PandaHall Halloween Cabochons Brooch

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. Halloween is coming soon, have you prepared something for it? If you haven’t, don’t worry. Today, we will teach you how to make a UV Resin Halloween Brooch.

What You Need to Prepared:

Brass Linking Rings

Resin Cabochons, Halloween Moon with Bat

Resin Cabochons, Halloween Castle

Alloy Open Back Bezel Pendants

UV Glue


Stainless Iron Tweezers

Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes


1st Pour UV glue into 2 measuring cups, add one drop white pigment, stir well.

2nd Put the brass linking rings on a piece of plastic paper, pour some of white glue into the ring, spread the glue evenly on it.

3rd Put the resin cabochons into the ring, then put it under the UV lamp.

4th Add some sequins, and finally, stick them together with glue, put it under the UV lamp.

5th Take off the plastic paper, and connect it with brooch pin, put it under the lamp.

OK!!! Done!!! We finished!

Isn’t it interesting? Come and have it a try! We have more jewelry inspirations and various beads on PandaHall, welcome to visit our website. See ya`  

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PandaHall Kinds of Accessories for DIY Jewelry

Hello, guys, happy weekend. What are you going to do on Sunday? If you are bored, how about DIY pieces of jewelry? It’s gonna be fun, you may love that. So, here are some accessories, hope you meet your favorite accessories.

Tiger Eye Beads

How do you like these beads? Beautiful, right? Beads are different from each other, you can’t find two same beads. Beads are different in shapes. Some people favor round beads, some prefer irregular beads. Or like to mix beads of different shapes in jewelry making. Father’s Day is coming soon, at first, happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. Do you have any thoughts on your father’s gifts? How about a handmade bracelet? You can used beads of different colors to make a simple bracelet, have a look of the examples, choose some beads, string them using thread, or connect them with jewelry wire, make a wire wrapped bracelet, they are all good choices. Or use more beads to make a multi-layer bracelet. How stylish!

Jewelry Clasps

Clasps are widely used in jewelry making, and classified into different types. The most common one is the lobster claw clasps, but there are other popular types too, for example, magnetic clasps, spring ring clasps, and toggle clasps. The magnetic clasps are divided into two parts, and they are magnetic, so the two parts will attract each other, which is very convenient. These clasps have different shapes. How do you think of the heart-shaped clasps? Don’t you feel a little romance? Furthermore, according to personal preference, there are different colors for you to choose. The clasps are mostly used in making bracelets and necklaces, and to a degree, they are also indispensable. Which kind of clasps do you often use?

Amethyst Beads 

Do you like gemstone jewelry? What do you think of the amethyst beads? What a charming color! This kind of beads is also very popular among people who love beads. It is used to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. And also popular in summer. It doesn’t matter even you don’t know any complicated beading skills. Simply string these beautiful beads together to make a simple bracelet, it’s charming too. Wearing it, you will become more attractive. If you know some beading skills, try to make a project using amethyst beads, I believe you will love that.

Today’s sharing is over. Hope you like our accessories. If you have some spare time, try to do some crafts. You will have fun. Looking for some jewelry making tutorials? Welcome to visit and see you next time!

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PandaHall Tutorial on Braided Bracelet with Pearls

Hello, dear Pandahall friends! Happy to see you here. Today I wanna share a DIY braided bracelet with you all, which is a very popular bracelet. You can make them for your friends or your lover, and I can bet they will love your gift. Then follow me to see the nylon thread bracelet together.

The materials needed:
6mm pink glass pearl beads
21x4mm golden alloy linking ring
1mm darkturquoise nylon thread

Take a cord with proper length, fold in half, wrap the ring, take both ends of the cord through the loop, pull tight.
Make a knot as picture shows. Place the right cord under the left cord, the left cord over the right cord, and pull tight.
Place the right cord over the left cord, the left under the right, and pull tight.
Use a lighter to burn cord ends, sharpen the two ends, so we string the pearl beads to the cords.

Repeat the previous actions, continue making knots, place the right cord under the left cord, meanwhile, the left cord over the right cord, pull cords tight, then change the position of cords while making the knot. Still follow the sequence making knots.
We add two beads for each cord, continue making knots.
Then start making knots from the golden linking ring again, as what we just did.
First we add one bead for each cord, continue making knots, then we add two beads for each side, please notice the appropriate length of the braiding parts.
When it’s proper length, we stop making knots.
Let the four cords overlap together, take out a new cord. We continue making knots.
First, place the right cord over the four cords, then through the cord loop, meanwhile place the left cord under the four cords, pull it to the front through the loop.
Then, place the right cord under the four cords, let it through the loop, and place the left cord over the four cords first, then through the loop.
Continue making knots like this. Cut the excess nylon cords, make knots.
We finished the bracelet.

