PandaHall Accessories for Your Halloween

Hello, everyone, exciting Halloween is coming, did you prepare anything? Except for the jewelry stuff or the various of costumes, there are also house decorations of different types,  and some are very exquisite, so,  have you ever consider selecting something special to decorate you house,  and have you ever thought of making some Halloween jewelries by yourself. Just think about it,  i am sure you will have fun in doing that , or you can make it a gift and seed it to your friends, So, here, we have listed some accessories that may be useful for you, let’s have a look.

The following is one kind accessory for wine glasses, which is the best choice for decorating the wine glass, have you ever seen this thing before? It’s trendy Halloween alloy wine glass charms, mixed color, with brass hoop and glass beads, and there are several different types, the pendants are different from each other, some are pumpkins, some are skulls. They match well, don’t you think that they are cute and interesting? at the same time, they add lots of charm to the wine glass.  

Here are some antique bronze glass pendant necklace, Halloween theme, the pictures are different, and some pictures are lively and special, if you wear this, it’s gonna be so cool, no matter it’s in Halloween, or the daily life, you can wear it all the time, do you like this the style?

Here are some skull beads, which we will see a lot at the Halloween party, there are also plenty of skull beads or pendants or something else with skull on it in our website, assuming you have a skull pendant, then ,the easiest way is to make a necklace, and taking the various of skull beads of mixed color and different materials as one example, we can directly string the beads of different color together to make a simple bracelet or necklace. Of course, You can make the most of your imagination to create something special for your Halloween. Now, let’s see some DIY jewelry with skulls, some are our lovely customers’ works. Hope you can get inspired to a degree.

Except for the common skull beads of kinds of type, there are some special Halloween resin cabochons too, the shape has castle, ghost, lollipop, boots, candy, owl, bat , spider and so on. Correspondingly, you need the cabochon settings to place the cabochons, then you get a jewelry pendant, don’t you think that these cabochons are extremely funny and cute? This type may suit your kids, have a try.

Of course, there are many other related products in our website. Simply give a few examples, you will definitely come across what you like. Corresponding sku of the product, for reference. (BJEW-BB14751 , AJEW-E031-G02 , SRIB-E004-25mm-04A , PHAR-R165-07, X-PALLOY-3782-AS-FF)

After the show of jewelry and beads, do you get inspired from any of the above accessories? Hope you do, in addition, if you are interested in any item or idea in the above, you can consider browsing our website, and from there you can also learn how to diy jewelries. Besides, you can catch the last few days of our app coupons and buy what you want. Good luck!

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