PandaHall Tutorial on Snow-white Flower Bracelet

Hi everyone, do you feel that the temperature has dropped a lot recently? Heavy snow fell in many places. And Christmas is coming soon. It’s the end of the year again. Have everyone achieved the goals set for this year?

Don’t forget to give yourself a vacation once in a while, come and make this snowflake bracelet together, I believe you will love it.

First let us prepare the following tools.

Japanese Seed Beads                 2 mmWhite

Thread Nylon Wire                   Clear

Iron Jump Rings                     Golden

Lobster Claw Clasps                  Golden

Flat nose pliers         

Round nose pliers



I’m sure you’ re ready for this. Let’s begin!


  1. Use a needle to string together six white seed beads with thread.
  2. On the basis of a white seed bead on the needle, string in the white seed bead we just stringed.
  3. Repeat the action we just did, until the six white seed beads on the outside are strung together.

Now we get a little snowflake.


  1. On the basis of the six white seed beads on the needle, pass through one outer white seed bead.
  2. Go through the outer seed beads next to it.
  3. Repeat the action just now until all six sides are done.
  4. Use our round nose pliers to twist open the iron jump rings, and connect the snowflakes we made with the iron jump rings. Finally, add a lobster claw clasps at the interface.

Our cute little snowflake bracelet is complete. Isn’t it cute? Come and try it!

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DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

The accessories with eyes are a must of this season, make this cute eye bracelet DIY with following easy steps.

You will need:

materials for DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

cheap beads
thread and cord
magnetic clasp
needle and thread


DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 1

1- Cut 25 cms of cord

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 2

2-Fold in a half and start to sew like in the picture

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 3

3- Sew the beads like in the picture. First, make a line with 1 bead, after, a line of two beads, a line of 3 beads and a line of 4 beads

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 4

4- For make the eye, you will need 1 big dark bead,and then repeat the last step but contrariwise

eyes_bracelet_diy_STEP 5

5- Make 2 or 3 eyes

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 6

6- Cut the excess

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 7

7- Paste the magnetic clasp

And this is the finished beaded bracelet with eyes! It’s very easy and you don’t need more than 20 minutes for make the eye bracelet.

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

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Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet

You remember it…friendship bracelet is a bracelet given by one person to another person which lives on as a lasting symbol of togetherness, crafty effortless and creativity style. So that handmade friendship bracelets are a great popular craft that you can take anywhere. Today I will teach you how to make a delicate friendship braided bead bracelet with blue threads and chic rhinestone beads. Those little mixed color beads and sequins that we used to glue to braided bracelet with brass findings in hot flower shape are very popular to be jewelry decoration. Quite simple and easy to get. Let’s start!
Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet (1)
All you need to make a friendship braided bead bracelet:
1mm blue nylon thread
0.5mm silvery copper wire
5mm Montee rhinestones beads
Pearl sequins
Tibetan style cone beads
Lobster claw
Jump rings
Round nose plier
Wire cutter
Glue gun
Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet (2)
To create this friendship braided bead bracelet:
1. Braid a 4-strand bracelet out of thread using 12 strands 56cm blue nylon thread and braid as shown in the picture below as quick as you can.

Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet (4)

2. Finish the braided bracelet by adding cone beads onto wire and make wrapped loops.
Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet (5)

3. Glue beads and sequins to the friendship braided bracelet, then attach jump ring and clasp to finish the bracelet.
Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet (3)

Here is the final look of braided bracelet:

Friendship Braided Bead Bracelet (6)

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