Amazing Jewelry from Pandahall Customer Izabela Stefunkova

Hello, friends, nice to see you again~ Today I am going to show you pretty jewelry designs made by Pandahall customer Izabela Stefunkova. Wow, you will know that she must be a clever girl after seeing the amazing jewelry. Thanks for her nice sharing~
Charming Necklace Design
Charming Necklace Design
Materials: porcelain beads, Tibetan style pendants, aluminum wire, copper jewelry wire, brass lobster claw clasp
We can know that this necklace is mainly made by porcelain beads, which includes handmade porcelain round beads and flat beads in different size. We should slide the porcelain beads onto wire and connect them with Tibetan style pendants. And we need to fix the aluminum wire with the copper wire sometimes. Do you also think it is simple?
Cute Charm Bracelet
Cute Charm Bracelet
Materials: golden tone glass brass drop pendants, shell beads strands, headpins, jump rings, iron twisted chain, brass magnetic clasp
Actually, it is an easy made bracelet, and we should add some charms like shell beads, drop pendants or other things you like. There is no doubt that the charms of this bracelet are great so that I love it very much. I am planning to make one like it, and do you want to join me?
Synthetical Malachite Link Necklace
Synthetical Malachite Link Necklace
Materials: synthetical malachite links, brass twisted chains, brass magnetic clasp, jump rings
The two big synthetical malachite beads look so special and it is the first time I saw it is used in necklace making. Great idea, right? It is may look well that you match it with your dress and then go to a party, so stunning!!
Green Jewelry Bracelet
Green Jewelry Design
Materials: cube natural aventurine beads strands, gemstone beads strands, tiger tail wire, Tibetan style toggle clasps, brass crimp beads, brass beads
This bracelet is made by two beaded strands, and we need to fix them together finally. The beautiful cube natural beads and gemstone beads can always attract our eyes firstly. Of course, the Tibetan style toggle clasps perfectly match with the beads. I love the design! Do you like it?
And now, we have enjoyed four different kinds of jewelry, do you have found your favorite one? Just prepare relevant jewelry making supplies and then make your own accessories. You will get much pleasure from the process. Have fun~

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