Wow, the nylon thread bracelet is really easy to make for both professionals and green hands. And after you finished the bracelets, you can not only get the handmade jewelry, but also, more importantly, you obtained the braiding skills, this is very useful, let’s say, if you want to make a meaningful gift, choose handmade stuff. And meanwhile, you can also add some charms to decorate the bracelets, so, the bracelets will look more charming and you can choose your lucky colors to make jewelry. Imagine this, wearing same bracelets or rings with your lovers or best friends while you guys hanging out together, how cool is that!
So what are you waiting for, please have a try!

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How to Make a Christmas Snowman Hair Clip

Winter is here. Do you like snowmen? So this article is about a handmade Christmas snowman hairpin made of felt fabric in different colors and rhinestone cup chains. Let’s see how to make a snowman hairpin.

Making snowman hair clips is easy. The required materials are as follows:

  • Red felt fabric
  • White felt fabric
  • Black felt fabric
  • Hair clip findings
  • Rhinestone cup chains
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions on how to make snowman hairclip:

  • Draw a snowman on white felt, cut out the pattern.
  • Cut out two pieces of red felt to do the scarf pattern. Cut one of them into tassel style.
  • Put glue on the scarf patterns. Stick the red felt to the snowman, our scarf is done.
  • Cover snowman’s head with red felt, draw snowman’s hat on felt. Cut out the pattern.
  • Stick the hat to the head, cut out the white edge pattern of the hat. Stick the white part to the hat.
  • Prepare the snowman’s eyes, buttons and the hat’s ball. Cut out two small round black felt pieces, two small fan-shaped black pieces and a small round white piece.
  • Stick those felt pieces to snowman.
  • Put snowman over a piece of white felt. Stick these two together.
  • Apply the glue along the edge of snowman pattern.
  • Stick the sparkly chains along the edge of snowman pattern.
  • Cut out snowman, stick snowman to the clip. The snowman hairclip is done. This is a great Christmas gift. You may try to DIY Christmas gifts for your friends or family members.

So, you can use felt fabric to make lots of charming crafts in different patterns. You can draw pictures first, then match colors. I believe you can create some unique crafts. Good luck!

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PandaHall Craft Ideas about Pompom Balls

Hi, my dear friends, happy Friday! Weekend is coming, are you ready? Before enjoying the pleasure of your Saturday night, I want to share some Pandahall DIY ideas about pompom balls with you. Maybe you didn’t notice this accessories before, but since winter is here, you may like pompom balls, and we can also use them to DIY some very beautiful and practical stuff, looking at them or touching them may make us warm. Let’s take a look together.

At first, i want to share a photo frame, Christmas style, made of felt fabric and pompom balls. Hanging on the wall, looks very beautiful and unique, even more beautiful than those we bought from the stores, besides, this photo frame is meaningful, cause you made it by yourself, and it will endure a very long time. In addition, it’s easy to make, so will not cost you too much time. Firstly, we need to prepare green felt fabric, green and red pompom balls, cotton thread, scissors, and glue . As the picture shows, We cut the felt fabric into two shapes, with the same size, then we place the ring shape over the round one, they overlap together, we put the cotton thread between them, then glue them together. So we nearly finished making the photo frame. Then we need to decorate the frame, so we stick the red and green pompom balls to the edge part of the frame. To keep balance, we need to stick the the red pompom balls to the different part instead of sticking together. So this is a pretty simple work to do, since Christmas is coming, you can choose some Christmas jewelry accessories to DIY something yourself, so we chose the representative colors of Christmas to make this frame full of Christmas atmosphere, can you feel that? Imagine that, you make this with your family, or consider it as a Christmas gift, with the picture of you and your beloved one in, what a wonderful idea!

The second one is keychain, we used different colored pompom balls to make a pendant, then made this keychain, which is also easy to make, we just need to stick the pompom balls together, to make a flower shape, six petals, then use the pearl cabochons to decorate, so it looks like a smiling sun flower. Then use the jump rings to connect the pendant and the key ring clasp, we are finished.

The third one is a pompom grape ornament, a very lovely grape ornament.The soft purple pompom balls, paired with the green velvet ribbon bow, we made a very lovely bunch of grapes. We stick the pompom balls into a grape shape. You like these there? These things are very practical, right? and they are also beautiful, please try to make them, if you need any materials, you can search them at PandaHall. DIY jewelry is great, and you will have fun in that, good luck!

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