DIY Candy Bead Necklace Tutorial

Today, I will show you a simple candy bead necklace tutorial. You do not need many jewelry making supplies, and you can get your own original kids bead necklace design.

Candy bead necklace is a perfect gift for the coming Children’s Day. Kids always have their lively mind and unique ideas, they like special and charming gifts so the mixed color of the candy beads necklace can be very suitable for little kids. That would be a pleasantly surprise if they get a handmade gift on their day. Read on to see how you can DIY the Simple candy bead necklace.

candy bead necklace

 Supplies for making simple candy bead necklace:

Candy Acrylic Beads

Black faceted glass beads

Nylon wire

Barrel clasps

candy bead necklace

candy bead necklace

candy bead necklace


Steps on making simple kids candy bead necklace:

Step 1: Take a length of nylon wire, and then double it and tie it onto the barrel clasp.

Step 2: String the black glass beads and candy beads in alternate sequence. Keep string the necklace until it’s about 14-16 inches long. Make a knot at the end of the bead.

Step 3: Tie it through another part of the clasp; double knot it then thread the wire back through the beads to make sure it will be tight. Cut off the excess nylon wire.

This is a perfect craft idea for kids. Also you can change the length of it to make a same style bracelet. Enjoy it and have a try to make this colorful simple kids candy bead necklace!

Tutorial source: Doodlecraft

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