PandaHall Idea on Seed Beads Snowman Earrings

Hello everyone, it’s starting to snow in most areas now. Have you seen the snow? Whenever it snows or not, I always like to call my best friends to make a snowman or go snowball fights. Today I want to teach you how to make a simple seed beads snowman earrings.

Now not much to say, let’s get started! First we need the following materials.

Japanese Seed Beads                        Matte White

Japanese Seed Beads                        Matte Black  

Japanese Seed Beads                        Galvanized Champagne

Japanese Seed Beads                        Light Squash

Japanese Seed Beads                        Shanghai Red

Nylon Wire                                   Clear

Iron Jump Rings                              Golden

Brass Earring Hooks                          Golden 

Flat nose pliers




  1. Use a needle to string together two black seed beads.
  2. On the basis of a black seed bead on the needle, string into a black seed bead just made.
  3. String them together.
  4. Repeat the action just now until you have four seed beads. On the basis of a black seed bead on the needle, pass through a black seed bead as shown in the picture.


  1. Now you have five beads.
  2. Repeat the action just now, and then string two black seed beads.
  3. On the basis of the needle with two black seed beads, pass through one black seed bead.
  4. Use a needle to string back the black seed beads in the second row.


  1. String a black seed bead on the needle.
  2. Continue to string black seed beads.
  3. String the second row of black seed beads.
  4. Continue to skewer until the hat is skewered.


  1. Following the method just now, string five golden seed beads and one red seed bead on the fourth row.
  2. Repeat the steps just now until we string a snowman.
  3. Next take out our iron jump rings and brass earring hooks.
  4. Use flat nose pliers to join them together.

Our snowman is ready, is it very simple? Hurry up and try it. Soon you can also have a unique little snowman.

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Pandahall Christmas Decoration Recommendation

Christmas is coming soon, I don’t know if you have any new arrangements, whether you will go out to see the first snow, or you will choose to go out shopping with your good friends. If you are not sure yet, I have a few good accessories here I want to recommend to you.

This thai sterling silver ring uses elements of snowflakes, symbolizing pure love. Very suitable for giving to friends or partners at Christmas

Then I would like to recommend this lovely Christmas earrings, which are made of elements of Christmas tree and elk. The red and green colors make people feel Christmas at a glance.

Finally, I want to show you this christmas theme resin cabochons. It has a variety of shapes and is very cute.

Finally, if you want to know more, remember to follow us,Congratulations in advance for a Merry Christmas!

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PandaHall Idea On Acrylic Jewelry

Hello everyone, Christmas is coming soon. I don’t know if you guys have prepared delicate Jewelry.If you are not ready yet, I happen to have a few pretty good acrylic beads here that I can recommend to you.hope you’ll like it!

First let’s take a look at the transparent acrylic beads!

Although it is made of acrylic, it can be as crystal clear as glass beads!

Let’s take a look next acrylic crystal stone.

This red acrylic bead looks like a love heart, I believe you will like it.

  Then what I want to introduce to you is the mixed acrylic beads.

It also looks very textured!

Finally, I believe everyone is very curious about where to buy these beautiful beads, so let me tell you!

Believe that you who love crafts see this, you must want to know where to buy these beautiful accessories, let me tell you.

Log in to our pandahall website to buy it. Of course, if you prefer to use a mobile phone, that’s okay. Because we also have an pandahall app, come and download and get a $10 discount for the first order over $139 now.

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Pandahall Top To 55% Off For Year-end Promotion

Hi, it’s been a long time since everyone. It’s Christmas next week. I don’t know if you have bought suitable accessories. At the end of the year, our website has also started a promotion. Come and take a look.

 The maximum discount reaches 50% off. Let me explain some popular accessories for you. I believe you will like it.

You can click on our homepage link to view the promotion information.

Our event is divided into the following six sections

You can make purchases according to your needs!

Then let me introduce our popular products

For example, the promotion of this Round Glass Seed Beads,  reaches 25% off!

You can use these rice beads to make many handmade products, such as the Christmas tree earrings we learned last term.

OK, then let’s take a look at Electroplated Natural Cowrie Shell Beads. this off to 50%

Does it feel very delicate? It seems to be back to the beach all at once.

And this Oval Natural Shell Beads ,Very shiny , Isn’t it.This is off to 40%

I believe you must be moved by seeing you here. Then remember to visit our website !

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PandaHall Idea on Christmas Asymmetrical Earrings

Today, it will be christmas soon. I wonder if everyone is ready for christmas. Then ,let’s make a beautiful christmas tree earring with japanese seed beads. Are you looking forward to it? Let’s get started!

christmas tree earring

So first we need the following materials.  

   Japanese Seed Beads     Matte White    

Japanese Seed Beads      Spruce  

Japanese Seed Beads     Red      

Japanese Seed Beads      Light Squash          

Japanese Seed Beads     Sparkling Honey Beige Lined Crystal     

Brass Earring Hooks       Golden          

 Iron Jump Rings          Golden

Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire   

  Flat bit tongs



I’m sure you’ re ready for this. Let’s begin!


First string together two Spruce beads with a fishing line, and then string another Spruce bead with a needle. After stringing the three Spruce beads together, use a needle to string together a Spruce bead and a red bead.


After stringing the four Spruce beads and one red bead with a needle, string into a Spruce bead.


Intermittently string Spruce beads and white beads with a needle to make it a tree shape.


Follow the steps above and then string in three white beads, one yellow bead, and one Spruce bead.Then string two rows of Spruce beads, two in a row and five in a row.


Repeat the above steps, add a tree trunk of seven Honey beads under the Christmas tree, and finally add our brass earring hooks and Iron Jump Rings.

I believe that wearing this Christmas earrings will also bring you more good luck, may attract the attention of boys! Come and buy one now!

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