Pandahall New Arrival – Pretty Pendants and Charms You Will Need

Hello, dear Pandahall readers! Happy Monday! Are you ready for the coming working days? I will bring you guys many pretty jewelry pendants and charms that you may need in jewelry making. You can collect them now and then you can choose some of them for your jewelry DIY. Well, just follow me to see these cute findings!
Key 304 Stainless Steel Pendants
Key 304 Stainless Steel Pendants
Hey, friends! Love the key steel pendants? For me, I will choose one pair of them for my friend and me, and I will link it with my key or my bag. I can image that it will be wonderful for there is other one who have the familiar keychain with you. Will you wanna have one?
Stainless Steel Tray SettingsStainless Steel Tray Settings
Wow, see these cute steel tray settings in different shapes! Do you know how to use them? I think you can glue cabochons on the settings, or just paste it on other crafts. How do you think? If you know other great idea about them, please share your ideas with me!
Stainless Steel Blank Tag Charms
Stainless Steel Blank Tag Charms
These are some steel blank charms, yet they are so kawaii! I will choose some that I like and attach them to my bracelets. Do you wanna own the wholesale charms?
Antique Silver Alloy Pendant Cabochon Settings
Antique Silver Alloy Pendant Cabochon Settings
Do you like these simple yet meaningful tree of life cabochon settings? Each of them is quite delicate! Just with a silver cross chain, then you will make an easy but nice chain pendant necklace. Wanna have a try?
All the findings I bring to you today are quite pretty, and you may need some of them for your jewelry making journey. So, just collect them and make your own characteristics jewelry crafts! I hope to see your great works. Have a nice day!

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The Role of Cabochon Settings in Jewelry Making

Cabochon is a gemstone which is also known as cab. It is a stone with a certain cut which has made it popular to be used among various jewelries. It is particularly used in those jewelries in which gemstones are included. They are available in ceramic, porcelain and even wood. Cabochon is flat on one side and it is round or dome on the other side.

Cabochon is available in different colors, styles and sizes. They can let you create versatile jewelry whether it is bracelets, earrings or even necklaces. Cabochon settings and tools are required to make essential pieces of jewelry. As they are sort of versatile stones, you can easily find them in different styles. For those jewelry designers who are experienced, it is quite easy to make their own creations with cabochon. They can be used with beads and other gemstones too for adding unique touch and color to the jewelry.

cabochon settings , rhinestone settings

Alloy Rhinestone Settings


If you are working with cabochon for the first time, it is best to start with making earrings. It is the simplest design any beginner can choose. Cabochons cannot be used alone; a base is required to hold them up securely. These bases are known as cabochon settings. Choosing the cabochon settings is quite important in making jewelry. You will need the cabochon gemstone, setting, earring hooks, glue for fixing the stone and head pins for making the earrings.

Before getting started, make sure you gather all the supplies. Cabochon settings will be available in a variety of sizes. You must choose the one that fits the size of your stone. If the size of the setting and the stone does not match, the stone will never set into the setting properly. If the setting and the stone are of the same size, there is no big deal, you can simply glue them up for making a piece of jewelry.

Cabochon settings , pendant cabochon settings

Tibetan Style Pendant Cabochon Settings

Gluing the stone to the setting is will be easy because these stones are flat from the back and they can easily be fixed. But choosing the right adhesive will play an important role in forming a bond. The glue should become transparent when it dries, you don’t want to see it visible from the setting. If the setting is made from metal or glass, you must apply glue to the gemstone. If the stone has a rim, then apply glue to the rim. You can use wooden tooth pick for applying glue. Do not apply glue on the setting.

The cabochon settings must be clean before you place the gemstone for fixing. If it’s not clean then the stone will not fix to the setting properly. Once you have glued the gemstone to the setting, make sure you give it plenty of time to dry otherwise it may fall off.

Choosing the best cabochon settings that perfectly match the size of the gemstone itself is important. Do consider these things before you actually purchase the settings. They are widely available at the online jewelry stores and even the retail stores that provide jewelry supplies and stones.

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