PandaHall Christmas Ideas for You

Hello, Guys, we know that Thanksgiving is coming soon, how time flies, so Happy Thanksgiving in advance, hope you guys all will have a nice day! And today let’s talk about a big day, Christmas, we all very excited, therefor, we need to get prepared, so have you ever considered making something by yourself, maybe DIY some Christmas style jewelry, which would be full of fun. At that day wear something made by yourself, and unique jewelry for special day, you will feel great, so let’s take a look at some Christmas accessories and jewelry!

The first one are Christmas themed charm bracelets, with faceted glass beads and alloy pendants, mixed color, the bracelets of this type seem very simple, just string some beads and add pendants, then you get one bracelet, but we used the Christmas typical colors, green and red, and the Christmas element pendants, like Christmas trees, snowflakes, reindeer, besides, the glass beads look very shiny, so do you like it? The second one is necklace and charm bracelet jewelry sets, there are alloy enamel pendants, pearl beads, crackle beads and other colored glass beads. If you like this, you can directly buy this or you can DIY it out, create your own style, make a set of Christmas jewelry. The third one are Christmas natural mixed stone charm bracelets, with alloy findings, organza drawstring bags, the design of these bracelet is also very simple, with pendants and different types of beads, however the drawstring bags look very delicate, in addition, you may need some cardboard jewelry boxes to place presents, especially presents like jewelry! The following boxes are all for placing bracelets, square, the first one has different colors for you to choose, and the second one has velours inside, and the flower on the surface look beautiful, Your friend will like the gift you sent.

So beads and pendants are the main DIY materials we used to make jewelry, you can use them to make jewelry of simple style, and also capable of using some complex beading method to make complicated one, as long as you have ideas, after we introduced some pendant bracelet, let’s take a look at the following pair of stud earrings, which is made of cute glove pendants, rhinestone beads, and jump rings. Apart from Christmas gloves, we have earrings with Christmas bell, reindeer, and socks pendants. As for the necklace we listed, it’s made of waxed cotton cord, dyed wood pendant, belong to simple necklace type, and the snowflake on the bell seems very delicate, if you want, you can also change the pendant to something you prefer, like angel or reindeer pendants. There are also cubic zirconia pendant necklace, like Picture 5, with stainless steel cable chains, as for such necklace, we just use pinch bails to connect pendant and chains, the necklace is done, so these two types differ a little, and you can easily DIY these two type necklace.

The following is a silicone mould, for DIY cake decoration, chocolate, candy, soap, UV resin & epoxy resin jewelry making, Christmas theme, you can use these to create some Christmas decorations, and the second one are some alloy bezel pendants, Christmas theme, for DIY UV resin, epoxy resin, pressed flower jewelry, it’s mainly using UV glue to make UV resin jewelry, like the Christmas style bell keychain we showed, and with the stickers, Christmas pendants, we made this keychain, and there are other UV resin jewelry we made for Christmas, you can find out at PandaHall. There is a specific Christmas area for you guys at PandaHall, you may search something you like there, if you have any ideas or questions, welcome to comment, see you next time!

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DIY Yarn Tassel Long Necklace!


Do you have yarn scraps? Do not through them away… let’s make a beautiful and easy Tassel Necklace!!!


What are we going to need for Yarn Tassel Necklace:
– Colored Bead
Metal Large Chain Connector
Silver Plated Chain
– Yarn Scraps
– Jump Rings
– Headpin
– Plier Set


Step 1: Let’s start by creating our pendant. Use a pin and a jump ring to connect the colored bead with the large normal link.


Step 2: Cut a large piece of the silver chain. Use a second jump ring to connect the pendant with the chain.


Step 3: Since the necklace is long, there is no need to use a lobster, but close the two edges with jump ring. The main necklace is ready. Let’s use the yarn scraps now.


Step 4: Use a large piece of the yarn. pass it from a jump ring which is connected to the free side of the link and make a simple knot. Cut the remaining yarn pieces and your tassel is ready!


Step 5: I love to have small details on my jewelry, so a tiny turquoise sparkle on the chain will make it even more cute. Just use a small scrap from the yarn and make a simple knot on the chain! Your necklace is ready! Full of minimal but full of colors and just great to enjoy it with monochrome style or a more Summer one!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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DIY Multi Strand Chain Summer Bracelet!!!


