DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 1

Hello lovely readers! Happy Saturday! As usual, today I’m going to share you a jewelry making tutorial. Yes, just as you can see from the image, today we’re going to make these gorgeous chandelier earrings! Like them? Let’s see how to make them!

To get start, you’ll need:
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Eye pins
Gold chain
Faceted gold hematite beads
4mm faceted turquoise beads
6mm bicone crystal beads
Gold jump rings

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 2

Step 1: Thread three gold hematite beads onto an eye pin, make a loop at the beads end and cut off the extra wire. Repeat to make six hematite bead links.

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 3

Step 2: Alternatively thread four turquoise beads and three hematite bead links onto an eye pin. Then connect the other ends of those three bead links with a jump ring. Make one crystal bead link and two turquoise bead links with headpin and one turquoise bead link with eye pin, add them to the main pattern as picture shows.

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 4

Step 3: Add one jump ring to each end of the main eye pin, and then attach a 2’’ gold chain to the jump rings. At last, add the earring hook at the middle of the chain. And repeat to make another earring.

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 5


DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 6

DIY Chic Chandelier Earrings within 20 Minutes 7

These earrings are really gorgeous right? If you are a jewelry maker, no matter an expert or a green hand, I think you should never miss these fabulous earrings! If you like them, try to make them!

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Lovely Accessories Designed by Elena Bufalino

Hello there! As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our customers’ handmade accessories. As you can see from the title, what I’ll show you are designed by Elena Bufalino. When I first saw Elena’s page, I was surprised! There are so many lovely crafts on her page! I’ve picked five of them to share you here, hope you guys like them.

Simple wire hairpins

simple wire hairpin

Materials: colored aluminum wire
Don’t you think they are cute? Their candy colors are so lovely and they could be very useful! However, if you are a girl with thick hair like me, it would be better to replace the aluminum wires with copper wires or stainless steel wires, because aluminum wires are so soft that they are easily to be twisted.

Chandelier earrings

chandelier earrings

Materials: Tibetan style links, orange Czech glass beads, orange drop glass beads, gemstones, earring hooks
These chandelier earrings are both vintage and stylish, they could well match your daily outfits. But those gemstones and glass beads make the earrings heavy, which will make your ears tired if you wear them all day.

Dangle earrings

dangle earrings

Materials: red glass beads, flower spacer beads, stardust beads, crimp beads, handmade heart beads, earring hooks
Adorable dangle earrings! The handmade hearts are so cute! These earrings could be great for happy holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year.

Elegant statement necklace

elegant statement necklace

Materials: black gemstones, cross chains
Do you like this vintage statement necklace? It’s so graceful that always makes me think of British noble ladies, like Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey. I do love this necklace!

Three-strand pearl necklace

three strand pearl necklace

Materials: dark colored pearl beads, shell cabochon
Pearl necklace is elegant enough, once decorated with a delicate shell flower cabochon, wow, they are gorgeous! If you are a graceful lady, you shall try this necklace.

So, after appreciating all those five accessories, do you like them? If you want to learn more about Elena Bufalino, visit her page here.

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Vintage Chandelier Earrings Made by Our Customers

Hello there! Last Sunday we’ve shared many beautiful vintage necklaces designed by our customers, do you like them? I have to say our customers are so creative and their designs are really great! I’m a fan of vintage jewelry, so after viewing all that lovely necklaces, I’ve collected more vintage accessories made by our customers, and now I’d like to share you some vintage chandelier earrings, I bet you’ll like them!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 1

The first one is my favorite one! Designed by Julie Kirichenko, made with stardust beads, zinc alloy links, and iron cross chain. These chandelier earrings look really elegant, right? I love that shimmering stardust beads, they are eye-catching, and low-key at the same time, that’s really amazing!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 2

Designed by Line Hogden, made with steelblue pearl beads, chandelier component links, and chains. There is no doubt that pearl accessories are timeless, and they’ve always been regarded as symbols of elegance and nobility. These steelblue pearls are not only elegant, but also unique. Every girl who likes wearing earrings should have a pair of earrings like these!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 3

Wow! A pair of mysterious black beaded chandelier earrings, do you like them? They are designed by Jill McFee, and the materials needed are alloy cabochon connector settings and two different kinds of glass beads. It’s not so difficult to make them, if you like them, just have a try!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 4

Bright colored chandelier earrings, designed by Marilii. I like the flower cabochons and the lovely Tibetan style butterfly pendants, they are so cute! I bet many enthusiastic young ladies will love these earrings.

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 5

The last pair is designed by Anne Plettenberg. The combination of Tibetan style connectors and acrylic rhinestone cabochons is really impressive. I always think Tibetan style findings can only be used together with something antique, but now I find it could also make great works together with modern style shining rhinestones, that’s magic!

If you wanna see more vintage jewelry, or inspiring accessories made by our brilliant customers, please focus on our Customers Beadwork Show board. Or if you have any works to share, welcome!

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4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings

Hello there! Fresh jewelry making tutorial is coming! Today I’d to share you a pair of turquoise beaded chandelier earrings.

4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 1

Don’t you think they are stunning? Mixed with blue and beige beads, vantage cooper, and golden chain, these cute chandelier earrings make a typical bohemian look. Wanna know how to make them? Let’s see it together!

Jewelry making supplies needed for those boho chandelier earrings:
4mm turquoise glass beads strand
8mm mixed color gemstones
Golden jewelry wire
Copper jewelry wire
Nailpolish bottle for wrapping wires
Earring hooks
Golden chains

4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 2

How to make the beaded chandelier earrings:

Step 1: Cut a section of cooper wire and wrap it several times around the nailpolish bottle. Once well shaped, take the coils off and cut through them at the top. Then with two of the coils, make loops at their raw edges like pictures.

4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 3

Step 2: Hammer the coils to make them look antique and bohemian. Then use the eyepins and turquoise beads to create two beaded links. Attach the beaded links to the loop and connect them with a jumpring, then add the earring hook.

4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 4

Step 3: Cut about one foot of golden jewelry wire. Tightly wrap it to the bottom of the loop, wrap 2 or 3 times and add one bead. Repeat it to add all the six turquoise beads and three beige beads separately. And cut off extra wire at last.

4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 5

Step 4: Take a piece of golden chain and attach it to the loop with jumprings. Then add a shorter chain to the top jumpring, and add a turquoise charm at its end.

4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 6


4 Steps to Make Super Cute Turquoise Chandelier Earrings 7

These chain chandelier earrings are super cute and quite easy to make right? If you are going to DIY them, there are many changes you can make. The color of the beads, the shape of the loops, they all depend on you own preference. If you are a creative jewelry maker, you can definitely create fabulous earrings like these!

PS: These fantastic chandelier earrings are designed by our friend Allison, you can find more tutorials on her blog quietlioncreations.

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