PandaHall Ideas on Buttons

Hello, guys! Today we are going to talk about buttons. Buttons, as a kind of sewing materials, not only we can use it to make clothes, but also to DIY some jewelry, like button earrings, necklaces, or button bracelets, so buttons are both clothes decorations, and jewelry materials too. And at PandaHall, we categorize it into 13 types, it’s mainly acrylic buttons, metal buttons, shell buttons, resin buttons, rhinestone buttons, coconut buttons and so on, as you can see ,we classify it according to the materials. Today’s topic is buttons, firstly, i am gonna introduce you some beautiful buttons, then show you three pieces of DIY jewelry made of buttons, let’s start our journey!

These buttons are 2-hole printed wooden sewing buttons, with mixed colors and mixed shapes. The first one is guitar shape, and the pictures printed on it look very beautiful, fashionable, and special as well, so have you ever met such buttons? If you sew it on you clothes, you will look very cool, just think about it! And the second one is the mixed shape type buttons, as you can see that we have some animals and plants shapes, even we have the fish, and the colors of these buttons are also vibrant, i like the small flower on the elephant, because they looks very characterized. I bet your children will like these, and these are very suitable for your children too. And the third one is a snowman button, we call these type holiday buttons, Christmas specific buttons, since Christmas is coming, you can consider such buttons, because they are cute and full of Christmas atmosphere!

So these are shell buttons, made of shell, with different colors, shapes and sizes, these shell may be heavier than the wooden buttons, and these buttons have their own characteristics. Have you ever tried shell buttons to DIY something? We all know that shell beads are popular in jewelry making field, especially in summer, it’s kind of seasonal DIY materials. Compared with the picture 2, the shell beads in the picture 1 have the more brighter colors. You may want to sew these colorful buttons to your daughter’s clothes or your own clothes, and also you may prefer the shape of the second type buttons, heart, very romantic buttons, you can use it to make a gift for your beloved people, using it to make a bracelet or earrings, if your best friends receive these, i think she is gonna like it. And in the third picture, there are shell buttons, links and pendants, with these, you can DIY more.

Here i want to introduce you three pieces of jewelry. As for the first one, we used the yellow buttons and green star charms to make this dangle earrings. We mainly used jump rings and chains to connect each buttons, as you can see we only strung the one hole of the buttons, so these is a piece of jewelry which you can easily handle. The yellow buttons look like banana chips, and the green star charms add more beauty to these earrings, it’s a great idea, right?
And the second one is also easy for you to make, we used two eye pins to string the buttons, and we used buttons of different colors, so we made a pair of colorful earrings, and the heart beads below also add special beauty to the earrings. As for the third jewelry, we kind of used the same method as we used to make the first jewelry. Through using the jump rings, we string the buttons together, then we made a special bracelet. And the following are some other type buttons.

I hope that today’s introduction can inspire you. The materials we use are very simple and ordinary. As long as you can use your imagination and dare to try, you can make something special. Do you like the buttons above? If you are interested, you can follow our website, there is a special area, Inspiration Projects, and also a Customer’s Show, you can learn some manual skills. Good luck and have a nice day!

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Coconut Buttons Bring You More Ideas!

Hello guys, I’m so excited to announce that our new arrivals Coconut Buttons are now added on site Pandahall. If you are an enthusiast like me who is quite obsessed with all sorts of buttons for making different crafts, I highly encourage you to try our new product line: coconut buttons. You’ll know it’s really a creative natural idea to recycle the hard shell of coconuts and turn them into useful buttons. Normally coconut shell will be first separated from the raw material and then removed the remaining flesh by machine, cut into pieces, drilled holes on into them, and dried for last step. After this, they may be painted with different colors to make them more suitable for craft designs. Just take a look at below, the coconut buttons Pandahall now launching are all affordable and comes with many shapes you might need, like round, oval, square, heart, etc. And even some bright painted colored shapes are included for you to choose from.

BUTT-O008-14_500 BUTT-O008-20_500 BUTT-O008-24_500

BUTT-P008-20_500 BUTT-P008-28_500 BUTT-P008-11_500

BUTT-O008-30B_500 BUTT-O008-29A_500 BUTT-P008-32A_500

Judging from the appearance of coconut buttons, we may feel they are generally dark rustic pieces. So if you want your designs to look more natural and plain, why not try them? They are able to combine perfectly with any of your jewelry making supplies like gems, beads, stones, twine, threads, and so on. What’s more, these big cheap buttons can add finishing touch as bracelet or necklace closures to your designs if you don’t want to use metal bracelet clasps.

coconut button bracelet DIY

coconut button necklace diy

other coconut button diy

coconut button closure for bracelet

WOW~~ I just can’t wait to use them on my next crafts and I might make a doorway curtain with different shapes of these buttons, kindda country style, I guess. So come on, I bet you’ll be excited to get more ideas if you try out this new line!

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