April Promotion, Sales for Spring Days

Hello there! PandaHall monthly promotion again! This month the promotion will last for 15 days, from 5th to 19th. If you wanna know more details, just follow me and check them out!

April promotion 1

UP TO 75% OFF and FREE SHIPPING as usual, but this time, instead of $399, you can get free shipping for all your $349 orders! That’s really a big discount for bulk orders! And following are some of our best sellers for your reference~

April promotion 2

April promotion 3

Besides the monthly promotions, we’ve prepared some free coupons codes for you either! Following are the details:

Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code PHPRMT5
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code PHPRMT20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code PHPRMT39
Valid until July 16, 2016 PST

Save $2 on your order of $20+ with coupon code: YTBPM2
Save $3 on your order of $30+ with coupon code: YTBPM3
Save $4 on your order of $40+ with coupon code: YTBPM4
Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code: YTBPM5
Save $10 on your order of $100+ with coupon code: YTBPM10
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code: YTBPM20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code: YTBPM40
Valid until January 1, 2017 PST

Any further questions, be free to contact our customer service: [email protected]. Happy shopping & happy crafting!

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