Collection of Jewelry with Acrylic Leaf Pendants Made by Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. How are you? Are you searching for nice jewelry recently? If yes, then this article may bring you some inspiration. Did you make jewelry or accessories with acrylic leaf pendant? Then today I am going to show you a collection of jewelry made by them, expect that? Let’s just see them!
acrylic leaf pendants
Special pendants, right?
Red beaded jewelry set
Red beaded jewelry set
Designer: Alona
Look at this necklace and this pair of beaded dangle earrings, they are mainly made by acrylic beads and acrylic leaf pendants, do you like them? Red always stands for passion, so you can try to wear the jewelry to show your special personality.
Leaf cluster bracelet
Beaded cluster bracelet
Designer: Elena
I think we need prepare so many beaded dangles before making this bracelet, do you agree me? How do you think of the transparent acrylic pendants? Or you can try to change the color of the beads and pendants? Are you planning to try it?
Leaf pendant jewelry set
Leaf pendant jewelry set
Designer: Alona
This jewelry set looks comfortable, especially the color. Blue and green matches well. How do you think of them? Then both acrylic beads and glass beads are added in the jewelry set making. Simple craft, but pretty! Nice works!
Leaf dangle earrings
Beaded dangle earrings
Designer: Alona
Have you noticed that the earrings are also designed by Alona? I think she loves the leaf pendants so much. Anyway, thanks for her great works and sharing. If you like this type, then try it.
Leaf pendant can make us feel fresh, do you have the same feelings? You can develop your imagination and add them on your home decoration or other crafts then you can see them everyday. Nice idea, right? Hope you will also like them!

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Nice Jewelry Made by Drop Acrylic Pendants from Pandahall Customers

Acrylic beads
Hey, how are you? Look at these transparent acrylic beads, fantastic, right? Did you ever make jewelry or other accessories with the beads? It is never too late to know these drop acrylic pendants, and you will learn much from below jewelry. Hope you will like them!
Simple Beaded Necklace
Simple beaded necklace
Designer: Lisa
Trust me, you also can make a necklace like this if you have relevant jewelry making supplies. We need different kinds of beads then slide them onto this wire. About the orders and colors of the beads, it is all up to you! Then how do you think of this necklace?
Cool Necklace
Cool necklace
Designer: Alicia
We can see that this transparent drop bead is in the middle part of this necklace. This bead adds some unique features onto it. It is easy to make this necklace and we have to add a seed bead after sliding other beads. Do you also want to make one?
Lovely Necklace
Lovely necklace

Designer: Lisa
It is obvious that this lovely necklace is similar with the first one and they are made by one designer. I know it is a simple project, but I really like it. I think I can wear it whatever I wear dress or shirts because it is prefect to be matched with different clothes.
Drop Beaded Pendants
Drop beaded pendants
Designer: Marilii
What kind of accessories do you want to make with these pretty drop beaded pendants? How about a necklace, you can connect it with a chain or wire. Or it is a great idea that adding earring hooks then you can get a pair of drop earrings. So have you any ideas about these cute pendants?
Drop acrylic pendants are usually used in many amazing jewelry patterns and why don’t you join our funny jewelry making? You may also create popular crafts then please share them with us. Look forward your great works!

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