Cool Jewelry with Resin Beads Designed by Pandahall Customers

Hi, guys. It is great to see you again. You should know that it is time for our Pandahall customers show. So are you waiting for today’s post? Next, I am going to show you a collection of jewelry made by resin beads. Then you will know more about resin beads. Let’s start it now.
Cool cube beads, like them?
Resin beads bracelet
Resin beads bracelet
Designer: Wai Yee
Simple project, I believe that everyone who is willing to try can finish it. Look at the beads, we can see different colors from any bead. Special, right? You can add the beads in your crafts making if you like colorful things.
Glass bottole earrings
Glass bottle earrings
Designer: Tiphanie
We have to put the beads into the glass bottle then add other earring supplies. You can see that the shape of the earring look like an angle, do you agree me? Dangle earrings can show your different charm, have a nice try!
Rainbow beaded necklace
Rainbow beaded necklace
Designer: Marta
Bright colored necklace can always attract so many people. We need to make some beaded dangles firstly then attach them with the basic pattern. Imagine that match it with a love skirt, perfect, right?
Cube dangle earrings
Cube dangle earrings
Designer: Raluca
Look at this pair of black and white stripe dangle earrings, so cool! Cool things can bring us more confidence. If you want to own the earrings then just prepare the making supplies. You will feel be satisfied when you wear the jewelry made by yourself.
Now, we have enjoyed four pieces of jewelry. Do you like resin beads? How about resin beaded jewelry? If you do, then do not hesitate to try to make something. Waiting for your great works!

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Easy Handmade Elegant Beaded Necklace Designs

Hello, friends! How is everything going? It is time for me to bring a jewelry making tutorial with you all. Today, I will show a beading necklace to you. This is a quite easy beaded necklace that even green hand can make it quickly. Are you expecting it? Just follow me!
Easy Handmade Elegant Beaded Necklace Design
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making this elegant beaded necklace:
Blue cat eye beads
White glass pearls beads
Small rounded silver beads
Jewelry wire
Crimp beads
Jewelry clasps

Instructions in making the handmade beaded necklace:

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of jewelry wires (with length about 80cm for each one), add a silver bead to the wires and then add 2 blue cat eye beads to one wire while add a glass pearl bead to the other wire. Please arrange the beads as pictured below. Then add a silver bead to the wires.

Step 2: Thread a pearl bead and 2 cat eye beads to the wires alternatively, and then add a silver bead to the wires again. Repeat to make other more bead patterns until reach the ends of the wires.

Step 3: Add a crimp bead to one end while add a jewelry clasp to the other end of the wires and then this beading necklace is finished quickly.
Easy Handmade Elegant Beaded Necklace Design1
Easy Handmade Elegant Beaded Necklace Design2
How do you think this elegant beaded necklace? I love the blue cat eye beads and the white pearl beads so much, they are quite cute. You can shorten the gaps between each bead then the beads will not be messed. Try to make the elegant beaded necklace now.

Tutorial from our co-blogger ANITHA:

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Chain Necklace Making with Stones and Brass Tubes

Hello, guys. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for all your support for Pandahall, hope everything is going well with you. Today, I am going to show you a simple project on how to make a pendant necklace with stones and brass tubes, special design, right? You will know that how beautiful it is after seeing this post.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes1
Jewelry making supplies for stones chain necklace making:
Oval jasper stones
Brass tubes
Eyepins with different lengths
Jewelry pliers
Step 1: make the pendant of the chain necklace
Firstly, take out three eyepins and three jasper stones. Then slide them onto the eyepin respectively. And make a simple loop at the other end.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes2
Secondly, slide two brass tubes onto two long eyepins and make loops. Then connect one stone beaded dangle with them. You can add a jump ring or connect them directly with opening the loop. Here, the opening of the loop is chosen.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes3
Thirdly, continue to add another two stones then you can get this pattern like below photo.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes4
Fourthly, take out a bigger brass tube and slide two eyepins. Keep the direction of the two loops is opposite.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes5
Step 2: finish this chain pendant necklace making
Firstly, attach the third brass tube to the pendant pattern through opening the jump ring and fix them.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes6
Secondly, cut off a piece of chain with suitable length according to your neck. Then connect it with this pendant.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes7
Now, this pendant chain necklace has been finished!
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes8
Now, can you finish this pendant necklace by yourself? It is a really cool necklace, right? It should be a great idea that changing the color of the stone beads. Then feel free to share your works with us. See you next time!

Tutorial  source:

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Elegant and Colorful Pearl Necklace

Today we are making an elegant necklace with pearls and beautiful colors that reminds us summer is near! If you want a necklace you can wear everyday and add a touch of color to any outfit, this colorful classy necklace is for you!



-dainty sterling silver chain

-sterling silver lobster clasp

-pearl beads

-turquoise beads

-jewelry making wire

-crimp beads

-semi-precious tear-drop beads


First using a crimp bead, attach one end of the chain to a piece of jewelry wire like this.


Now start threading your beads to the jewelry wire creating this pattern.


Secure the wire but don’t forget to attach it to the other end of the chain using another crimp bead.


Measure the necklace and cut off any excess chain. Finally attach the lobster clasp.


Enjoy your new necklace and be happy!


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Pretty Necklace Designs from Pandahall Customers

Hello, dear friends. Happy Monday. Do you want to try any great necklace making? If yes, you should pay much attention on today’s post. I am going to show you four special necklaces in design then just prepared the jewelry making supplies and have a nice try!
Beads pendant necklace
Beads pendant necklace
Designer: Надежда Жмакина
Materials: glass beads, headpins, Tibetan style bead caps
We have to slide a glass bead, a bead cap onto a headpin and make a simple loop at the other end. Then prepare the bead dangles with the same steps. Finally, add the bead dangles to the chain and you will know how easy it is to finish this pendant necklace.
Golden Chain and Beads Necklace
Golden chain and beads necklace
Designer: irina scherer
Materials: resin beads, glass beads strands, aluminum wire, jewelry wire, Tibetan style pendants, brass twisted chain, eyepins
You can wear this necklace in summer and match it with your skirts. All informal dress can be matched with it. Do you agree me? How do you think of changing into another color? Maybe blue is great if you like.
Green Peace Necklace
Green peace necklace
Designer: Thitar Aung
Materials: glass beads, plastic beads, tiger tail
This designer is awesome and she should spend much time to make this green necklace. But it is obvious that it deserves her time, the necklace is amazing! Please just be patient if you plan to make one like it. Waiting for your works.
Vintage Beaded Necklace
Vintage beaded necklace
Designer: Марина Кириченко
Materials: jade beads, bead caps, spacer beads, lobster claw clasp
Vintage crafts are always popular among jewelry makers, how about you? Look at this necklace, many beads are added in this necklace making. If you wanna more colorful jewelry, you can add other colored beads.
Now, have you decided to make a special necklace like them? Please kindly let us share your joy after you finished them. See you next time~

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