Pandahall New Arrival-Popular Shell Beads for Jewelry Making

Hey, guys. Happy Monday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! And it is time to share our Pandahall new arrival with you jewelry makers. Today, I am going to show you several kinds of shell beads, and I know that you will love them after seeing them. Are you expecting that? Then let’s start!
Flower Sea Shell Beads
Flower Sea Shell Beads
Look at these flower beads in different colors, which color do you prefer? You know that beads are always necessary for jewelry makers to add them in their crafts. So you should collect more beads you like then you can combine them in your great works.
Round with Flower Sea Shell Beads
Round with Flower Sea Shell Beads
We can see the flower vines from the appearance of the shell beads, amazing, right? You can try to make a simple pendant necklace with it if you are just a green hand. Trust me, it will be a great choice. Cool shell beads can show your special personality.
Natural Freshwater Shell Beads Strands
Natural Freshwater Shell Beads Strands
Natural freshwater shell beads in different shape, which one attracts you more, heart, flower, clover or square? For me, I will use the heart beads in my charm bracelet making, and add some crystal glass beads. So how do you think of mu idea?
Dyed Shell Bead Strands
Dyed Shell Bead Strands
I saw a really special design that a statement necklace is made by this kind of dyed shell beads last week. Then you can wear this cool necklace and hang out, and you will be the focus of the public. Wanna try it?
How do you think of the shell beads? Why not try to add them in your jewelry or crafts making if you like it? So please just collect them firstly, then you can start your working step. Just be brave and show us your nice works then. Enjoy!

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A Roundup of Fabulous Beads!

Good afternoon dear friends. How’s everything going recently? As usual, New Arrival time is coming! Today, I’m pretty happy to share you a roundup of stunning beads. Are you expecting them? I think they will impress you deeply. Now, please follow me to see.
Drop Cat Eye Beads1. Drop Cat Eye Beads
What do you think of these colorful cat eye beads? I think its color which isn’t too much heavy or too light, just proper right? Besides, I also love the drop shape which looks so cute and exquisite~

Faceted Flat Round Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Beads2. Faceted Flat Round Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

Wow, so fresh acrylic beads! I love the light green ones most. This kind of beads is suitable to make earrings, necklaces or bracelets’ charms. If you have an interest in jewelry making, just try it!
Resin Rhinestone European Beads3. Resin Rhinestone European Beads
Do you love the resin rhinestone European beads with large hole rondelle beads and silver tone brass cores? For me, it attracts me so much! Especially the white-and-pink ones! Which one do you like best guys?
Rice Handmade Indonesia Beads4. Rice Handmade Indonesia Beads
Hey guys, how do you feel like the rice handmade Indonesia beads with platinum tone aluminum wire and glass beads? Why do I share this one with you? The reason is that its pattern looks so nice and the pink color is also pretty charming. The Indonesia beads suit lovely and stylish girls perfectly!
Do you wanna try?
So far I have introduces today’s all jewelry beads, so which one do you like best? Maybe it’s hard to say, because all of them are quite fantastic right? Hope you like it and wish you a good day~

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A Roundup of Stunning New Arrivals Deserving Your Attention!

Happy Monday dear readers, as usual, our New Arrival show is coming. Today I’d love to share you a roundup of stunning beads for you, are you expecting them? Ok, let’s get down to business now!
Natural Crazy Agate Nuggets Bead Strands1. Natural Crazy Agate Nuggets Bead Strands
How do you think about the purple gemstone beads strand? In my eyes, purple bears an elegant and mysterious veil. So I love the gemstone beads strand so much. Besides, the gemstone beads’ shape is irregular, which looks so cool and personalized! Do you wana try it?
Natural Botswana Agate Drop Bead Strands2. Natural Botswana Agate Drop Bead Strands
Here, I am going to introduce one another gemstone beads strand. What attracts me most is its drop shape, I think they are so cute and have hardly flaws. In addition, its pure and clean luster also is an important reason why I select it!
AB-Color Acrylic Combined Beads3. AB-Color Acrylic Combined Beads
Wow, what adorable and colorful acrylic beads! Do you love it? I think their pumpkin patterns are pretty unique! This kind of acrylic beads suit to make earrings perfectly. If you have an interest in jewelry making, why don’t you choose the beads and make your desirable earrings?
Flower Painted Glass European Beads4. Flower Painted Glass European Beads
Beautiful! These glass European beads look so small and exquisite! Have you fell in love with them? And the flowers painted are so charming, and most girls would be fond of them~ besides, this kind of European beads are also a pretty good jewelry making supplies, so they are adored by most of jewelry making designers or suppliers!
Hey guys, today’s new arrival beads are pretty stunning and eye-catching, right? If you wanna know more about charming beads, please visit our website Hope you like today’s beads and wish you a good day~

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DIY Beaded Glass Charm Tutorial for Christmas

diy Christmas dinner table decor

Christmas is near and I am already thinking gifts for friends and decor ideas for dinner table. Well, little cute wine glass charms for Christmas, yeah!! You are going to love them… so let’s make the DIY glass charms together in less than 5 minutes!

diy wine glass charm materials

What are we going to need for beaded wine glass charms:
– Small silver charms
Aluminium wire
– Crackle glass beads
– Jump Rings
– Plier set
free tutorial dinner table decor

This is a really easy to make craft. First cut a small piece of the wire.

diy silver star beaded wine glass charm

Pass the silver charm and the glass beads in the wire according to your taste. Make a close loop with the plier in each and and we are done!

diy Christmas dinner table decor

The loops will work like two small lobsters and will make stable the charm on the wine glass.

how to decorate wine glass for dinner tablecrackle beaded wine glass charm decor

Aren’t the DIY wine glass charm sooooooo cute? Your guests will be surprised and your Christmas dinner table decor will be unique! Happy Crafting!

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Crazy Sales in October!!!

Hello guys! Crazy sales again! If you have read our promotion posts before, you must know that pandahall provides big promotions every month! So, are you curious about the crazy sales in October? Okay, let’s see more details together! The promotion started from Oct. 7th to Oct. 28th, 2015 PST. Thousands of beads and jewelry findings are on sale, and you can get up to 75% off! Wow! That’s really crazy, right? And for most countries, if your orders are over $399, you can enjoy our free shipping service!

Crazy Sales in October

Wanna see more promotion products? Here are some hot sales! Click the image, and you’ll get more items NOW!

Crazy Sales in October 1

Besides, there are many small lot items and customers’ favorite items are on sales either! Just take a look at the images, the items are so adorable! I love those shiny rhinestones and colorful pearl beads!

Crazy Sales in October 2

If you are a jewelry maker or bead lover, you shall never miss a crazy sale like this! Any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected].



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