Isn’t it really annoying to create jewels and to always have these small chain scraps that are not able to use them in any other project? I have to admit that I have a small collection of such scraps and I just find a way to use them again for a bracelet! Let’s create it together!


Materials for Multi Strand Chain Bracelet:
Chain ( I have used three different types of chains)
– Jump Rings
Gold Toggle Clasp
– Head Pin
– Millefiori Bead
– Plier Set


Step 1: First choose what chains are you going to use. I have used a gold plated chain, a turquoise and gold chain and a handmade beaded chain. Cut three pieces (one from each) in the same length.


Use a jump ring in each end of every chain and connect them to a larger jump ring.


Step 2: Finish the bracelet by using your favorite type of lobster (I have use a gold plated toggle clasp). The main body of your jewel is ready. You can enjoy it as it or add a small beautiful detail!


Step 3: This is mandatory, but it will make your bracelet unique. Just use a Millefiori bead, pass it in the head pin and create a loop. Connect it with a jump ring with one of your chains!


IMG_3991Ready and full of blue! Summer is almost here!!!

Happy Crafting!

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Nice Jewelry with Czech Glass Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hi, our fantastic Pandahall customers, how is everything going with you guys? You know that it is time for our Pandahall customers show. Do you know anything about Czech glass beads? You can pay more attention on today’s Pandahall post if you cannot figure them out. Hope you will also like the jewelry.
cezch glass beads

Love them? You can check more colors from
Chandelier earrings
Chandelier earrings
Designer: Jana
Look at this pair of chandelier earrings, which are made by chandelier component, and glass beads dangles. So we have to prepare several dangles then add them to the pattern. Simple to finish, right? Just make a plan and try it.
Beaded jewelry set
Beaded jewelry set
Designer: Prathima
We can see that the necklace and earrings are mainly made by Czech glass beads, acrylic beads and Tibetan style beads, simple yet creative, right? So the combination of different kinds of beads is always a good way to design jewelry. Of course, you can add other colored beads into the jewelry set making.
Wide beads bracelet
Wide beads bracelet
Designer: Елена
Amazing design with this wide bracelet, do you like it? I cannot figure out how to make this bracelet from the picture. Please share us the tutorial if you can do it like this. Thanks so much!
Cluster dangle earrings
Cluster dangle earrings
Designer: Julija
You should know how to make this pair of cluster earrings if you are a jewelry fan. We have to prepare some glass beaded dangles firstly, then hang them onto a piece of chain. Blue and crystal beads are combined to design the earrings. Which color of bead do you like best?
Anyway, Czech glass beads are widely used in jewelry making, so just collect them and you can add them in your crafts making. Thanks for our Pandahall customer’s sharing and I will show you more beautiful jewelry. Let’s expect next time show, see you!

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Fantastic Jewelry Should be Collected Made by Jade Beads

Hey, friends. How are you? It is time to share you some great designed jewelry. Are you expecting that? Next, I am going to show you a collect of fantastic jewelry made by jade beads. Let’s just start soon if you are interested in today’s post.
jade beads
You can see more colors of the jade beads from Jades beads jewelry set
Jades beads jewelry set
Designer: SANDRA
The cool heart beaded pendant can always attract our attention. Do you agree me? Heart dangle earrings and simple bracelet all look good. Imagine that a girl wears them in public, and it is amazing! Do you want to own them?
Yellow bracelet
Yellow bracelet
Designer: SANDRA
Yellow bracelet, you can match it with your bright clothes. Suitable accessory for summer, do you want to have a nice try? So you have to prepare the jewelry making supplies then you can start your works.
Dangle earrings
Dangle earrings
Designer: Izabela
Animal dangle earrings with beads, interesting design. So do you also like them? The golden fish pendants make this pair of earrings look funny. You can try to add the pendants into other kinds of jewelry making. Anyway, special designs are always popular.
Red beaded bracelet
Red beaded bracelet
Designer: Karina
Two beaded strands bracelet, look beautiful. Then we need to add a brass pendant into this bracelet making. Hope this great bracelet design can bring you any inspiration. So do you have any better ideas about jewelry making?
I am sorry that I just can share you four pieces of nice jewelry, and you can check our Pandahall customer show to enjoy more wonderful crafts. See you next time!

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