PandaHall Hot Sellers – A variety of Lovely and Colorful Beads for Jewelry Making

Hi, my lovely readers, Friday again! Today is double eleventh, you know, we also call it ‘shopping day’ or ‘discount day’, yeah, which means buy, buy, buy, haha~. Today I wanna share you some promotion beads for jewelry designs. If you are a jewelry making lovers, never miss these attractive and reasonable price beads.

Round Spray Painted Glass Beads
Round Spray Painted Glass Beads
Do you like these painted glass beads? They are in mixed style and mixed color, which is about 6mm long with a 1mm hole. Handmade jewelry lovers must know they are often used to make beaded bracelets, vintage style chain necklaces, earring drops, or even other decorations. In general, they are widely used in jewelry designs. If you wanna collect some of these painted beads, just need to search the item code DGLA-X0003-6mm in our website. Now, only need $0.74 per 200 pieces.

Christmas Glass Pearl Bead
Christmas Glass Pearl Bead
How about these mixed color pearl beads? They look very exquisite and fresh, aren’t they? They are about 8mm long with a 0.7~1.1mm hole. Christmas is approaching, maybe we can pick some of these pearl beads to make beaded bracelets, pearl choker necklaces, dangle earrings for our friends or family members. Besides, we can match some wires, seed beads or any other materials to make some accessories to wear in Christmas parties or other appointments. If you are interested in this kind of pearl beads, you can search HY-JP0001-03-E on our web. They are in discount, just need $1.85 for 200 pieces.

Round Imitation Gemstone Acrylic Beads
These gemstone acrylic beads are about 6mm long with one 2mm hole. They are featured in color, which are both mysterious and elegant. They attract me when I see at the first time. As for me, they are proper to make vintage gemstone beads necklace. Matching with Tibetan pendants and some turquoise beads, it must be a wonderful elegant necklace for women. Of course, they can be used in other aspects, earring drops, chain bracelets, any other accessories and etc. If you like them , please search the item code OACR-R029-6mm-M on our web. Now they just need $6.77 for 1850 pieces.

Christmas Theme Handmade Lampwork Beads
Christmas Theme Handmade Lampwork Beads
Now we come to the last one, also the most special one today, Christmas lampwork beads. Without a doubt, we can’t miss such kind of materials in such a happy festival. They are really cute and full of joyous atmosphere. They are about 11~26×11~17×5~14mm long with a 1.5~2.5mm hole. You can use them to decorate your Christmas trees, or prepare some special handmade gifts for you lovely kids. Especially you can use them to make some home decorations to decorate your house. Really good ideas, do you think so? If you wanna them, just search the code LAMP-JP0001-01 in our website. Now, they just need $4.83 per18 pieces.

For more on sales promotion, welcome to Ready to use your prehistorical powers to spend this weekend? Have a nice day, see you!

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PandaHall Best Seller – Vintage Turquoise Beads for Your Jewelry Design

Hi, my dear friends, happy Friday! Weekend is coming, are you ready? Before enjoying the pleasure of your Saturday night, I wanna share some Pandahall best sellers-vintage turquoise beads with you. Maybe you can pick up some of them to make some special necklaces, bracelets or earrings for yourself to wear in your weekend parties or appointments, I believe you must astonish others with wearing these elegant and beautiful turquoise beaded jewelries. Let’s take a look together.

Oval Dark Turquoise Cabochons
Do you like these oval dark turquoise beads? Have you found their specialties? Yeah, they are special with different patterns. The three turquoise beads groups may look the same, but they are actually different in size and price. The first one is about 16mm long, 12mm wide, 5mm thick, the price is $8.61 per 50 pieces. The second one is about 8mm long, 6m wide, 4mm thick and the price is $5.38 per 50 pieces. The last one is about 14~15mm long, 10~11mm wide, 5mm thick and the price is $7.53 per 50 pieces. These vintage turquoise beads are widely used in vintage and boho style jewelry making. You can use them as necklace pendants, earring drops or bracelet beads, which all depend on yourself. If you are interested in these unique and practical turquoise cabochons, just search the item codes, G-H1554-16x12x5, G-H1554-8x6x4, G-H1554-14x10x5 in our website.

Abacus Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
Abacus Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
How about these abacus synthetic turquoise beads strands? Really elegant and fresh, aren’t they? They are about 8mm in diameter, 5mm in thick with one 1mm hole. When I see these turquoise beads, I feel it must be gorgeous if I match them with some seed bead, gemstone beads or other colorful acrylic beads to make a vintage style bracelet. Do you think so? Of course, you can match them with other materials to make chain necklace or other jewelries. In short, Just use them wherever you want. Luckily there are on sale, just need $8.61 for 20 strands. If you wanna buy them, you can search TURQ-G109-8x5mm-06 and TURQ-G109-8x5mm-07 on our web.

Tube Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
Tube Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
These tube synthetic turquoise beads strands are about 4mm in diameter, 13mm long with a 1mm hole. I just show you two kinds of colors, they actually have various colors. With these colorful and vivid shaped turquoise beads, you can pick up some of them to make vintage or Tibetan style necklaces, bracelets, key chains, home decorations and etc. If you like them, please search TURQ-G120-4x13mm-15 and TURQ-G120-4x13mm-16 in our website. Now, they just need $7.75 for 20 strands.

