Dainty Boho Tassel Beaded Double Layer Bracelet!!!

tutorial boho gypsy tassel beaded chain bracelet

Dainty Boho Tassel Beaded Double Layer Bracelet – fabulous tutorial you need to learn!!!

Summer is just the perfect season to enjoy wearing many jewels together in different styles, in many shades and colors and with many charms. This year the trendy style for women accessories is not only, the gypsy boho one. You know… chains, leathers, beads, tassels, charms and many more. But if you are not the greatest fan of this style, I am totally sure that this dainty tassel bracelet will change your mind! of course is not totally boho gypsy, but it has many boho details and of course you can enjoy it everyday alone or with more bracelets.

diy jewelry making materials

Jewelry making supplies for Dainty Boho Tassel Beaded Double Layer Bracelet:

Jade Beads (4 beads of 4mm)

– Coral Bead

– Tassel

– Gold Plated Chain

– Gold Plated Spring Clasp

– Jump Rings ( two different sizes because the  chain has small rings)

– Pins (one eye pin and one head pin)

– Plier Set

tutorial free jewelry making diy

Step 1: Let’s start by creating the beaded parts. Use the eye pin and pass the jade beads, create a loop on the second end and make a beaded bar. Use also the head pin to make a tiny bead charm with the coral bead.

diy dainty beaded bracelet

Step 2: Let’s play now with the chain and create the first layer of the bracelet. Connect the beaded bar with the end of the gold plated chain. Measure it on your hand and cut a piece of chain that is a little bit smaller.

tutorial jewelry making bracelet

Connect the second end of the beaded bar with the chain, creating a closed bracelet.

diy jade bead dainty double chain bracelet

tutorial how to create a double layer bracelet

Find the middle of the chain and cut it there, in order to add the clasp.

diy jewelry making tips end chain protection

Step 3: Continue by creating the second layer of the bracelet and of course finishing it. So first add one small and one larger jump ring on in each end of the chain.

jewelry craft tutorial blue bead bracelet

Cut the second chain piece exactly the same in length with the first one and connect it with a small jump ring with the larger ring.

gold lobster end chain

Repeat the above step in both ends of the chains, but in one of them connect the spring clasp.

diy double layer gold chain bracelet

Your main double layer bracelet is ready. Let’s decorate it a little bit more…

diy boho chic tassel bead bracelet

Step 4: Complete the charm bracelet. Connect with a jump ring the mini tassel and the coral bead with the chain of the second bracelet.

diy dainty boho chic beaded tassel bracelet

I liked it to have the charm almost in the middle of the chain, but it’s up to you where you wish to have it.


Your bracelet is ready! A perfect boho chic dainty bracelet with two layers, one with beads and one with bead charm and a tassel. Perfect  for this Summer!

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