PandaHall Jewelry Tutorial on Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set

Hello, guys, today we bring you a beading tutorial. Mainly to show you some beading skills. We made a pearl necklace, and if you want, you can use the same method to make a pair of earrings to match the necklace. It takes patience to complete this jewelry set, hope you can try it.

Materials needed:
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads (13)
4mm white glass Pearl Beads (179)
3mm golden Iron Spacer Beads (86)
Golden Earring Hooks (2)
0.2mm Clear Nylon Wire
Golden Claw Clasp (1)
Jewelry Pliers Set
Jump Rings (4)

The tutorial:
String a golden bead, a pearl (4mm), a golden bead, a pearl(4mm) onto the nylon thread.
Thread through these beads except the last pearl and tighten. Make knots to fix the beads.
The first basic pattern is finished by now.
Repeat beading to make basic pattern.
Add 2 pearls(4mm) and 1 golden bead, the golden bead in the middle.
Thread through the golden bead at the right, and tighten. String these beads back and forth to fix the beads.
Stop beading until there are 26 pearls on the wire.

Thread through the golden bead as picture shows.
Add 8 pearls(4mm) and 3 golden beads as shown.
Thread through the right golden bead to form a circle. Thread through the 2 pearls and the golden bead that we just added.
String a 8mm pearl, put it in the bead circle.
Thread through the golden bead on the other side, tighten the thread.
Thread through the middle 8mm pearl.
Thread through the golden bead and the next pearl.
Thread through the golden bead at the right and the pearl, we made beads into flower pattern.
String 2 pearls(4mm) and 1 golden bead to the thread, the golden bead in the middle.
Thread through the right golden bead.

Thread through the upper pearl(4mm) and the right golden bead, we made a basic pattern.
Repeat previous steps to make flower pattern and the linking bead parts.
String 7 pearls(4mm) and 3 golden beads to form a circle.
Thread through these beads back and forth to fix the beads.

Add 1 pearl(8mm), thread through the surrounding beads to fix the pattern.
We move the thread to the upper golden bead’s position.
Add 1 pearl(4mm), 1 golden bead, 1 pearl(4mm).
Thread through the upper golden bead, the upper pearl bead and the right golden bead in order.
Repeat previous steps, continue adding beads to make flower pattern, basic pattern and fix the beads.

According to your own needs, you can also adjust the length of the necklace by adding more beads.
Use jewelry pliers to pull open jump rings. Thread through the golden beads at the end to add jump rings. Add 1 jump ring and 1 clasp to one end, and 1 jump ring to the other end.
Through the same beading method, you can DIY a pair of earrings to match your necklace.
So we finished this “V” pearl beaded necklace.

How do you think of this necklace? If you are interested in other crafts ideas, welcome to visit Inspiration Projects at, or you have any creative ideas, welcome to comment too. Have a nice day!

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Shining Jewelry Crafts Made by Cat Eye Beads from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, dear readers! Nice to see you again! Do you love those bling jewelry crafts? Today I bring some shining jewelry crafts made by cat eye beads from our Pandahall customers with you guys. You know, cat eye beads belong to glass beads, but they are so sparkling, just like cat’s eyes, that many jewelry designers like use them to make jewelry.
cat eye beads
See these cat eye beads, so cute, and I hope you will love them and the next jewelry crafts.
Beading Jewelry Set
Beading Jewelry Set
Designer: Yulia
Love this beading jewelry set? Blue cat eye beads and Tibetan style bead caps match really, and the color brings a feeling of sea and sunshine. How do you think of them?
DIY Bookmark
DIY Bookmark
Designer: Irina
Do you like bookmarks? You may have paper bookmarks, but you may have no such a handmade Tibetan style bookmark. Expect cat eye beads, there are 2 red glass beads and a butterfly pendant, and I will try to make one myself. Do you wanna join me?
Yellow Beading Bracelet
Yellow Beading Bracelet
Designer: Andrea
Wow, I love the yellow cat eye beads so much! The yellow beads are so shining and fresh, and you can also make bracelet like these 3 bracelets, adding silver spacer beads, seed beads or flower beads. Though simple, but you had to say they are so pretty, right?
Braided Necklaces with Beads
Braided Necklaces with Beads
Designer: Calliope
These thread braided Necklaces are easy to make, and all the supplies are easy to found on Pandahall. You can make 2 like this picture shows, then send one to your friend, and I think he/she will be surprised by your heart.
Among these jewelry crafts, which one do you like a little more? I think cat eye beads are so nice that any crafts will be delicate with them. So if you also love, just try to make yourself!

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Stunning Glass Pearl Beads Jewelry Made from Pandahall Customers

Hi, Pandahall Friend! Happy to see you again~ How is everything going? Here I will bring some Stunning jewelry made by glass pearl beads from our Pandahall customer to you all. You know, pearl beads are always elegant and nobble, so if you are interested in pearl beads jewelry, then you can follow my introduction to see more jewelry crafts. And you can also make your own accessories then. Just follow me~
glass pearl beads
Wow, How nice the glass pearl beads are, and do you love them?
Pearl Beads Necklace
Pearl Beads Necklace
Designer: Daisy
See this pearl beads necklace, it is really simple in design, yes? Daisy just mixes up glass pearl beads in different colors and few rhinestone beads, and then such an easy yet elegant necklace is made. If you are a green hand, then this one is quite suitable to have a try.
Braided Pearl Bracelet
Braided Pearl Bracelet
Designer: yeong hee
Hey, dear friend, do you like this one? I love this braided pearl bracelet so much the first sight I met it! With seed beads and glass pearl beads, you can DIY such a braided bracelet as well. I will try to make this one later, and I will wear on it in the coming summer. I think it will be cool~
Wire Wrapping Necklace
Wire Wrapping Necklace
Designer: lydie
This wire wrapping necklace is also easy to make and I love the highlight – the butterfly. The designer is good at matching color. As you can see, the main colors are blue and white, including the butterfly, which make this wire wrapping necklace a little cool and pretty.
Beading Jewelry Set
Beading Jewelry Set
Designer: Надежда
Besides glass pearl beads, this beading jewelry set also use glass beads and Tibetan style pendants, the snowflake charms. Do you wanna own such jewelry set? For me, I will DIY them myself, I think it won’t be difficult, and do you want to join us?
Well, you maybe wanna view many more jewelry crafts from here, but time is limited, and I will share more next time, you can also focus on our Pandahall. Having a good day!

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