A Collection of Chic Dangle Earrings Made by Pandahall Customers

Hello, friends. Have a nice day! Do you love dangle earrings designs? Check today’s Pandahall post if you are searching for any pretty dangle earrings pattern. Now, I am going to share you a collection of chic dangle earrings designed by Pandahall customers. Hope you will fall in love with them.
Red Cabochon Dangle Earrings
Red Cabochon Dangle Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: red cabochon, faceted flat round glass beads strands, metal alloy link, faceted transparent glass beads, eyepins
Very exquisite design, right? You can also change the red cabochon into blue, green or other color you like and it may bring us different feelings. This style is not so causal and we can attend the formal occasions with them. Do you agree me?
Lampwork Bead Dangle Earrings
Lampwork Bead Dangle Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: Lampwork beads, glass beads, earring hoooks
Look at the special lampwork beads, I think some of you may have seen this kind of little bugs with these similar spots. Simple design yet so adorable, do you like them? Many lampwork beads are interesting and they are good supplies to make jewelry or crafts for kids.
Gemstone Bead Chain Earrings
Gemstone Bead Chain Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: gemstone beads, cross chain, earring hooks
The cool gemstone beads attract me most at the first sight, do you have the same feelings? We all know that how to make this pair of chain dangle earrings after seeing this picture. So when are you planning to make one pair for yourself?
Cute Dangle Earrings
Cute Dangle Earrings
Designer: Kateryna Pryidan
Materials: lampwork beads, bead caps, earring hoops, eyepins
Cute earring design, cute beads, I believe that wearing this pair of earrings can make you look younger. Do you want to have a try? Just prepare the materials and tools then you can start your crafts.
Have you noticed that the first three pairs of earrings are made by one person Evgeniy Slomintsev? And you can know that there are so much beautiful jewelry is designed by her if you check here. Amazing, right? See you next week!

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Cool and Pretty Earrings Designs Made by Pandahall Customers

Hi, friends. Happy Wednesday! Do you want to make new earrings for yourself in this summer? If yes, then you cannot miss today’s Pandahall post on cool and pretty earrings designs made by our Pandahall customers. You can select one of them you prefer after seeing this post and have a nice try. Let’s enjoy them soon.
Bird Drop Bead Earrings
Bird Drop Bead Earrings
Designer: Stefanie Bollenhagen
Materials: lampwok beads, glass beads, glass seed beads, brass links, jump rings, eyepins, headpins, earring hooks
The bird brass link can attract our attention at the first sight and this design is really so cool. Do you agree me? You can see this pair of dangle earrings and you just have to attach them together in order, easier than you imagine.
Dream Catcher Drop Bead Earrings
Dream Catcher Drop Bead Earrings
Designer: Melissa Harrison
Materials: turquoise beads, Tibetan style pendant, hoop earrings, twisted chain, jump rings, steel memory wire
Look at this pair of catcher earrings, can you figure out how to twist the wires around the hoop? Actually, there is no specific rule about the wire wrapping techniques. So you just need to do it as you like. Hope this special design can bring you much inspiration.
flower earrings
Flower Dangle Earrings
Designer: Alona Skrypnyk
Materials: faceted glass beads, resin beads, glass seed beads, leaf acrylic pendants, glass cabochons, Tibetan style bead caps
Simple flower earrings design, fresh color is suitable for this summer. You can also change the color of the flower and dangle glass bead. How about blue ones? You can design a pair of earrings for your friends and I believe she will like them.
turquoise beads earrings
Turquoise Beads Earrings
Designer: Allison Cooling
Materials: faceted glass beads, turquoise beads, brass cross chain, Hematite beads
Could you know how to make them with seeing this picture? If yes, you can share your ideas about the tutorial by leaving a comment to help other jewelry making fans. Just make a plan and make them for yourself, then share with us.
I have shown you four pairs of earrings, which style do you like best? They may bring you any other jewelry making ideas, and do not forget to share with us. Hope you also love them. See you next time!

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A Collection of Nice Hoop Earrings Made by Pandahall Customers

Hello, guys. Happy Sunday! Hope you are spending an unforgettable weekend. It is time for our Pandahall customer show time. You know that we always share you so many pieces of jewelry designed by our customers and today I am going to show you a collection of hoop earrings. Do you have any interest about them? Hope you will love them after seeing this post.
Wire earrings
Wire earrings
Designer: Claudia Wesch
Materials: jewelry wire, aluminum wire, glass beads
I think we have to prepare the jewelry pliers to twist the wire. Wire wrapped jewelry can usually attract people’s attention as this pair of wire wrapped earrings does. The skills of twisting wire we should practice much then we can finish them quickly.
Beaded hoop earrings
Beaded hoop earrings
Designer: Jill Rademacher
Materials: glass pearl beads, spacer beads
Look at this pair of hoop earrings, do you want to try wearing them? Actually, they are simple to finish and you just need to slide the beads onto the hoop. Then they are mostly finished. So easy crafts, right?
Chic hoop earrings
Chic hoop earrings
Materials: jewelry wire, aluminum wire, glass beads, jade beads, resin beads
A little complicated from this picture, and the preparation of the beaded pattern looks hard. Do you know how to make them? Please just share your ideas about this chic hoop earrings making.
Glass earrings
Glass earrings
Designer: Jill Rademacher
Materials: glass beads, earring hoop
Simple yet beautiful earrings, each girl should own one pair. You will feel much pleasure from the process of jewelry making. Trust me, you will never regret starting your crafts making steps then.
We have enjoyed four pairs of hoop earrings, and I believe that you have found your favorite one. Then just let them become yours. Expecting to see your great works. See you!

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DIY Boho Beaded Loop Earrings!

diy loop beaded earrins

I love colors and beads and boho style and loop earrings! What about you? Let’s create together a gorgeous pair of loop earrings in bohemian style in less than 10 minutes!!!!


Materials for Boho Beaded Loop Earrings:
Loop Earrings (I have use Loops in Antique Bronze color)
– Fabric or Ribbon scraps
– White Volcanic Lava Beads 
– Dusty Pink Eye of the Cat Beads
– Head pins
– Jump Rings
– Scissor
– Plier Set


Step 1: These is a really easy diy and it will take less than 10 minutes. Start by creating the bead part of the earrings. Pass the beads in the order you like in a headpin and create with the plier a loop at the end.


Use a jump ring to connect it with the hoop earrings.


Step 2: Cut small pieces of the fabric or ribbon you like


and create two simple knots on the earrings.

IMG_3967Earrings are ready and full of colors! Enjoy them!

Happy Crafting!!!

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Ethnic Bold Tassel Earrings DIY

I wanted to make a bold pair of statement earrings and this is what I came up with! Ethnic, boho chic and bold earrings you can make too!

ethnic earrings1edited

Materials :
-dainty gold chain
-2 evil eye connector charms
-2 tassels
-2 eyepins
-small white beads
-metallic gold beads
earring hooks
-4 jumprings


First slide the beads and the evil eye charm in the middle (using a jumpring) to the eyepin like this :


First slide the beads and the evil eye charm in the middle (using a jumpring) to the eyepin like this :


Take a piece of dainty chain and attach it to each end of the eyepin forming a triangle.


Attach the earring hook in the upper middle side of the chain like this.


Repeat for the other earring and your ethnic bold statement pair of earrings is ready to wear!

greek chic ethnic earringsedited

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