PandaHall Ideas on DIY Jewelry in Autumn

Autumn is coming, so today i will show you some DIY jewelry works, which are your best choices in Autumn. When it comes to autumn, we think of tree leaves, flowers and some animals, like squirrels, foxes. Some are symbolic Autumn animals, let’s see some DIY works.

Red Glass Beads Earrings with Leaf

This earrings is very beautiful, red and white glass beads, as well as leaf pendants, retro and elegant style, very refined, I hope you will like it.

Materials: 10mm spray painted transparent crackle glass beads

         8mm red Painted glass beads

         30mm stainless steel head pins

         Tibetan style leaf pendant

Tutorials: As you can see from the picture, we thread the head pins through the transparent crackle beads and red glass beads, then shorten the head pins, using the diagonal side cutting pliers, at last, use the round nose pliers to make pin loops, as Picture 2 shown. Through the jump rings, we connect these beads and leaf pendant together.

Seed Beads Stitch Flower Bracelet

Bright colors are always the best choice for this season. Wear a flower bracelet and enjoy a beautiful day! In this single-color season, yellow sunflowers add more color to your life.

Tutorials: We thread the white beads and yellow seed beads through using copper jewelry wire, use pliers to make wire loops and after winding wire, we string the yellow seed beads, and fix them around the white bead, then we finish the other half petal. After we made the first flower, we finish other parts according to the same method, then we use jump rings to connect every two flowers.

Pretty Leaf Pendant

This necklace is relatively simple, with a combination of leaf pendants and acrylic beads, the style is very unique, with a little ethnic style, you can try it if you like.

Tutorials: We thread the eye pin through one Tibetan style bicone spacer bead, one flower bead cap, one acrylic bead, another spacer bead and another bead cap, then ,we use round pliers to make a pin loop. After that, we connect the bead part and the Tibetan style pendant. After finishing adding the hanger, we completed the whole charming Tibetan style pendant.

After the brief introduction above, which one do you like? Or if you have any ideas, you can practice it or share it with us. Welcome you to join us. Have a pleasant day.

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Autumn Jewelry Roundup

Kids are back to school, summer vacation is over, and autumn is coming. In summer, we always like wearing bright colored, shining accessories, but when it is autumn, things are little bit different. Today our post is about autumn jewelry. When it refers to autumn, what occur to you first? For me, I first think of leaves, colorful and beautiful. Orange, red, brown, and gray, they are the dominant tone of autumn, and also the main colors of autumn jewelry.

autumn jewelry

If we are going to talk about autumn, there are so many things we cannot ignore. The maple leaves, the pumpkins, the acorns, and so on. But have you ever think of turning all those beautiful things into accessories? If no, you shall never miss the autumn jewelry we are going to share.

Glass acorn pendant necklace

glass acorn pendant necklace

It’s commonplace to see pendant necklaces and necklaces made with glass beads, but how about a cute glass acorn pendant necklace? Not that normal right? It’s so adorable and so autumn!

Maple leaf earrings

maple leaf earrings

Obviously, these leaf earrings are made by clay. The creator must be very good at working with clay so that he/she could make such beautiful and vivid leaf earrings. They are just as natural as the real ones. I do love them!

Pumpkin earrings

pumpkin earrings

When it comes to autumn, we could never miss pumpkins! Pumpkins are delicious, and pumpkin earrings are definitely on trend! They’re not only suitable for autumn, but also great for the coming Halloween! But if you think pumpkin earrings are not horrible enough for Halloween, you can get some scary Halloween beads to DIY accessories by yourself!

Leaf earrings

leaf earrings

Another pair of leaf earrings! Use jewelry wire to make leaf shaped hoops and make beads functioning as veins, really creative!

Autumn cuff earring

autumn cuff earring

That’s sooo amazing! The creator must be very skillful at wire wrapping. This stunning cuff earring can definitely make a girl outstanding among the crowd! It should belong to fairyland!

Wire wrapped tree of life pendant necklace

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

I love this life tree. It makes me think of Tagore’s poem, let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves. Autumn trees always make people thoughtful and sensitive, but I still like them.

So after seeing all these fabulous autumn jewelry, have you find your favorite one? Or do you have any other jewelry making ideas for autumn? If yes, welcome to share with us!

All images come from pinterest.

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