How to Make Simple Beaded Bracelet

Today’s topic is delicate beaded bracelets. The bracelet I’m gonna show you guys is easy to make. After mastering the beading skills, you can choose your favorite colors and beads you like to make different bracelets.

Materials Needed:
2x2mm Silver Seed Beads
8x6mm LightGrey Glass Beads
3mm White Acrylic Beads
Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps
Silver Iron Jump Rings
0.2mm Clear Nylon Wire
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

String seven seed beads, thread through the last bead to make a bead circle.
String four seed beads, a glass bead and four seed beads, thread through the last seed bead.

String nine seed beads, thread through the glass bead.
String an acrylic bead, thread through the nine seed beads at the left in order.
String an acrylic bead, thread through the five seed beads at the right.

String four seed beads, a glass bead and four seed beads. Thread through the middle seed bead.
Thread through the four seed beads at the top left and the glass bead we just added.
String nine seed beads, thread through the glass bead from above.
Follow the previous steps to add acrylic beads between the seed beads, to make a complete bead circle.

Continue beading, stop when the length is enough.
Use jewelry pliers to pull open jump rings, attach the jump ring and a claw clasp to the bracelet. A charming crystal bracelet is done.

How do you think of this beaded bracelet? Which is perfect for beginners to practice. And it’s easy to customize according to personal style. Have a try! And welcome to share your ideas with us. If you are looking for some jewelry findings, please visit PandaHall.

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PandaHall Tutorial on How to Make a Summer Beaded Bracelet with Glass Beads

Here is a simple beaded bracelet. Wearing a beaded bracelet on your wrist will make you feel cool on the hot summer. There are many beaded bracelets making tutorials on our website, and you can find them at Inspiration Projects. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this bracelet. Hope you like it. In the hot summer, what is better for you than a beaded bracelet? Or if you prefer anklets, you can also diy a simple beaded anklet. In addition, during jewelry making, you can really have much fun.

Materials needed: green glass beads, round silver seed beads, transparent fishing wire, silver jump rings and claw clasps, and the jewelry pliers.

Step 1: string four glass beads and seed beads, separate glass beads and seed beads.
Step 2: thread through the last glass bead to form a circle.
Step 3: as the picture shows, firstly add three seed beads, then thread through the seed bead to form a new circle.

Step 4: string four glass beads and three seed beads onto the wire. Thread through the seed bead. We made two bead circle.
Step 5: string three seed beads, we start adding seed beads to the side part.

Step 6: we finished the basic pattern of this bracelet, then we repeat the beading steps. At last, add a claw clasp and a jump ring to the bracelet.

How do you like beaded bracelets? Do you want to own one? It’s an easy making idea and I’m sure you can finish making in a short time. And there are more crafts ideas in, if you are interested, welcome to visit.

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Beach themed charm bracelet DIY

I love how the charms move when you wear a charm bracelet but for this one I wanted to incorporate beads too. 


Here’s what I’m using :

Aluminium chain
-A few glass beads
-A lobster clasp
-2 metallic beads
Jewelry stringing wire
-crimp beads
Various beach themed charms and beads _DSC0398First choose the charms you want to use and add jumprings to them. If you use any beads add headpins and jumpring._DSC0399Measure your wrist and add a couple of cm to it. Cut a piece of chain approximately half that size and add the lobster clasp._DSC0400edited

Now using crimp beads, attach the chain to a piece of stringing wire.


String the beads and secure using another crimp bead.


Finally attach all the charms on the chain.


So what do you think of my new beach-themed charm bracelet? Would you try to make your own?



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DIY Multi Strand Chain Summer Bracelet!!!


Isn’t it really annoying to create jewels and to always have these small chain scraps that are not able to use them in any other project? I have to admit that I have a small collection of such scraps and I just find a way to use them again for a bracelet! Let’s create it together!


Materials for Multi Strand Chain Bracelet:
Chain ( I have used three different types of chains)
– Jump Rings
Gold Toggle Clasp
– Head Pin
– Millefiori Bead
– Plier Set


Step 1: First choose what chains are you going to use. I have used a gold plated chain, a turquoise and gold chain and a handmade beaded chain. Cut three pieces (one from each) in the same length.


Use a jump ring in each end of every chain and connect them to a larger jump ring.


Step 2: Finish the bracelet by using your favorite type of lobster (I have use a gold plated toggle clasp). The main body of your jewel is ready. You can enjoy it as it or add a small beautiful detail!


Step 3: This is mandatory, but it will make your bracelet unique. Just use a Millefiori bead, pass it in the head pin and create a loop. Connect it with a jump ring with one of your chains!


IMG_3991Ready and full of blue! Summer is almost here!!!

Happy Crafting!

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Nice Bracelets Designed by Pandahall Customer Ana Maria Botero Lopez

Hi, friends. Happy Monday! Time to weekend, so do you have any plans? How do you think of trying any pretty jewelry making? You can pay more attention on today’s Pandahall post if you have any interest. Next, I am going to show you four kinds of bracelets made by our Pandahall customer Ana, hope you will love them.
Leaf charm bracelet
Leaf charm bracelet
Obviously, we need to slide the pearl beads one by one and add several golden leaf charms. You can try to make a simple bracelet like this one if you are a green hand. Other colored beads are also choice to try.
Cool beaded bracelet
Cool beaded bracelet
We have to prepare different kinds of glass beads in shape and some cool Tibetan style pendants. We can see the materials clearly from the picture. I think it is suitable for both girls and boys, so do you want to make couple bracelets for your girlfriend or boyfriend?
Multi strands bracelet
Multi strands bracelet
You can wear this bracelet to attend any casual occasion, try it? Fresh color beads attract us most, do you also like it? Great designs are always from our life, so share us your pretty crafts.
Colorful beads bracelet
Colorful beads bracelet
Different colored beads are added in this bracelet making, then we can also add any funny charms in the craft making. Simple craft, and good choice to start your jewelry making steps. Are you planning to try it?
Thanks for Ana’s sharing with us, all look great, right? Then do you also want to own them? You can pick up one you like best and make it as a gift for you. Wow, it sounds a great idea! So what are you waiting for?

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