DIY Long Boho Tassel Necklace!!!!


This year on of the fashion trends are long tassel necklaces! And if they are in a lovely vintage style, it is even more trendy! So, are you ready to create such a beautiful Necklace? Let’s start!


Materials for Long Tassel Beaded Necklace:
Bronze Chain
– Eyepins (with or without an end)
– Bronze Jump Rings
– Tassel
– Beads (I have used a bronze wire bead, a glass lampwork bead and a pink agate bead)
– Ribbons scraps
– Plier Set


Let’s start by creating the beaded parts of the pendant. I didn’t have eyepins with loops at the ends, so I use a head pin. If you have the same problem just  cut the head of the pin and create a loop.


Pass the beads according to your taste


and connect them with the tassel, creating a long tangle pendant.


Pass it with a jump ring from the antique bronze chain.


Since the necklace is really long, there is no need of using a lobster. A single jump ring can connect the two chain’s ends without a problem.


Necklace is ready! But let’s make it more shabby chic…with a beautiful detail! Use two small ribbon’s pieces and make simple knots on the chain next to the pendant. Now we are ready!


Isn’t it adorable???


Happy Crafting!!!!

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DIY Really Easy Glitter and Bead Rings!!!!

gliter and bead rings diy

I have a passion about recycling projects and for easy diy! Crafts and creations that everybody can do, even the kids! And if I use materials that are really common in any house, I love them more! Are you ready to create the most easy rings that you have ever done?

diy easy and fast glitter ring

Materials for Glitter Rings:

Ring Base

– Nail Polish (one without color and one with glitter)

Seed Beads

how to use nail polish for rings

Ring 1: Let’s start with the first ring! All you have to do is to add your nail polish with glitter in your ring base. Just have in mind to cover it well. Let it dry and your ring is ready!

tutorial easy ring with tiny beads

Ring 2: For the second ring we are going to use a nail polish that has not color and the tiny seed beads we have in your favorite colors. Cover the base ring with the nail polish and add the beads in order to cover the whole tray. Let it dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish in order to make it more stable and shiny!

diy nail polish bead ring

The second ring is also ready! Aren’t they really easy to make and so adorable????

diy rings with nail polish

I have actually made a few of them as gifts to my daughter’s friends and they loved them!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Pandahall New Arrival-Funny Pendants You Will Need for Jewelry Making

Hello, friends. Happy to see you again. Thanks for your support all the time. We know that we often use different kinds of charms or pendants to make necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. So it is necessary to collect more beautiful pendants. And today I am going to share you some funny pendants, hope you will like them.
Stainless Steel Pendant, with Rhinestone
Golden Angel Pendants with Rhinestone
Look at these interesting angel pendants, they make me think of cartoon characters I saw in my childhood. They always represent for the justice, brave and other good implied meanings. So I pick up some of them to show you. You can try to add them to you necklace and bracelet making to protect you from terrible things.
Stainless Steel Pendants
Golden Lovely Charms
You may be bothered for choosing the gifts for your girlfriend recently as the Valentine’s Day is coming. I have an idea that you can try to make any accessories she like. It may be great that you can add some heart beads in your jewelry making. You can see this heart charm, cute, right? So just take an action.
Brass Prayer Box Pendants
Brass Prayer Box Pendants
I know that the boxes are rarely used in your jewelry making. But look at the two box pendants, interesting, right? It should be a great design that a chain necklace is made with adding this box as a pendant. Cool, I just cannot wait to make one. Do you want to see my craft then?
Iron Glass Pendants
Golden Iron Pendants in Different shapes
Are you surprised by these beautiful pendant designs? The second one is wrapped by wire, just collect this wire pendant if you are a wire jewelry lovers. And the other three ones are all glass pendants, you can see the glass beads are inserted in wires. Nice making, yes?
OK, it is done. Have you found your favorite pendant? Just collect all of them if it is hard for you to select any of them. Have fun~ See you next time!

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DIY Jewelry Design by Pandahall Customer

Happy Sunday dear friends, how’s it going? Hope you have experienced a nice weekend! Today I am going to share you some striking jewelry design by Pandahall customer– Evgeniy Slomintsev, which won’t let you down I promise! Now, let’s start to see~
Bridal Pearl Earrings1. Bridal Pearl Earrings
Pretty stunning! To be honest, I fell in love with this pair of earrings at first sight, do you wanna know WHY? Because the pearl beads are so charming and I have an especial preference for them. How do you feel like this one guys?
Double stranded pearl bead bracelet2. Double stranded pearl bead bracelet
Wow, how personalized the bracelet is! The jewelry design that double pearl bead
strands look so cool and nice! If you wear such a fabulous bracelet, I guess you must stand out among crowds, believe it or not~
Seed Bead Bracelet DIY
]3. Seed Bead Bracelet DIY
Dear friends, how do you think about the bracelet with seed beads? Quite fantastic right? It also belongs to the bohemian style jewelry, so if you match the bracelet with a long dress, and enjoy sunshine on the seaside, what a nice picture! Can you imagine that? Besides, did you see the vein that seems like a wave? It’s really exquisite! I love this one so much~
Stunning Jewelry Setting
4.  Stunning Jewelry Setting
Here I’d love to share you a jewelry setting, as you can see, the jewelry setting looks a little vintage. In addition, it’s also pretty elegant in my eyes. I love the drop pendants both of the earrings and the necklace. Moreover, the earring hooks attract me a lot. I believe this kind of jewelry setting will be everlasting voguish!
So far, which one impresses you most? Maybe this question is hart to answer, because all of them are quite wonderful. Anyway, hope you like them and wish you a nice day, see ya next time.

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A Roundup of Fabulous Beads!

Good afternoon dear friends. How’s everything going recently? As usual, New Arrival time is coming! Today, I’m pretty happy to share you a roundup of stunning beads. Are you expecting them? I think they will impress you deeply. Now, please follow me to see.
Drop Cat Eye Beads1. Drop Cat Eye Beads
What do you think of these colorful cat eye beads? I think its color which isn’t too much heavy or too light, just proper right? Besides, I also love the drop shape which looks so cute and exquisite~

Faceted Flat Round Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Beads2. Faceted Flat Round Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

Wow, so fresh acrylic beads! I love the light green ones most. This kind of beads is suitable to make earrings, necklaces or bracelets’ charms. If you have an interest in jewelry making, just try it!
Resin Rhinestone European Beads3. Resin Rhinestone European Beads
Do you love the resin rhinestone European beads with large hole rondelle beads and silver tone brass cores? For me, it attracts me so much! Especially the white-and-pink ones! Which one do you like best guys?
Rice Handmade Indonesia Beads4. Rice Handmade Indonesia Beads
Hey guys, how do you feel like the rice handmade Indonesia beads with platinum tone aluminum wire and glass beads? Why do I share this one with you? The reason is that its pattern looks so nice and the pink color is also pretty charming. The Indonesia beads suit lovely and stylish girls perfectly!
Do you wanna try?
So far I have introduces today’s all jewelry beads, so which one do you like best? Maybe it’s hard to say, because all of them are quite fantastic right? Hope you like it and wish you a good day~

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