How to Make a Boho Chic Pom Pom and Tassels Necklace

Tassels and pom poms are everywhere right now and the boho vibe is still strong. Here’s how you can make a cute boho chic pendant necklace using pom poms and tassels.


Jewelry making supplies needed:
-leather suede cord
-yarn pom pom
-2 small tassels
-1 flat round Chandelier Component
-3 teardrop beads
-3 small beads
-3 headpins and 1 eyepin
-3 jumprings


First off, take the eyepin and slide it through the pom pom. Make sure to find the center of the pom pom. Make a loop with your pliers to the other side of the eyepin to secure.

κολιε βοηο

Open one side of the eyepin and connect the pom pom at the top of the chandelier component.


Next slide in each one of the headpins the small beads first and the drop beads next and make a loop at the end to secure.


Attach all three teardrops at the bottom of the connector leaving two spaces between.


Now use jumprings to attach the tassels in the remaining spaces.  Finally, attach your new pendant to the suede cord and your boho chic pom pom and tassels necklace is ready to wear!


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Simple yet Adorable Accessories Made by Emilie Brink Larsen

Hello everyone! The day before yesterday I’ve shared you some gorgeous DIY accessories made by Susan Gammons, do you like them? Today I’m going to share you five simple yet beautiful accessories designed by Emilie Brink Larsen, hope you like them!

Simple yet Adorable Accessories Made by Emilie Brink Larsen

Labradorite Bead Drop Earrings

Labradorite Bead Drop Earrings

Main materials: earring hooks, Tibetan style flower links, natural labradorite beads, headpins.
Simple and small drop earrings are great for matching any kinds of outfits. They can make you more charming while keep themselves low-key. And that may be the reason why Princess Kate loves such kind of earrings.

Simple beaded pendant necklaces

simple beaded pendant necklaces

Main materials: brass ball chains, black and dark purple polymer clay rhinestone beads, clear faceted glass beads, jump rings.
Obviously, these beaded pendant necklaces could be one of the simplest DIY necklaces. However, they are still beautiful. Those polymer clay rhinestone beads are really amazing.

Black glass bead bracelet

black glass bead bracelet

Main materials: black glass beads, silver tube beads.
Glass bead bracelets are quite normal, and I believe every jewelry maker has made such kind of bracelets before. However, this one is a creative one. An ordinary beaded bracelet decorated with a beautiful silver tube bead, then it becomes outstanding. It could be a good inspiration for our own DIYs.

Pyrite bead bracelet

Pyrite Bead Bracelet

Main materials: natural pyrite beads, silver seed beads, black thread.
This bracelet is similar to the previous one in design. The main difference lies between the materials used. And obviously, the highlight of this bracelet is the cool geometric bead.

Simple DIY ring

simple DIY ring

Main materials: adjustable ring base, cabochon.
A simple ring, composed of silver ring base and resin cabochon. Even a green hand can finish it with two minutes. If you like it, just make one!

As you can see, all Emilie’s designs are very simple, but they are very cute as well. When I opened Emilie’s page, wow, it’s really a feast to my eyes! There are so many lovely DIY accessories, and the page looks so nice. If you wanna have a visit, click here.

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Chic Pendant Necklaces Designed by Ginalicious Trouve

Hello guys! Do you like pendant necklaces? Today I’m gonna share you some simple but very beautiful pendant necklaces made by our brilliant customer Ginalicious Trouve. All Ginalicious’s designs are very simple, which makes those necklaces are great for our daily wearing. I bet you guys will like them just as I do. So now, let’s have a look together.

Beaded pendant necklaces

beaded pendant necklaces

The first two are made with hematite beads, the third one is made with seed beads, and the last one is handmade porcelain beads. They are very simple to make. All you need to do is to gather the materials and link them together. Even a green hand jewelry maker can do it within few minutes.

Crystal suncatcher pendant necklacescrystal suncatcher pendant necklaces

Wow! I love these crystal suncatcher pendants, they are so cool! And the silver bead cones are very cool either! Once they are combined together, it makes the pendants exotic and fascinating.

Glass pendant necklaces

glass pendant necklaces

Among all those six colors, which one is your favorite? Well, my favorite color is blue, but when it comes to these lovely drop pendant necklaces, I’m not only interested in the blue ones, I love them all! I just can’t resist the temptation of those cute accessories.

Heart pendant necklaces

heart pendant necklaces

They are soooo adorable! Look at those shining transparent heart pendants, they are so cute! I think no girl can resist these cute necklaces.

Vintage pendant necklaces

vintage pendant necklaces

Of course, the most eye-catching components of these vintage pendant necklaces are the well-designed locket pendants. The pierced pattern is very delicate and locket pendant itself can be opened so that you can put a picture in it. I think those lovely pendants are similar to pocket watches, but the former are much girly.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other simple yet chic pendant necklaces on Ginalicious’s page. And not only necklaces, Ginalicious’s other accessories are very simple in design either. If you want to see more, or learn how to make those lovely accessories, leave a message to Ginalicious!

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How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces

It’s such a commonplace for girls to wear pendant necklaces that you can see many different kinds of pendant necklaces on the street every day. Then have you ever thought of making a unique one for yourself? Today this tutorial will show you how to make a pair of kaleidoscopic clay pendant necklaces. Enjoy it!

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 1

When I first saw them, I was astonished by their random patterns and mixed colors. They are stunning and the design is so impressive! Are you attracted by them as well? Ok, let’s see how to make them together!

Materials needed for making the clay pendant necklaces:
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutter pliers
4mm and 6mm silver jump rings
Seed beads
Shimmer eyeshadow
Glass rhinestone cabochons
Polymer clay
4mm emerald rhinestone cup chain
Silver chain with a clasp

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 2

How to make the beaded pendant necklaces:
Step 1: Use the clay to make a thick teardrop pendant. Clip off a small section of rhinestone cup chain, and press it firmly into the clay.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 3

Step 2: Clip off another piece of rhinestone cup chain, and press it firmly at the top of the clay. Then press in three jump rings and decorate them with seed beads and rhinestone cabochons.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 4

Step 3: Once finished decorating the clay with beads, trim the outside of it with the rhinestone cup chain again. You can trim the bottom with rhinestones and the top with seed beads. Make sure everything is firmly embedded.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 5

Step 4: Use a sewing needle to make a hole through the clay pendant, and make some dot decorations on the surface of the clay with the needle as well. Then dust the pendant with eyeshadow. It will make the clay super shiny! Bake the clay at 120 degrees for 30 minutes (it depends on the thickness of the clay, you can check periodically while baking), make sure it hardens up. After baking, attach an eye pin to the pendant and make a top loop, then finish the necklace by adding the pendant to the sliver chain.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 6

Step 5: Repeat to make another clay pendant necklace.

Here goes the final look:

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 7

Terrific! These shimmering DIY pendant necklaces are fantastic for summer. If you are going to make one, you can customize every pattern to suit your own tastes. Be creative and enjoy your craft!

Tutorial source: kaleidoscope clay pendants +diy

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