wear your new festive snowflake earrings to all Christmas parties!


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DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 1

Hello lovely readers! Happy Saturday! As usual, today I’m going to share you a jewelry making tutorial. Yes, just as you can see from the image, today we’re going to make these gorgeous chandelier earrings! Like them? Let’s see how to make them!

To get start, you’ll need:
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Eye pins
Gold chain
Faceted gold hematite beads
4mm faceted turquoise beads
6mm bicone crystal beads
Gold jump rings

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 2

Step 1: Thread three gold hematite beads onto an eye pin, make a loop at the beads end and cut off the extra wire. Repeat to make six hematite bead links.

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 3

Step 2: Alternatively thread four turquoise beads and three hematite bead links onto an eye pin. Then connect the other ends of those three bead links with a jump ring. Make one crystal bead link and two turquoise bead links with headpin and one turquoise bead link with eye pin, add them to the main pattern as picture shows.

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 4

Step 3: Add one jump ring to each end of the main eye pin, and then attach a 2’’ gold chain to the jump rings. At last, add the earring hook at the middle of the chain. And repeat to make another earring.

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 5


DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 6

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 7

These earrings are really gorgeous right? If you are a jewelry maker, no matter an expert or a green hand, I think you should never miss these fabulous earrings! If you like them, try to make them!

Tutorial source: http://www.quietlioncreations.com/

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