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Established in 2003, PandaHall is the largest international online beading company in China with a worldwide customer base. It consists of a network of Chinese factories and online markets that work to provide quality beads and beading supplies to retail and wholesale customers. In 2014, PandaHall opened a new warehouse in the United Kingdom in an effort to cut shipping time and improve customer experience. With more than 800,000 products online and 200,000 registered customers, PandaHall is a leading worldwide provider of jewelry, beads, findings, and oriental items.

If you need more information about the product promotion, shipment, payment, order placing or any other product related questions, please visit our contact us page, along with contact phone numbers for various countries. Or please send email to [email protected]

We welcome you to share your opinions about pandahall products and our blog; We encourage our readers to make your voice heard. If you would like to share your tutorials/jewelry making ideas/beading stories/products reviews/other guset post with us and other readers, please send email to [email protected] Or you can leave a comment here. We invite authors and contributors to our blog!

For readers who have advices or questions about our blog, please leave a comment here directly!

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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. hi, love your designs and tutorials, do you by any chance have a tutorial for the beaded slave bracelet please, I cant seem to find it and I absolutely love it, am going to a hippy wedding in may and this would be great I think.


  2. Hi
    I was looking on your site for coconut buttons 38mm in size (1 1/2 inch) to purchase. Can you tell me how to go about dyeing coconut buttons and how to enamel coconut buttons?
    Thank you so much for your time.

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