Colorful Patterned Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
Now we come to the last one-colorful turquoise beads strands, do you love them? They are my favorite! Especially I love these colors of turquoise beads, simple but elegant color match well with a variety of stylish jewelries. They are about 10mm long with one 1mm hole, which can be matched with hooks, jumprings, and pins to be earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. The more important is that they can make you look elegant and sweet when you wearing these beaded jewelries. Just search one item code TURQ-H038-10mm-XXS10 on our web, you can You can see other similar goods. Now, they just need $22.82 per 2o strands.

For more hot sellers, welcome to, there will always be what you want. Have a nice weekend! See you.

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Pandahall New Arrivals – A Collection of Acrylic Beads You may Love

Hi, dear friends, Happy Monday! How’s your weekend? Today I will share some fresh and personalized acrylic beads with all of you, which are proper for making necklaces, bracelets, earring or other crafts you want. Connect them if you like and use them at any time you need.
Faceted Colorful Acrylic Round Beads
Faceted Colorful Acrylic Round Beads
Do you like these acrylic beads? I really like them, they are so fresh and sweet. When I see these colorful beads, I can’t help making a princess style bracelet to wear, it must be cute and sweet, just like candy. Do you think so? Of course, you can use them for earring drops or necklace pendant, they are applicable to many kinds of jewelry making.

Transparent Acrylic Beads
Transparent Acrylic Beads
These transparent acrylic beads are very clear. Look at the first one, aren’t they like wings? I think it’s so good for a necklace pendant, It’s so pure and beautiful just like angel, we can make such a pendant necklace named angel. What do you think?

Plating Acrylic Beads
Plating Acrylic Beads
This kind of golden metal en-laced acrylic beads has a lot shapes, such as oval, cuboid, round, flower, column and etc. They are light-colored and can be used in many aspects of jewelry making, wire wrapped bracelets, Tibetan style bracelets, vintage style bracelets or necklaces. In general, they are good materials for many crafts making. If you like them, collect them for necessary.

Black Plating Acrylic Beads
Black Plating Acrylic Beads
They are also plating acrylic beads but different in color. Do you like them? These black acrylic beads are very personalized. You can pick up some of them to DIY some individual jewels, especially for Tibetan style bracelets or leather necklace.

Time flies! It’s time to say goodbye. Do you love these delicate acrylic beads I show you today? so if you wanna make some inspired jewels for this autumn, you can pick up some of them to try. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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Pandahall Hot Sellers – Fresh and Colorful Beads for Your Jewelry Making

Hi, my lovely readers, Happy Friday! It’s been a while since we updated our blog last time, really sorry for letting you wait for such a long time.Today I’m going to show you some of our promotion items. 4 kinds of beads for you to make beaded pattern bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Now let’s take a look together.

First, frosted transparent acrylic ball beads
Do you like these colorful frosted style beads? They are 8mm long, round with mixed color and a 2mm hole. With its special transparent appearance, they are really good for earrings, statement necklaces and bracelets with pins, jump rings and hooks. Luckily, it’s 40% off now, if you want to buy it, you can search FACR-R021-8mm-M.
Next, faceted bicone acrylic beads
This kind of acrylic beads are 3mm long with mixed color a 1mm hole. Because of the special bicone shape, it’s very eye-catching and you can pick up some of them to make a beads bracelet. Now, it is 55% off, you can search the item code X-DBB3mm to find them in our website.
Then, mixed color plating faceted round acrylic spacer beads
These acrylic spacer beads are like candies, they are cute and sweet, I really want to use them to do a colorful beads bracelet or earring drops, do you think so? They are about 3.5mm wide, 4mm long and the hole is about 1mm. Now, only need $0.39 for 500 pieces. If you like them, you can find them in our website with item code X-PL400.
Last, handmade lampwork European beads
These mixed color lampwork beads with double brass are highly personalized, especially the large bead hole makes these beads an excellent choice for necklace pendants and leather bracelet. It’s about 14mm long, 9mm wide and the hole is 5mm. We are offering a discount now, only need $5.60 for 200 pieces. If you like them, find them through LPDL-Y007-M on our web.
For more promotions,welcome to visit Thousands of lovely items are waiting for you, there will always be what you want.

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DIY Yarn Tassel Long Necklace!


Do you have yarn scraps? Do not through them away… let’s make a beautiful and easy Tassel Necklace!!!


What are we going to need for Yarn Tassel Necklace:
– Colored Bead
Metal Large Chain Connector
Silver Plated Chain
– Yarn Scraps
– Jump Rings
– Headpin
– Plier Set


Step 1: Let’s start by creating our pendant. Use a pin and a jump ring to connect the colored bead with the large normal link.


Step 2: Cut a large piece of the silver chain. Use a second jump ring to connect the pendant with the chain.


Step 3: Since the necklace is long, there is no need to use a lobster, but close the two edges with jump ring. The main necklace is ready. Let’s use the yarn scraps now.


Step 4: Use a large piece of the yarn. pass it from a jump ring which is connected to the free side of the link and make a simple knot. Cut the remaining yarn pieces and your tassel is ready!


Step 5: I love to have small details on my jewelry, so a tiny turquoise sparkle on the chain will make it even more cute. Just use a small scrap from the yarn and make a simple knot on the chain! Your necklace is ready! Full of minimal but full of colors and just great to enjoy it with monochrome style or a more Summer one!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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